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Top 7 Best 40CC Chainsaw Reviews in 2023 | Expert Choice

Even if you are not a professional, you may need a Chainsaw to sort out regular stuff in your garden. Are you looking for a light duty Chainsaw to tackle the regular yard duties? Do you want to purchase the Best 40cc Chainsaw in 2022? If it is so, this content is exactly for you!

All the gardeners out there have to perform regular maintenance to keep their yard in good shape. These jobs are not that heavy indeed. So, a 40 CC Chainsaw can perfectly do the job. Obviously they are not as powerful as other gas chainsaws. They are pretty lighter and cheaper as well. 

As you have chosen our article, I believe you have high interest in 40cc Chainsaws. In our content we have reviewed the 7 Best 40cc Chainsaw and included a detailed buying guide along with FAQs. So, bear with us till the end to choose a classy & efficient chainsaw for the yard right away!

Our Top Picks: Reason to Choose The Best 40cc Chainsaw

If you are in a hurry, have a look in this section as we have picked the 7 best chainsaws which are incredible & unique in their own way.

1. Best Saw For Fuel Efficiency: Poulan Pro PR4218 Gas Chainsaw

It’s a classy chainsaw with an oxypower engine to perform efficient trimming with low emission.

2. Best Saw With Awesome Build Quality: CRAFTSMAN 41AY4216791 S165 Gas Chainsaw

It’s a high-power Chainsaw with a solid body frame to perform the yard job within minutes.

3. Best Chainsaw Within Budget: XtremepowerUS 22″ 2.4HP Gasoline Gas Chainsaw

It’s a classy gas chainsaw available within an affordable range. It’s easy to use and can start without any inconvenience.

4. Best Chainsaw With Comfortable Handles: HUYOSEN Gas Chainsaw

This unit is pretty efficient and easy to use due to its ergonomic handles.

5. Best 40cc Chainsaw Overall: Poulan Pro PR4016 16-inches Gas Chainsaw

It’s a lightweight yet powerful 40cc Chainsaw with awesome build-quality, safety features and customer support.

6. Best Lightweight Chainsaw: Echo Store 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

Echo Store has come up with a reliable Chainsaw to tackle all of the yard duties. As it’s lightweight, old individuals can easily handle it without affecting their joints.

7. Best Chainsaw For Fast & Reliable Performance: Husqvarna 440 18 Inch 40.9cc 2.4HP 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw

It’s a high-power Chainsaw with exceptionally awesome build-quality to slice through woods quickly.

Top 7 Best 40cc Chainsaw Reviews in 2022

In this section, we have reviewed each and every product with 100% authentic information. Check out below for further details and pick the Chainsaw that suits your requirements the most.

1. Poulan Pro PR4218 Gas Chainsaw

Are you looking for a medium duty Chainsaw to clean up the yard after a stormy night? If yes, Poulan Pro Gas Chainsaw can be your favorite companion. This unit is an oxypower engine to provide ultimate power, fuel efficiency and low power emissions. In order to ensure ultimate comfort, the company has featured safety handles with reduced vibrations, air purifier, automatic oiler and many more.


BrandPoulan Pro
Item Dimensions24″ x 10″ x 11″
Power SourceGas
Item Weight13.25 lbs

Key Features 

  • Poulan Pro Chainsaw is equipped with an OxyPower technology for an ultimate fuel efficiency by reducing fuel consumption ( around 20%) & emissions (around 70%).
  • It’s a 2-cycle Gas Chainsaw featuring an 18-inch bar and 2-stroke engine.
  • They have included a carrying case, accessory chain and a built-in scrench.
  • By utilizing the automatic oiler, the saw remains smooth & lubricated. So, the bars & chains won’t wear out easily.
  • The super clean air filter ensures high longevity without any reduction in power.
  • The Poulan Pro 40cc Chainsaw is super comfortable to use due to its incredible anti-vibration system.
  • Its spring-assist cord ensures fast, easy & effortless pulling.

What Does The Customer Like? 

Poulan Pro is absolutely awesome especially if you are concerned about ease of usage & comfort. After proper tuning, this unit cuts with ultimate smoothness & comfort.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

This unit might not be too powerful to offer fast trimming. However it’s overall performance is praiseworthy indeed.

2. CRAFTSMAN 41AY4216791 S165 Gas Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN 41AY4216791 S165 Gas Chainsaw is a classy saw with low vibrations and more power. Its 2-cycle engine features a 16-inch bar with low kickback. By utilizing the Easy Start Technology, cushioned handle & 3-point anti-vibration technology, a user can slice through rough woods just like slicing a cake. This unit is light weight, easy to handle and offers minimum fatigue. Thus, even if you are a first timer, you can dig into lawn work right away!


Dimensions28.5″ x 9.75″ x 11.25″
Item Weight15.22 pounds
Power SourceGas
Bar length16-inches

Key Features

  • The Craftsman saw is equipped with a 42cc high output engine for ultimate power & steadiness.
  • The easy-to-start and low kickback technology assist in slicing the toughest wood.
  • Users can enjoy greater control due to modern bucking spikes.
  • The new chain brakes are totally interactive to ensure proper safety.
  • The automatic oiler is adjustable and lubricates the bar to maintain their quality.
  • 3-point anti-vibration system along with cushioned aluminum handles ensures a balanced and cozy operation.
  • Nowadays maintenance has become super easy due to free spark plug & filters.

What Does The Customer Like? 

Craftsman saw offers high-efficiency along with supreme sturdiness. It can ease up the workload by its fast & steady performance. This unit is quite affordable as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

This unit is hard to turn on once it has cooled down. It will require a lot of priming to start all over again.

3. XtremepowerUS 22″ 2.4HP Gasoline Gas Chainsaw

The XtremepowerUS 22-inches Gas Chainsaw offers 2.4 HP to slice through rough & stubborn woods effortlessly. Even if it’s a novice user, he can enjoy a safe & comfy working day due to the modern anti-kickback mechanism. This piece is equipped with a 2.4 HP EcoBoost engine to provide ultimate efficiency for reduced CO2 emission & fuel consumption. XtremepowerUS also features an efficient oiler & Clean Air-Intake System to keep the unit lubricated & functional. 


Package Dimensions24.09″ x 12.09″ x 10.87″
Power SourceGas
Item Weight19 lbs

Key Features

  • The XtremepowerUS comes with a 45cc engine to ease up the regular trimming job. 
  • This unit features a modern air filter along with chain oilier to maintain the quality of the saw. 
  • The modern Clean Air-Intake System functions efficiently by reducing the entrance of dust particles into the engine. So; the engine will definitely have better longevity, high power, lower emissions & fuel consumption. 
  • Its Anti kickback, anti-vibration design along with fast starting & quick Stopping system offers ultimate safety even if it’s a newbie user.
  • This Gas Chainsaw is super durable. It has made pruning, clearing lands and preparing firewood more convenient than ever before.

What Does The Customer Like? 

It’s a stunning Chainsaw for the price. This unit is super easy to start and can quickly cut through 24-inches logs without any inconvenience. The user manual is well-written and easy to understand as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

The carburetors will require some adjustments & modifications.

4. HUYOSEN Gas Chainsaw

HUYOSEN Gas Chainsaw is a powerful unit where a user can trim cords, collect logs and start pruning just by pushing a button. This unit is equipped with built-in safety features & low kickback to avoid accidental starting & ensure comfortable trimming. Due to its unique features like – lightweight & fast thermal construction, tension adjustments and wear-resistant chain, every carpenter loves out there. 


Package Dimensions20.2″ x 12.6″ x 11.9″
Item Weight15.17 pounds
Power SourceGas
Horsepower4 hp
Chain Length20″

Key Features

  • HUYOSEN 40.1 CC comes with a 4HP engine and 18-inch bar which is capable of trimming through woods, ice & trees with ease.
  • For the utmost safety of the users, the company has equipped the saw with a low-kickback & awesome electronic ignition system. 
  • Its overall speed is around 8500 rpm which is enough for many heavy-duty users. 
  • In order to prevent accidents; the manufacturers have offered a safety switch with fast chain brakes. 
  • This unit is easy and comfy to control due to Its ergonomic handle, anti-skid design & shock absorption. Thus, the users won’t feel tired even after working for several hours. Ultimately; the saw is an easy maneuver, balance & operation.
  • The automatic oiler system is highly efficient in reducing the wear out of the chain by constant lubrication. 
  • HUYOSEN chainsaw is equipped with a powerful air filtration system to increase the longevity and reduce fuel consumption of the engine. 
  • Its chain is a sturdy piece of equipment which shows superior smoothness & wear-resistance to ensure faster trimming & longer service.
  • The reliable HUYOSEN Petrol Chainsaw comes with a 1-Year Warranty & awesome Customer service. 

What Does The Customer Like? 

This is a chinese Chainsaw with a comfy and cozy grip. Its bar and chain is pretty solid & long lasting. It can easily slice through the 14-inches logs smoothly.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

It’s overall build quality is a bit cheap. The plastic is bulky and the gas/oil caps are of poor quality.

5. Poulan Pro PR4016 16-inches Gas Chainsaw

When it comes to chainsaws, Poulan Pro is really the other name of ‘trust’. This 16-inches Gas Chainsaw is equipped with an oxypower engine for 20% less fuel consumption and 70% less emission. The automatic oiler, air filter system and easy starting technologies make this unit super convenient to use. Because of the smart air filter system, the engine will survive longer than any other saws out there. Its 16-inches blade is sufficient enough to support medium duty cleaning.


BrandPoulan Pro
Item Dimensions22″ x 10″ x 11″
Power SourceGas
Item Weight13 lbs

Key Features

  • The Poulan Pro PR4218 features a 40cc 2-stroke engine to support regular medium duty yard duties.
  • The oxypower engine ensures less emission and less fuel consumption. So, users can enjoy more power to reshape mother nature.
  • The auto-lubrication technology keeps the bar and chains lubricated for easy maintenance.
  • The air-filter system increases the overall longevity of the unit without any sacrifice in power.
  • Spring-assist pull cords are super efficient in starting the saw.
  • Due to the anti-vibration technology users can enjoy a comfy experience.
  • The package includes – two stroke oil, ergonomic handles and scrench.

What Does The Customer Like? 

It’s a great Chainsaw with awesome warranty support. Poulan has offered a unique feature called interchangeable blade length. This feature is really helpful for customers out there. It’s pretty lightweight too. Due to its amazing performance, many consumers have recommended it as the Best 40cc Chainsaw out there.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

The bar oiler leaks oil pretty badly.

6. Echo Store 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

The 18-inches chainsaw of Echo Store is lightweight and powerful enough to handle rough & tough jobs. This unit had created a huge hype in the market due to its easy handling & maintenance. The chains are pretty adjustable and air filters are quickly removable. So, overall maintenance is totally a breeze.


Item Dimensions26″ x 16″ x 14″
Power SourceGasoline
Item Weight10.1 lbs
Bar length18″
Engine40.2 cc

Key Features

  • Echo Store came up with an 18-inch bar and powerful 40.2 cc engine to smoothly slice through thick logs.
  • As the unit is totally assembled, you won’t face any hard time indeed.
  • For utmost convenience, the Chainsaw is equipped with easy start & stop technology.
  • The package includes – 18-inches bar, chain & engine oil.
  • This unit also comes with adjustable and removable filters for ease of maintenance.
  • It is pretty lightweight as well.

What Does The Customer Like? 

The delivery service is awesome. Its overall performance is pretty reliable. We would highly recommend it for old users as it is pretty lightweight.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

This saw doesn’t offer any warranty.

7. Husqvarna 440 18 Inch 40.9cc 2.4HP 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 440 is a gas powered unit with unique features like Centrifugal air cleaning system & fast releasing air filter. Due to its ergonomic handles and precision, every user out there would love it. The 40.9 cc 2.4 HP engine ensures low fuel consumption and low fatigue along with incredible performance. If we talk about husqvarna 440 vs echo cs 400, both are pretty efficient in handling regular trimming projects at an affordable price.


Power SourceGasoline

Key Features

  • Husqvarna 440 gas chainsaw is equipped with a centrifugal air cleaning system to remove large dust particles. Thus the overall air cleansing & engine life is improved. 
  • The in-built X-Torq offers greater fuel consumption and low emission levels. 
  • Its rear ergonomic handles are pretty comfortable and are designed with a soft inlay. 
  • Husqvarna gas Chainsaw offers unique precision with an incredible choke control.
  • The chainsaw is easy to start & use. Its overall technology can minimize engine flooding and snap-lock cylinder cover.
  • Its engine is 40.9 cc with a power output of 2.4 HP and speed of 9000 RPM.

What Does The Customer Like? 

It is a well-built model which offers fast & smooth trimming through rough oaks. The shipment was pretty awesome and fast as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

Several customers had a bit of a hard time in starting the saw. Once the saw starts, it goes through woods & oak just like butter.

What To Consider Before Purchasing The 40CC Chainsaw? Check Out Now!

Before investing the Best 40cc Chainsaw, there are several key points every buyer must check out. In this segment we have highlighted those points in detail. So, be aware to check out before choosing the right one for the regular trimming in the lawn.

Bar Size

40cc Chainsaws are a middle guard between heavy-duty and light-duty saws. Actually there is no specific blade size for this type of engine. Either it’s a small 14-inches or a large 20-inches bar, the 40cc chainsaw can easily hold it. However for ultimate efficiency in regular yard duties, we will adjust going for blades around 16 to 18 inches.


Power of the engine is one of the main points to consider. Generally the power is measured in cubic centimeters. The engine you will require is totally up to the type of your work. For instance, a 65 cc Chainsaw can quickly trim through rough woods and large trees. A 31cc Chainsaw will be enough to slice thin woods. In order to perform regular trimming in the lawn, a 40cc engine is good enough indeed. However, a 40cc engine is obviously not designed for heavy-duty jobs. 

Safety Features

Nowadays all the modern Chainsaws come with unique features to keep the user safe and sound. Almost all classy 40cc Chainsaws come with anti-vibration and anti-kickback systems to ensure a comfy working experience. We would specifically suggest looking for additional safety features if it’s a newbie user.


Before a 40cc Chainsaw within budget was a dream of many carpenters. Now it’s totally possible due to a huge upgrade in Chainsaw technologies. However, a cheap unit definitely comes with some trade-offs. Of course saving some bucks sounds pretty tempting. However don’t compromise in terms of quality if you really require huge longevity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many horsepower does a 40cc Chainsaw have? 

– Mostly a 40-cc Chainsaw comes with a powerful engine of 2.4 HP. Its bar length is around 18-inches and can easily cut through rough woods by quick adjustments and reduced kickbacks.

2. How many CC is a good chainsaw? 

-Generally, the size of the engine is measured in cubic centimeters. The more the number, the more powerful the engine is. For a regular household or yard job, a 32 to 45 cc engine will be enough indeed.

3. How many CC is Husqvarna 40? 

-The Chainsaw Husqvarna 40 comes with a 40 Centimeter cube (cc) or 2. 43 cubic inches pistone. The pistons move around a 40mm cylindrical bore and its each stroke is around 40mm or 1.57 inches.

Final Verdict

Which is the Best 40cc Chainsaw in 2022? Is a 40cc Chainsaw good enough to perform regular trimming duties? 

After going through our content thoroughly till now I believe you already know that – 40cc chainsaws are quite efficient for average & light-duty jobs. If your working requirements are too high, you may require a high powered engine. However, if it’s a regular cleaning job after a storm or calamities, you can choose any of our recommended saws. Among our recommended ones I loved CRAFTSMAN 41AY4216791 S165 Gas Chainsaw for its durable & smooth performance at a cheaper rate. Choose any of them according to your preferences and enjoy the trimming jobs with your favorite Chainsaw right away!

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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