Where Are CMT Saw Blades Made? Read to Know!

Power saws are useless without saw blades, right? Saw blades come in different sizes and materials, but the thing that is vital in common is carbide blades.  

Well, there are many carbide blades in the market today. CMT, Freud, Irwin etc. Among them, CMT and Freud are the two leading blades nowadays. You can see CMT vs Freud saw blades to get every small detail about these two blades. 

However, have you seen any orange trademark in your woodcutting tools or more specifically in saw blades? Yes, you do. That’s why you want to know, where are CMT saw blades made? 

Yes, for meeting your urge, we today will cover all details about CMT orange circular saw blades. Then let’s get started. 


The saw tool consists of a tough blade having sharp edges. A standard circular saw blade usually is used for woodworks. The number of teeth in the blade determines cutting speed, cutting type and finish. 

However, CMT is one of the leading manufacturing circular saw blades worldwide. You can prefer CMT perfect for reliability and value quality. CMT puts an orange color surface coating on the tool and for this, they are known as CMT orange tool to the people. For this, any woodworker in any place can tell that orange woodcutting tools mean CMT.

If you have a saw tool with an orange trademark, you should consider yourself a lucky person for getting a high-quality CMT tool.

Now comes the actual question, where are CMT saw blades made?

Well, for making a perfect saw blade CMT ensures-

• Perfect designing, with both computer technology and hands-on experience. So that they can engineer a perfect flawless blade every time you use

• Finding the correct material which will turn the design into the final product. CMT prefers high-quality solid bar stock steel and specially composed micro grain carbide for flawless manufacturing. 


CMT over the years has been manufacturing saw blades in the latest technology CNC(Computer Numeric Control) machining process with updated software systems. Manufacturing process-

• LASER CUTTING -Firstly materials are cut by laser from extra durable steel. Laser Cutting does not give precise finishing but makes it possible for cutting harder strengthened steels. It also does not stress the plate while cutting, so the final blade becomes flat. 

• GRINDING AND TENSIONING- After cutting has been done, the blade is polished and tensioned. This results in a superior finish with a visible tension ring on the blade. 

• Then the central bore is ground for having a smooth finish.  So that the saw fits perfectly on the saw arbour and can have flawless concentricity while rotating. 

• Finally, micro-grain carbide teeth are sharpened.  The carbide teeth are ground ensuring carbide tips sit perfectly. 

• At last, blades are laser marked. 

CMT offers a wide range of blades. Such as Circular, reciprocating, jigsaw saw blades and many more. You can check out our CMT saw blades review to choose the specific one. 

Well, the latest CMT blades are made for cutting deeply. They are perfect for contracting use, woodworking and home installation use. CNC manufacturers, furniture manufacturers can also use these blades. 

At last, it can be said, Choosing the best saw blade is vital to work for finishing any project flawlessly. We consider quality, blade size, weight and price for selecting any saw blade, right?  Well, CMT is committed to quality.  All materials are tested. Each blade is made in consideration of current standards and customers’ requirements.  


Are CMT saw blades good?

Obviously, CMT saw blades are good for all kinds of use. If you keep your blade clean, it will stay sharp for a long time. As a result, you will get an exclusive performance from the blade every time you use it. 

Where are CMT router bits made?

CMT is one of the finest router bits that are available in the market. They are manufactured in Italy and only with the best quality of materials. 

Where are Freud saw blades made?

Freud is one of the biggest manufacturing brands of industrial circular blades. The cutting edges of this particular saw blade are made in TiCo. It is engineered and manufactured in-house, situated in Italy.  

Where are Irwin circular saw blades made?

Irwin is one of the finest woodworking brands of circular saw blades made in Italy. The brand confirms the highest accuracy for woodworking and carpentry. 


However, CMT is known worldwide for its strength, precise and smooth cut. Any man who wants to finish his project flawlessly chooses CMT without thinking about anything else.   

Well, the last piece of advice from us, whatever blade you are using, be careful. Otherwise, accidents may occur. So here we depart. Thanks for staying with us till the end of the content. Hope this content will be useful for you. Have a good day!

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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