Why Are Makita Batteries So Expensive? Find Out The Truth!

Every time I meet up with my buddies they would groan questions at me. Such as: why do you use Makita tools? Why are Makita batteries so expensive? Usually, I roll my eyes at them. But, one day I got infuriated and yelled at them that Makita batteries are worth their price if you are using the right type.

The right type is the one that is most compatible with your tools. If you have or would like Ni-MH or Ni-Cd tools, then the Makita Ni-MH batteries are too expensive to buy.

On the other hand, if you would like to use Li-ion tools, then Makita will have the best battery for you.

Makita 18V LXT Line

I love the batteries I am using right now. It is from the new Makita line. I mean the latest one when I say new. The company released over 150 types of tools. And all of them are compatible with the same battery. Said battery is a slider sort and Li-ion. It also has four varieties (3, 4, 5, and 6) of AH. These batteries are compatible with all Makita Li-Ion tools. It means it can run tools powered by a 14.4V battery. Makita 18v battery also proclaims to maintain constant power. Even in winter! The charger from this line can charge different Ah batteries.

When purchasing these batteries and tools, look for a star on the devices. It is called Star Protection. It transfers data instantly between the battery and the power tool. Thus, the machine can perform more efficiently than it previously could. The motors are brushless and every tool is cordless. It has a runtime of 20 minutes on average.

Prepare yourself to spend quite a lot if you want these things. A twin pack of 18V 5AH LXT batteries costs over 150 dollars without shipping! The charger is not included. Japan manufactures these batteries, not China, unlike other brand products. Japanese products are durable. I think the characteristics of LXT objects negate the price.

When users ask, “Why are Makita batteries so expensive?” They usually mean the older battery models. If they do not, then they should. Those models should not be as pricey as the 18V line. It is supposed that the corporation is trying to push the success of the 18V batteries onto the less technologically advanced ones.

Here we make a list of the top-selling best Makita 18V LXT Line batteries. They are:-

Old Model Makita Battery


Take the Makita battery 12V, for example. It boasts of zero memory effort and high-quality safeguard features. The features are for overheating and short circuits.

Makita also claims that it doesn’t lose capacity due to discharge.  It’s durable and works great with a generic charger. It is also cordless.


However, it has some cons. They are Ni-MH batteries, not Li-ion ones. Ni-MH is an old type. There are not many types and ranges of Makita tools for batteries of this category. Moreover, it is not compatible with Li-ion pieces of equipment. Most of the tools available on the market need Li-ion batteries and this 12V battery can’t provide that.

So, buying it may be redundant. If you like older tools, please consider purchasing the DeWalt 20v battery because DeWalt batteries can work on their older models. Plus, this 12V costs more than 50 dollars on Amazon! It is a little pricey. Many people go for Ryobi products due to Makita’s price. A 12V Ryobi battery and a 12V Makita battery may be almost the same because there is a rumor going around.

The rumor is that Makita, Ryobi, Milwaukee, and DeWalt are all made by the same group of factories. This may or may not be the truth. Still, users place a lot of stock in this type of talk.

Even if it wasn’t, there is not much room for imagination in the electronic hardware business. Almost all of these have the same characteristics. Considering this leads to a conclusion that Makita tools is overpricing stuff. A little tip for people considering being a Makita patron: if you are buying a 12V battery, buy one with a high amp per hour.

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How to Be Certain That You Have A Real Makita Battery

You will have paid an exorbitant price for a pack of Makita batteries. It is a really popular brand and folks go crazy over it. But, since it is a little expensive, people try to look for cheap alternatives or try to buy it from a wholesaler for a reduced-priced. Please do not do this. If you can’t buy it directly from Makita, look for other brands.

Fake Makita batteries can be hard to differentiate from real ones. They look identical to each other. Without disassembling the battery, there are ways to be sure you have the genuine item.

Firstly, match the charging time to the time listed on the website. If it charges too soon, chances are that the led circuit is directly connected to the plug. So, the charge level indicator only works as a light. It does not signal to mean the battery is fully charged.

Secondly, look into the battery slit beside the light port. You should be able to see metal in there. Fake things do not have too much metal in them. They are comparatively lighter than real Makita batteries.

You might still be confused about the state of your device. As a last resort, you can complain to your supplier about the counterfeit battery. An instant replacement will confirm your suspicions that it is a replica. 

Final Words

“Why are Makita batteries so expensive?” This is a question asked by lots of people due to the many problems with Makita batteries.

Nonetheless, Makita rose above it. Their recent line of products and batteries is called LXT® Sub-Compact Brushless (18V). It is the biggest cordless power tool system in the world. It has slider 18V batteries which is the brainchild of the latest cutting-edge technology. It is the reason Makita is now again at the top.

If you prefer good quality stuff, you have to pay a little extra. This is true for Makita’s 18V LXT line. And, people should switch to using Makita machines for this.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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