Craftsman Tool Chest Locking Mechanism | Complete Guideline!

If you are an owner of a garage or a dye mechanic, a toolbox can be a great help.  It can protect your tools properly and can provide organized, easy access to your tools. 

Well, there are different kinds of toolboxes available. Among them, Craftsman and Husky are two popular brands. You can check out the Husky vs Craftsman tool chest for getting a better concept about these two brands.  Here we will discuss craftsman tool chest locking mechanisms. 

However, after using the craftsman toolbox a couple of times, you may find it hard to open the drawers.  It happens because of a jammed locked mechanism. But don’t you worry anymore. Here we have discussed all necessary details about the procedure of opening craftsman tool chest drawers or how to fix craftsman tool chest drawers. 

Craftsman Tool Chest Locking Mechanism-Check Out Our Complete Guideline!

A toolbox helps you to store the tools properly when you are not using them. The larger your tool chest is; the more tools you can store. Craftsman offers a solid steel tool chest for fitting large and heavy tools. Different types of craftsman tool chests are available in the marketplace. Check out our Craftsman tool chest review for better understanding. 

However, tool chests are made for giving internal security to the tools. That’s why, once you lock the point of the tool chest, all the drawers are locked. Now we will share some common tips and tricks related to the locking mechanism, such as-

Opening Deadbolt Locks:

Deadbolt locks are the perfect protection against burglary. They are moved by knobs or keys and cannot be opened by knives or any hand tools. But what will happen if you lose the key or break the key? If you fall in that type of situation then-

  • Take a flat/minus screwdriver and a metal strap. You have to bend the strap at the top for half inches.
  • Place the strap in the rectangular hole of the lock. Then enter the screwdriver and strap together in the hole. 
  • Press the screwdriver and one time you will fill the lock.  When the lock will be replaced, rotate the strap in anticlockwise or key direction and the lock will be opened. 

Removing lock from drawers:

If you don’t need any specific lock-

  • Open that particular drawer and enter the key into the lock. But don’t rotate the key
  • Rotate the round outer rail with your finger and rotate the key clockwise. Eventually, the lock will come out of the chest.

You can even install the lock when you need it by reversing the steps.

Removing The Drawers With The Whole Locking Mechanism 

  • Unlock the chest lock and open the top lid or the drawer
  • Look at the connection side of the drawer, where you will find two/three latches. These latches help to lock the entire system
  • Take a thin metal strap and a hammer. Put the strap in the side of the latch and hammer it from outward. 
  • The pin will come out and you can now pull off the latch
  • Do the same with the remaining others

Now you can open any drawer without any key.  You can install the drawers by performing the reversal of the steps. 

How to Fix Craftsman Tool Chest Drawers?

Craftsman toolbox is the professional’s choice for its durability.  But after using the toolbox for a long time, you find craftsman tool chest drawers stuck.  It happens because of dirt, grease, and oil.  For this reason, you have to open the drawer or remove it from the chest. Here we will give you some easy tips to solve all tool chest related problems. Let’s get started!

Craftsman tool chests have three types of drawers. Rolling, Friction, ball-bearing. Each has a different type of opening process. They are given below-

Fixing Process of Rolling Drawer-

  • Drag the drawer till its end and raise it upwards

Then clean all the dirt or remove the metal that was stuck in the way of the drawer. At the time of installation, enter the drawer from upward to downward. 

Fixing Process of Friction Slide Drawer-

  •  Empty the particular drawer you want to open by taking out all the staff 
  • Take a metal strap or tension wrench now. Bend the metal strap in the head for half-inch
  • Friction slide drawers have small locks at the end of them, which prevents the drawers from coming out automatically. Put the metal strap or wrench between the slide and glide.  Make sure the strap remains in the lock
  • Give stress on the lock and drag the slide at the same time. Eventually, you will open the lock. Repeat the whole process for the lock residing on the other side of the drawer.

After that, clean all the dust properly. 

Fixing Process of  Ball-Bearing Slide Drawer-

  • Empty the particular drawer first for your ease.
  • Pull the drawer towards you.
  • If your drawer contains a lever at both ends of the rail, lift the drawers in different directions. And the drawer will come out easily.
  • If your drawer has a tab at both ends of the rail, then press the tab with your fingers. And slide lock bars will open and the drawers will be released.

In this way, you can fix your stuck Craftsman tool chest drawers.  

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to fix a craftsman toolbox lock?

You can fix the lock by replacing it. In the craftsman toolbox, a lock is attached to the cabinet with a clip.  For replacing, at first, you have to remove the clip and swap out the lock. To get more working room, remove the top drawer. You’ll need a needle nose plier for removing the clip. Now use one hand to feel the clip and hold the needle nose plier in your other hand. After some time, the clip will be removed. Now place a new lock matching the flat sides with the locking shape, then attach the clip. Now test it!

How do you unlock a craftsman toolbox without a key?

If you have forgotten where you have kept the lock key, you don’t have to panic anymore. You can easily open it up without a key. For this, you need a tension wrench and city rake! At first, put the tension wrench at the keyhole, and use some firm tension. Then pop in the city rake. Now bounce up and down right across the wafers or pairing system. You will find the lock open in no time!

How do you unlock a Craftsman tool chest?

For unlocking the Craftsman tool chest, you have to open the drawer. When the lock of your craftsman is in an open position, place a yardstick inside between the cabinet and top drawer.  Now slide until you feel the notch in the slide lock bar and try moving the bar to unlock the drawer. 

How do I remove the lid from my Craftsman toolbox?

Without removing the top lid, you can’t open the drawer. So, to remove the lid, you have to make a small hole punch and a hammer.  Now in the back of the door, you will find three/two latches. So at first put the punch in one corner of the latch and hit it a few times with a hammer. The pin of the latch then will come out and you can pull out the latch. Where you can find locking mechanisms. In the same way, pull others and remove the lid. 

Final Words

Here we have tried to explain all the procedures readily. Remember, the tools are big, heavy and can also cause severe accidents. So while performing any of the above works, be careful. 

Well, we hope you will find this piece of content useful. We are grateful to have you till the very end. Have a good day

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