Why Are DEWALT Batteries So Expensive? Know the Truth Behind It

During my college days, I was a store employee. My job was to restock bits and pieces and help people find stuff. They used to ask me one question a lot and, that was, “why are DEWALT batteries so expensive?”

This inquiry embarrassed me a little. DeWalt is a well-known and popular brand. There may be thousands of reasons why their DEWALT tools and other objects are slightly pricey.

Whatever the excuse is, I, a simple employee, didn’t know anything about it. Now after personally using DEWALT batteries for some time, I can give a detailed explanation of their selling price. I will try my best to explain it in uncomplicated words.

Diving into DEWALT Battery

A battery is a cell (or multiple cells) that create electricity through a chemical reaction. Its electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy when we slot it into things that require electricity to run. Batteries can be rechargeable.

This is due to previous breakthroughs in science. We can also charge the battery through a battery charger. Different companies have a specific model of batteries and chargers.

They can uniquely create them because many factors differentiate them from each other. These factors are:-

  • Voltage
  • Runtime
  • Cost
  • Shelf life
  • Creation materials etc

Various organizations have their way of manufacturing batteries. This is why a DeWalt battery is not like other company’s batteries.

DEWALT Battery

DeWalt’s tools have different voltage capacity from each other. That is why they have many types of batteries. The most widely used is the 20v one. So, I will discuss them.

First is the 20v Max. It is the oldest version of all. It has a brushed motor. Motor brushes create friction with each other. They tend to generate extra heat. Plus, the brushes can wear their hairs out.

The second one is 20V Max. This one has a brushless motor. As a result, there are no negative effects of using a brushed motor battery. It has more runtime than the previous version. Last but not least is the Max XR. XR means extreme runtime.

DeWalt boasts that its new creation has 57% more runtime than ordinary batteries. It also has high-capacity batteries. Similar to the second 20V, it is brushless.

Excluding all other factors but the motor type and battery capacity lead to having three types of batteries in the market. DeWalt has a variety of batteries for any tool. Hence, manufacturing them may be the reason the price is steep.

Another justification for why are DEWALT batteries so expensive is their ability to improve their runtime. It is already impressive. If we follow the proper procedure, we can do this.

The steps are:-

  • The tool will slow down after a significant amount of use. It indicates that the battery is losing charge.
  • Take it out and leave it.
  • After two or more hours, the battery will cool down.
  • When it does, place the battery in the charger.
  • It needs at least 8 hours or overnight to charge all its battery cells.

If there is no difference in runtime after doing this, the battery probably is dead or significantly damaged.

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Why We Should Use DEWALT Batteries

All of us have a preference for branded products. Some of us try to deny them. But, a famous brand has its price. Their products might make the same materials as non-branded stuff. Still, there is security in buying a tool from a popular place. Buying them gives us confidence in the good’s competence. It can be an answer to, why are DEWALT batteries so expensive than other non-branded batteries?

A 2-pack 20V of Gerit is $62. At the same time, the same battery pack of DeWalt is for $129. It charges more than double of Gerit! However, I have genuinely good reasons for endorsing their things. DeWalt gives a high performance that is hard to match by competitors. Even if they proclaim to do so, it is not possible with their low per cell price. They will not be able to run at the same threshold.

Can they guarantee safety measures that DeWalt takes to prevent cell overheating? Also, while they might be able to run low-power tools well, can they properly run on delicate electrical equipment with the same potential?  I do not think so.

This is why I think it is better to buy DeWalt batteries even if they are expensive. Here we make a list of the top-selling 10 best dewalt batteries. They are:-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Will the battery overheat if we leave it in the charger?

-No, it will not. DeWalt recommends people to leave the batteries in the charger.

2. Is it possible to improve the runtime of the battery?

-Yes. DeWalt batteries have a feature that lets them improve their runtime if we follow specific steps.

3. Should I completely drain the battery before charging it?

-No, you should never do that. When the tool in question starts to slow down you should take the battery out. Then, you can charge it.

4. Does temperature affect the battery?

-Yes, it does. The extreme hot and cold temperature will not let the batteries fully charge.

5. Should we put the batteries in the trash after we use them?

-Of course not. DeWalt encourages users to recycle their batteries.

Final Words

DEWALT drills and other manufactures have guarantees and return policies. In addition to their many characteristics that rate them highly in customer reviews. Their batteries have a 3-year limited warranty and 90 days satisfaction guarantee.

But, their stuff is costly. But, this is something we can petition for through their Human Resources. I think they could stand to lower their prices a bit.

DEWALT is one of the leading corporations in this industry. No one can deny their products are first class. Now you and I will have a thoughtful reply if people ask us, why are DEWALT batteries so expensive? I hope now you have a clear idea about DEWALT battery.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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