Who Makes Tactix Tool Boxes? Read to Details About Tactix!

Are you looking for a low-cost toolbox for your warehouse? Tactix brand would surely pop up to your mind as a low-budget option. You might be wondering, Who makes Tactix tool boxes? The answer is Tactix Tools, a sub-brand of Meridian International Co. Ltd.

Tactix is, in fact, famous for its high-tech equipment at an affordable price. The company also contains an excellent product line for storage facilities. Its tool boxes have a good acceptance in the market. Many users have shared positive reviews after using different models of the Tactix toolbox.

A satisfied customer shared his entire experience. He was initially unaware of this brand and quality. However, as the guy had a limited budget, he bought this toolbox. After that, he smoothly used this item for three long years. This content will elaborate on some more information regarding the toolbox and Tactix.

Why Do You Need A Toolbox?

In the industrial workstations, the toolbox helps organize essential items. Technical professionals need to deal with various tools. These items vary in shapes and sizes.

Workers can use a toolbox to sort out all these things. Sometimes they might have outdoor tasks. At that time, a toolbox can be useful to carry everything necessary.

Besides, this case also protects valuable equipment from various damages. You can simply put all the tools inside the box. As a result, they will be well-organized all the time. You won’t lose essential items quickly.

Moreover, keeping the sharp items safely in case prevents accidents too. A toolbox ensures a safer work environment for everyone.

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Types of Tool Boxes

Generally, industry workers need toolboxes. They get to deal with an array of items, from nails to drivers. Therefore, they need particular storage to keep important stuff together.

Also, sometimes DIY home-users who prefer fixing small things also need it. They like a small box to keep essential hand-tools together.

As a result, different users will require different types of toolbox. Also, they need to analyze materials, size, and design before buying a case. Based on these issues, the toolbox can have the following categories:

Aluminum Toolbox:  These lightweight toolboxes are very durable. Users who need convenience in carrying it may use it.

Steel Toolbox:  They are useful to work with heavy equipment. Steel is resistant to damages from rust.

Stainless Steel Toolbox:  The alloy steel gives better protection from denting, bumping, and chipping.  

Plastic Toolbox:  Mainly home-users or casual mechanics use them. Users mainly prefer them for the lightweight and easy to carry.

Hand Toolbox: They are useful if you want to store and move simple tools.

Portable Toolbox: These cases have drawers and compartments. Thus, it becomes easy for users to arrange the tools.

Stationary Toolbox:  They are more like cabinets. You can store all your heavy tools in its various drawers.

Rolling Toolboxes: These boxes serve the same purpose as that of a stationary toolbox. Additionally, they have the facility to move through the attached wheel.

These are the most common categories of toolboxes. Depending on different requirements, different people will choose one or more of these types.

Manufacturers are offering different combinations of toolboxes. They also provide customized cases for special requirements. Customers thus have many options to choose a proper box for their work.

Meridian International

Meridian International is the mother company of the Tactix brand. All the products under the Tactix brand are manufactured in Meridian’s factories. Meridian has been serving the hardware market since 1992. Tactix has been mobilizing Meridian’s tools since 2006. Apart from Tactix, Meridian has a few more brands such as: Yardsmith, Onsite, Alcor.

About TacTix

Tactix is a trusted name in the tools and hardware market. You will find this brand in every industrial tool. It is the company who makes Tactix tool boxes. This manufacturer delivers tools with hi-tech technology at affordable prices.

They emphasize rigorous research for improving quality. The ultimate goal of this brand is to win the trust of industry professionals. They aspire to be a reliable name in the market.

Tactix designs its products by implementing many of the lean manufacturing laws. Thus, it can deliver efficient items and lower costs. With a dedicated team of 300 employees, this brand is committed to offering the best items.

Tactix Product Lines

Currently, the company serves the industrial market. Its product range includes as follow:

Hand Tools:  This product line serves various manual solutions such as cutting, plumbing, drilling, etc. You can find 340 types of different hand tools by this brand.

Power tools: With 12 types of bit sets, drivers, etc. Tactrix supplies high-quality power tools.

Precision tools:  For advanced engineering projects, this line has 15 types of precision tools. It includes protectors, gauges, tweezers, etc.

Storage tools: The brand provides a storage solution with 25 different items. This range includes a portable toolbox,  Organizer, Plastic storage, plastic toolbox, tool chest, storage rack, etc.

All these items are capable of meeting users’ expectations at a reasonable price. 

Tactix Tool Boxes

These items are available in various forms and measurements. These toolboxes cover both high-end industrial needs and simple home storage. To meet these demands, the brand has introduced diversified toolboxes.

Some famous toolboxes by Tactix include:

Metal Portable Box: This toolbox comes with multiple drawers. It can help you sort out all the tools you need to carry for an outdoor project. With the ball bearing slides, drawers are comfortable to use.

Moreover, it has a comfortable grip, thanks to the top handle. This category ensures easymobility . It has a full-length piano hinge and comes with a still tote-tray.

Plastic Rolling Toolbox: Industrial professionals constantly work with different types of accessories. These items could vary from nails to heavy saws. In a stressful project, they need all the equipment within their reach.

The real problem is they might need to move a lot while working. In such a situation, dragging so many tools causes extra pressure. Therefore, the toolbox on wheels provides great relief.

Tactix tool boxes are more famous for their plastic-made rolling facilities. They are both affordable and handy for the workers.

These cases are durable and resistant to weather hazards. It has large rubber around the wheels. Thus the box is easy to move.

It has multiple storage bins; thus, many tools can fit in. Also, it is spacious enough for heavy tools.

It has an extra telescopic handle, and the side latches can interlock. Overall it is a compact husky rolling toolbox for any technical worker.

Plastic Toolbox: DIY home-users consider it their ideal organizer. This toolbox comes with small compartments. Thus, hand tools, fasteners, etc., will easily fit into the case.

Moreover, a plastic case makes the case visible. Therefore, all the items inside the toolbox will be easily visible.

Heavy Tool chest: These cabinets are the perfect companion for a tough project. Their heights range from 20 inches to 50 inches. The toolboxes can have up to eight compartments. 

As a result, heavy industrial equipment would perfectly fit in there. They have ball-grip wheels. Thus you can move the box at your convenience.

Also, these tool chests have USB ports with it. So the user can comfortably use their devices while working.

Acceptance of Tactix Tool Boxes

These toolboxes have received overall positive reviews from the users. Most people liked it for serving high-end industrial purposes at a low-price.

Many technicians shared their views over the Internet. They admired the toolbox for its durability, resistance, and design.   

Its grip handling also impressed the customers. Some also found it spacious enough to store all the essentials.

However, few reviewers faced problems due to its lightweight. Their toolbox got damaged while moving. In addition, they found it hard to move after putting heavy tools inside.

Apart from some functional drawbacks, Tactix could maintain its promised standard. As per commitment, this company delivered a compact toolbox with all the relevant technologies. Their extensive research and development enabled them to offer a reasonable price.

Tactix manages manufacturing from five plants. These workstations are located in five different states. This supply chain brings various procurement advantages for the brand with better quality.

Final Words

Toolboxes make life easy during a stressful job. You feel much relaxed when all the necessary items are sorted together. Industrial tool manufacturers realize this need.

Some leading brands have offered great storage solutions. These storage boxes have increased productivity and efficiency. As a result, professionals now have various options.

This content described one such brand who makes Tactix tool boxes. With the information available here, you might be able to make a buying decision.

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