Who Makes MLCS Router Bits? Read to Know about MLCS

Router bits create wood joints and narrow channels in a wooden piece and shape wood edges. Having good router bits is intensely important for error-free cutting, drilling, and engraving.

When it comes to the incredible router bits in the market, MLCS is the brand that you should think about. MLCS router bits sets are highly competitive against the popular Woodcraft and Freud router bits. Due to their outstanding features, MLCS bits are a must-have item for woodworking.  

You may wonder about who makes MLCS router bits to make them this much praiseworthy. Here is the introductory information guide of the MLCS bits containing the answer to your question.   

Who makes MLCS router bits?

Earlier, woodworkers were suffering from router bits that could handle a multitude of woodworks. Due to incompatible bits, projects were exhausting and frustrating. Finally, in the 1980s, the MLCS company came forward to solve this problem.

Initially, their business had mail order router bits set in their stocks. They planned to bring variety in their router bits, and gradually they have widened their offerings. As years passed, their router bits became capable of any specific woodworking operation. Also, they have included various tools like drill bits, rail and stile, shaper cutters, Forster bits, and other unique accessories.

MLCS router bits and other woodworking products are specially designed and created by professional woodworkers and for woodworkers. The passionate makers don’t compromise while striving for excellence in quality. MLCS router bits are considered perfect for serving individual needs on a budget. 

What makes MLCS router bits exceptional?

  • They are flexible and versatile, making learning woodwork for beginners a piece of cake.
  • They come in a wide variety of shapes, shanks, and types that provide versatile convenience to the user.
  • The tips are made of high-quality carbide, which makes the router bits long-lasting and reduces vibration.
  • Compared to other router bit brands, MLCS router bit sets are cheaper.
  • MLCS offers smaller to larger router bit sets, keeping the project needs in mind. 
  • In softer woods, MLCS router bits deliver fineness with quality that is incredibly good than other router bits.

Lacking’s of MLCS router bits

  • Though MLCS router bits have extraordinary characteristics, they are lacking in some terms.
  • These router bits are friendly for softer woods but not for harder woods. Despite using these bits, extra work is needed to have a perfect cut on harder woods.
  • Again, the carbide tips guarantee sharpness for a long period, but not better longevity than other brands. In normal circumstances, Freud and whiteside router bits last longer than MLCS, and they are expensive. Check out MLCS vs Freud router bits for better knowledge.
  • Moreover, MLCS bits are only for newbie woodworkers, not those seeking high-end results.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where is mlcs located?

MLCS Woodworking is located on Industrial Blvd at 1065. It is situated in Southampton, PA 18966, USA. It is a part of the Building Material and Supplies Dealers Industry. Also know that it earned about $2.35 million in sales. They have been in business since 1983. The Southampton store is the original showroom where professional woodworkers handle the testing of MLCS products and projects. Along with router bits and other woodworking tools, MLCS provides pen making supplies.  

2. Who owns Eagle America?

Located in the Huntingdon Valley, PA, Eagle America is an American brand that has manufactured top-notch router bits since 1989. MLCS Woodworking bought this company in 2011. Since then, Eagle America has expanded its service and provides the highest quality rounder bits at affordable prices.

3. Does Diablo make router bits?

Yes, Diablo makes router bits along with other contractor and remodeler tools. Diablo tools is a manufacturing line of a famous company named Freud Tools. Hence, Diablo router bits have carbide tips, ensuring maximum longevity and increased durability. Also, the bits mainly come with three different diameters and various categories. 

4. Where are Whiteside router bits made?

Whiteside router bits are made in Western North Carolina, USA. Originated in 1970, the machine company uses solid alloy steel to make their bits. Good to know that whiteside router bits have high-quality micro-grain carbide on the tip of the bits. The 40 years of experience of Whiteside make the router bits highly durable.

End Notes

Different brands offer various router bits for woodworking. The debate centering on the best router bit will continue but in vain. The MLCS company has sturdy bits, but their downsides fall behind other brands’ offerings.

However, despite the cons, MLCS router bits are still scene stealers. These versatile and affordable bits enhance work performance. Still not convinced? Know what users say about this brand from the top MLCS router bits.

With proper technique and maintenance, MLCS bits deliver maximum value. Since machines are not immortal, the wrong application of these bits will mess up the woodwork and the health of the bits.     

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