Will Ryobi Batteries Fit Other Brands? Find Out The Answer

Are you a professional or need to use power tools & batteries at home randomly for various purposes? If it’s so, you must know to make the best use of your machines & their respective batteries; you must find out will Ryobi batteries fit other brands or not if you have extra.

I also have different tools from various brands; therefore, I always prefer to interchange the batteries to prevent their wastage. Anyway, I also tried to fit Ryobi batteries into other manufacturers’ tools; on the other hand, other batteries in the other branded machines.

Let’s find out the interchangeable batteries & compatible tools with Ryobi; read the whole article.

Will A New Ryobi Battery Fit Well in An Old Tool? See The Results

Suppose you have an old machine from Dewalt or Ridgid, but Ridgid or Dewalt batteries somehow ran out; you can bring a new Ryobi battery. However, it will be compatible with other tools, especially if it’s a Ryobi 18V One+ cell; anyway, let’s check the Ryobi battery compatibility chart:

  • Ryobi 4V batteries are not compatible with other tools; however, it can fit well in the 4V tools, but not in other manufactured machines; they are appropriate for cameras.
  • Ryobi 12V line-up lithium batteries can fit well in the other drill machines from other companies besides the Ryobi; they get delayed to have full charges in the batteries.
  • Ryobi 18V extensive lined batteries fit well in the respective tools; moreover, you can swap or interchange the cells. You can set your Ryobi batteries in other tools; it can be anything.

On the other hand, you may connect other batteries into your Ryobi Machines; the voltage has to match the machine’s capacity.

Will Ryobi batteries Fit Other Brands? See The Consumer’s Opinions About This!

  • Ryobi batteries are not compatible with other brands, according to some users; the voltage & capacities may be the same, but their grip shapes of some models are slightly different from the space. That’s why they couldn’t fit well into their spots; on the other hand, Ridgid, Milwaukee, and some other brands are universal & compatible with all.
  • According to another group of users, the Milwaukee & Ryobi brands almost produce the same category of tools & batteries; the screws & dimensions are similar, and you can interchange them if necessary.
  • Some people prefer the combined usage of different branded tools & batteries; Ridgid to Ryobi is another popular choice among the users. It’s because the owner or origin of these 2-brands sometimes overlaps; for instance, the AEG company supplies the maximum items of Ryobi.

On the other hand, it sometimes works for Ridgid besides working for Milwaukee’s parent company TTI in the USA; therefore, they can be a substitute for each other.

  • Ryobi battery adapter has a good public impression because they deliver the best service to the users; moreover, they fit well with other brands (it may be machines or batteries).
  • The Ryobi batteries are well-known for their long durability, high-quality, and stability; however, some models are compatible with other brands, but some are not.

What Batteries Are Interchangeable With The Ryobi Ones?

Surprisingly, only the Ryobi 18V batteries are usually changeable; cells with lower & other capacities are not good to fit in other branded tools. Likewise, 18V+ batteries from other manufacturers may fit into a Ryobi tool; let’s make a list of the eligible & interchangeable models or preliminary structure that fits well.

  • 8V Nickel & Cadmium batteries almost have the same service as the Ryobi 18V batteries; thus, they became interchangeable no matter what the brand is.
  • Compact sized 18V Lithium-ion batteries are shaped in such a way that it perfectly sets into a Ryobi tool; you may check by yourself.
  • Lastly, high capacity 18V lithium-ion batteries are among the best ones, and they are a good option as a substitute for Ryobi battery; the chances increase if the tools are portable.

Anyway, these were the options that will fit into Ryobi tools.

Which Tools Are Compatible With Ryobi Batteries?

Porter-Cable & Dewalt tools are the right fit for Ryobi batteries, but the tools have to be of high capacity & formed for lithium ions; Ridgid hardly fits well with Ryobi batteries because their structures are different.

Ridgid batteries are larger because they are flat & rectangular; on the other hand, those from Ryobi are slightly oval-shaped because they have a mast. Please don’t be upset because you have more options, such as Dewalt; in fact, this tool can make a cross-brand battery & adapter.

If anyone asks you that will Dewalt batteries fit Ryobi, your answer should be yes because they are more compatible with each other and most alike. However, please choose the batteries according to the similarities; therefore, they will easily fit with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Ryobi 40V Batteries Fit Other Brands Well?

Ryobi batteries are not made in such a way so that none can copy the models; anyway, many brands make identical tools & batteries. However, never fit the identical batteries into other branded tools; there is no guarantee of they will work or not.

2. Are Hart, Milwaukee, & Ryobi Interchangeable Or Not?

Hart, Milwaukee, & Ryobi are made in the same company; therefore, the manufacturers keep some common features, and sometimes they can be interchangeable. However, mostly they are not proper for swapping with each other; they can be substituted if they are of a high volt.

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Final Words

Ryobi has been consistently a good brand, and holds a high position in the marketplace; they have several models of tools & batteries. Will Ryobi batteries fit other brands or not, which devices & batteries can be interchangeable, & what can be the best alternatives may be your questions.

However, you may find your answers in the Pinterest or Reedit apps; moreover, you can join the brand’s worker & users forum to clear your thoughts & queries. No matter what branded tools & batteries you are using, please follow the instructions & interchange only if your company allows you.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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