Why Are Wen Tools So Cheap? Know The Reasons About It!

Wen is a known power tool company. That begets the question, “Why are Wen tools so cheap?” It is a little unusual that a popular brand is popular with thrifty people.

My dad scowled a lot at our old shelf. So, I wanted to build a bookshelf for it. After buying the raw materials, the budget got a bit tight. That’s why I bought some Wen tools. They work adequately if we compare the price. It has been a few years since I had them but they still work.

I researched a bit about Wen and Wen power tools. I will try to expand upon the reason why I think Wen tools are affordable.

Wen Power Tool Types

Wen designs and is responsible for the innovation of many power tools. They have a reputation for manufacturing different types of the same machines. This way we can have options in choosing the tools we want.

They have:

  • Drill presses with variable speed
  • Compact circular saws
  • Benchtop spindle sander
  • Electric hand planers
  • Air compressors
  • Multi-purpose pneumatic tools
  • Electric pressure washers
  • Cordless screwdrivers
  • Band saw
  • Electric snow blowers
  • Bench grinders (slow speed and variable speed)
  • Polishes
  • Planers
  • Reciprocating saws
  • Small bench-top lathes
  • Rotary tools ( corded and cordless), etc

The most popular of them is the planers because they are long-lasting. Other tools also have specific characteristics that users love.

Pros of Wen Tools:

Another answer to the question “Why are Wen tools so cheap?” is that Wen power tools are mostly rebadged. They and other branded power tools are made in china. The same group of factories manufactures all the tools.

Wen does not manufacture top-of-the-line tools as DeWalt or other brands do. But their pricing is on the same level as their stuff. Basically, you pay a fair price for the objects you buy.

Cons of Wen Tools

Some companies give their products backing when it comes to manufacturing defection. Wen is weak in this regard. They are not the best at replacing defective parts.

Their customer service is a bit lacking too.

Most of the power tools do not differ that much. They have different specific features.But, all in all, most of them are exchangeable with each other.

The main thing to look for in power tools is quality. Wen falls on the acceptable spectrum in terms of quality.

Wen Drill Press

For example, you can buy the Wen drill press(5 speed) for under 100$ if it is new. It would have been cheaper if it was second-hand. There is not much difference between buying first-hand and second-hand when it comes to Wen electronics. That is because they only offer one year from the date of purchase limited warranty or 500-hour use limited warranty. It is a disadvantage.

The drill press works fine but it is not as powerful as other drill presses. It is small and compact. It has an induction motor. Universal motors are preferable nowadays. But, it has 5 speeds. Induction motors with variable speed are innovative. There are multiple types of drill presses too.

So, you can see that Wen tools have some pros and some cons. Your purchase of them should depend on what you want to use the tools for. This way you can buy affordable tools and yet not get cheated.

Here we make a list of the top-selling Best Wen Drill Presses. They are:- 

Wen Pneumatics

Wen power tools can be expensive. It’s pneumatic tools fall into this category. They are well-known for air tools. But most of them are used in industries because air tools guarantee the safety of human beings.

But, they also have a pneumatic multi-purpose tool you can buy from their website. It can be a chisel, shovel, and scraper. The price is below 250$ if you do not count the discount they are currently giving.

Before you buy a power tool, think about if you are going to use it frequently. Usage matters a lot since power tools’ worth is in their use. If you are someone who seldom needs power tools, then I recommend Wen. There is no need to spend money on something you don’t have a regular use for. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned woodworker, I recommend DeWalt or Ryobi.

Why Do I Use Wen Products?

Different power tool companies hold different appeal for me. The reason I prefer to use specific Wen tools is because of their affordability, usability, and flexible designs.

They are mainly made for a homeowner’s use or use in a private workshop. They can be small and compact, especially the drill presses. I dislike how Wen produces stuff with too many plastic parts.

It lightens the tool but makes it insubstantial and flimsy. It does not let the user have a firm grip on the tool. Adjusting the tool can be finicky sometimes in the case of circular saws and band saws.

But, honestly, you can’t ask for more than the machines give. Wen products (especially the sanders and planers) are durable and the metal parts are sturdy. They have a long shelf life.

Overall, its control is not steady and it is not good for delicate work. You cannot make small wooden figurines using wen products if you are an amateur. But, you can finish most projects with them.

Final Words

“Why are Wen tools so cheap?” will now not be a question that will plague you. It can be easily answered if you know where it is manufactured, what it is made from, and how it is marketed.

The main question after knowing about Wen products is, “Is it worth the price?” It is worth spending money on if it is not going to have a professional use. Homeowners can get the most out of it. It is fantastic to use for small projects and DIYs. It also has amazing products like wen generators. I guarantee that you will get your money’s worth!

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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