Why Is Festool So Expensive? Know The Reasons About It!

Festool has been one of the renowned brands of tools; it’s famous among the most woodcutters, but some people face a problem while buying it. However, the problem is the tools are costly that newcomers or hobbyists can’t afford; why is Festool so expensive?

One of my friends also asked me once that what is so special about the branded tools that make it so costly; I answered that he has to spend more bucks to get a high-quality product.

Anyway, the article will entirely focus on Festool, its products, price range, and the possible reasons for its being expensive; there may be some logic behind other companies’ tools being cheaper.

Know More About The Festool Company

Festool is a German company that manufactures power tools, including chainsaws; it started its journey as Fezes & Stoll. The company was established in 1925, and the owners were Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Fezer; it has still kept the previous position.

The company launched the world’s 1st cordless chainsaw in 1927; moreover, it has contributed to other sectors besides woodcutting. Later, the company was named Festo in short, and in 2000, the brand’s power tool sector got separated and started as Festool.

Some people ask that where is Festool made or which countries are involved with the production; the USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and others (it has given subsidiaries to 26 countries).

The brand always focuses on producing high-quality products and satisfying the customers; therefore, many people prefer buying the tools despite being expensive.

Let’s make a list of the top-selling tools from the Festool brand, and check the price list so that we can compare the expenses with other companies.

They are one of the most significant products the brand has launched; they may be slightly costly, but they have won customers’ hearts during the century. However, the drills and saws are mostly prepared and perform better than other branded tools; you can save money to buy them.

Get Introduced to The Price Range of Festool And Other Branded Tools

People have always seen that the other brand don’t charge too much money as Festool does; so, let’s see the price table to understand the difference:

They are particular items, and it shows that the products are expensive,and you can buy them only if you have enough budget. Unfortunately, people don’t want to spend much money on their necessary purposes because they think it’s a waste of money.

Now, let’s check the cost list of other branded products that offer the same thing at a reasonable price.

After checking the tables well, you can say that Festool charges sometimes twice or thrice bills from the customers than other brands; moreover, you can tag it as the most expensive brand.

The drill or saws cost double at the store, or even on Amazon; the E-commerce site has nothing to do because the rate is fixed by the company. On the other hand, the routers or other small items from Festool can cost triple than usual; so, it may seem to be a loss.

Why Is Festool So Expensive And What Can Be the Factors?

It’s time to find the causes behind Festool being so expensive, yet so famous among people; there may be some reasons that buyers use it:

Festool Quality

Quality is an essential thing a customer looks for while buying anything for personal or professional usage; you may, believe it or not, Festool Uses premium quality raw materials. Thus, the manufacturing cost increases; moreover, the workers try to give their best and leave no loop.

However, you may look at the reviews on different sites; you can see that the customers are quite satisfied with the product quality. On the other hand, other brands that recently showed up use cheap and low-quality raw materials, and they don’t maintain the quality like Festool.

For instance, you may have seen some older companies that used to hold essential places in the market but suddenly dropped off; they used to produce high-quality items, but reduced production costs to have more profit.

Thus, they decreased the quality and dissatisfied the consumers; therefore, they continually lost their respective positions. So, Festool’s business strategy is fair, honest, and beneficial because it focused on keeping its customers rather than losing them.

Customer Service

Festool has a separate customer care section that always stays there to help the customers in any situation; they don’t neglect their queries and needs like other companies. Moreover, they also provide many offers, such as Festools for sale; their initial target is people with limited income.

However, the workers are very much active on the website, and they also maintain a forum; people share their reviews and experiences (positive and negative)there. The team tries its best to sort out all the problems; they never become rude towards negative opinions.

Packaging and Equipment

Other brands pack the parts separate and provide an instruction paper, but many people find it challenging to set up the machinery. On the contrary, Festool sets everything in its place and ensures that the customers can easily use the tools with the manual’s help.

Overall Performance

If you own different branded saw and drill items, you can personally examine the variety, and you may decide which one to choose after seeing the difference. Other branded tools waste a lot of energy, and they don’t perform up to the mark; whereas, Festool always stands out in delivering energy.

The fundamental requirements a customer can have been discussed above, and now, you may not have any confusion about the reasons for Festool being costly. If they ensure quality and maintain a massive team at your service, you should indeed spend money to get the facilities.

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What Is the Most Expensive Festool Item and Why Is It So?

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set

Festool Is a versatile product manufacturing company, and people use its items for different purposes; it’s popular, especially among woodcutters. However, the Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set is one of the most expensive items; but many people ask why it is.

The main reason for its being costly is the high performance it provides; you may see it yourself or ask for others opinions to know the actual scene. For instance, the Festool domino tools work faster and cuts better; one of my friends started using it to increase his daily income.

However, the decision seems to be wise because you can have a long time profit by investing slightly more at a time; on the other hand, those who buy cheap tools have to buy new ones within a short time because they are not long-lasting.

An ordinary drill, circular saw, or dust cleaner may last for 2-3 years if one carefully uses it; it may last for 5-years, the highest if the buyer rarely uses it. On the contrary, you can use a Festool drill, welding machine, or other kits naturally for a long time, and they provide a good warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is the Public Reaction Over Festool Being Costly?

It’s quite clear that the Festool branded tools are not affordable for everyone; people sometimes save money for some months to afford the products. However, you will see mixed reactions while going through the brand’s forum; some think it’s okay to be expensive.

On the other hand, some people think the opposite; they tried to say that Festool is not providing the quality products it promised, but taking a vast charge in that name.

2. Is It Worth to Spend Money on Festool Items?

If you are still confused about buying Festool despite being of high price, you may read the article; moreover, you can select it for professional usage. You shouldn’t spend so much money when you’re a beginner or a hobbyist; you can buy a cheap one for temporary use.

Final Words

Festool has been carrying a heritage for almost a century; the manufacturers haven’t decreased its product quality and other services. Some people have bad experiences though, exceptions can’t be an example because around 90% of the total consumer have a positive impression.

However, the owners are doing a business after all, and they can’t run it in loss; you can also understand the logic behind why is Festool so expensive. Moreover, you can take the article as a motivation for using a Festool for any purpose; you have to spend money to ensure quality.

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