Who Makes Masterforce Tool Boxes? Read to Details About Masterforce

A Toolbox is an essential item for Industrial personnel. These boxes come with a huge storing capacity where all the tools can be organized. Many companies are developing these tool carts for industrial purposes. Mastercraft is a well-known manufacturer who makes Masterforce tool boxes. 

Mastercraft, a store brand of Canadian Tire, mainly offers industrial tools and hardware accessories. Recently it has introduced compact toolboxes. These items approached as a great relief for the customers for being spacious enough to organize everything. 

Canadian Tire mainly sells its industrial products through the Mastercraft store. Besides, it also covers sports, leisure, and financial sectors. This content focuses on describing the Masterforce toolbox and its manufacturer. 

About Canadian Tire

The beginning

 In 1922, two Brothers John William Billes and Alfred William Billes, actually invested $1,800 in Hamilton Tire and Garage, which was indeed a huge amount of money. This company was involved in reselling used tires. Eventually, in 1927, John and Alfred founded their own company, “Canadian Tire,” specifically focusing on automobile tires. 

The Expansion

The promotion through tire catalogs contributed to the marketing of this company in 1928. In 1934, Canadian Tire inaugurated its first official store that was located in Hamilton. By 1944 this organization experienced growth and became a public limited company by selling 100,000 shares. 

Very soon, Canadian Tire opened 110 stores and improved company structure.

 In 1958, the company started its in-store discount policy. Within 1960, they operated in 30 different locations. 

After that, the company purchased Midland Shoppers Credit Ltd. and renamed it Canadian Tire Acceptance Ltd.

 This venture then bought Mark Work Warehouse to enter the clothing market in 2001. Canadian Tire also established Canadian Tire Bank in 2003 and later renamed it Canadian Tire Service Limited in 2015.

The company extended further in 2018 by acquiring Helly Hansen. Till 2019, the company owned more than 500 stores. The company is an industry partner of the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus. 

With so many successful expansions, Canadian Tire has some failure stories as well. It tried twice to enter the United States automobile industry but failed both the time.

Canadian Tires merchandise items through some specific brands. The most common brand is Mastercraft who makes Masterforce tool boxes, along with other wide range of tools such as

  • Supercycles for household bicycles, 
  • Blue planet for eco-friendly offerings,
  • Likewise for electrical hardware,
  • Motomaster for automotive goods,
  • Noma for a wide range of regular items. 

Mastercraft Tools

Canadian Tire caters to the automotive industry by Mastercraft store brand. As we already know, Mastercraft is well known for its Masterforce Toolbox. Recently the brand is enjoying sponsorship from Ford and Toyota. 

In addition to the toolbox, this brand also offers automotive products. Some of its essential products include:

  • Screwdrivers: They come with heavy-duty features. The Drivers are slotted and available in specialty and individual sets. They feature chrome vanadium steel and ergonomic handles.
  • Pliers: They feature chrome Vanadium or Molybdenum steel. These pliers ensure firm handle and longevity. 
  • Tool Storage:: Tool storage contains a wide range of storage items with fixed lockup safety. The product range includes Toolboxes, Carts, Tool Storage, etc.
  • Cutting Tools: They have the quick blade change and suitable mechanism advantage for fast and easy cutting. Items like Hacksaw, Blade, Unity Knife, Slip this brand offers cutting tools.
  •  Accessories: Tool racks, tire gauge, punch set, oil can, and other multi-tool utility accessories are the most popular items.
  • Measuring Tools: Tape measure and Vernier Caliper Measuring tools are available with 3m, 5m, and 8m lengths. 
  • Tool kits: The kits are available in 166pc, 147pc, 93pc toolsets and can professionally meet unique industrial requirements.
  • Hex Keys: These tools come with self-align ballpoint options to ensure strong-hold.
  • Sockets and Accessories: They are built to fit for a very small drive range.
  •  Hammers and Mallets: They are available in four different sizes and are heavy enough for a strong outcome. 
  • Spanners: The ratcheting spanners are convenient enough to clean, and they are hard to break. 


People in the automotive industry need to deal with various tools and accessories. During an extensive workload, it becomes difficult to work in a messy place. Moreover, some items require extra safety measures to avoid unpleasant adversities. 

As a result, toolboxes have a huge demand for factories and warehouses. Well-known tool stores quickly realized this need and designed toolboxes with compact benefits.

Here you can find a brief idea regarding some toolboxes from leading stores.

Masterforce Toolbox

Mastercraft is famous for offering products with durable performance. It has recently introduced compact toolboxes containing various features. Masterforce toolbox is a hot cake in the automotive industry. 

This toolbox is available in six different sizes and four different colors. Masterforce tool boxes come with side boxes and side lockers, which you won’t find elsewhere. Custom tools and stainless steel tops are also available for large size toolboxes.

Masterforce claims to offer an extra 33% space than regular 18″ cabinets. These toolboxes have large space on the top for storing frequently required tools and chargers.  The toolbox has a smooth latching facility. This smoothness reduces accidental occurrences during hastiness.  Its ball-bearing drawers can hold 110 lb. Top and bottom drawers can hold a weight of 220lb.

This storage cabinet has built-in power strips with a USB port. The steel slide enables easy movement of the drawers. The toolbox has a lock system on its wheels to avoid accidental movements.

Customer feedback and reviews on this toolbox appeared to be delightful. They found the toolbox matching the expected standard. Therefore the Masterforce toolbox undoubtedly secures a strong position in the market. 

Harbor Freight Toolbox 

Harbor freight offers convenient organizing tools for the automotive industry by three of its brands. The brands include; US General, Icon, and Yukon. 

US General Toolbox

The US general brand contains a variety of toolboxes with different colors and sizes. Customers appreciated this brand for the following reasons:

  • Large capacity to store many tools together.
  • A smooth sliding advantage for drawers.
  • Convenient formation for large drawers.
  • Strong rust resistance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Yukon Toolbox

This toolbox is made from heavy gauge steel. It could win the hearts of customers for the following features:

  • Bulk storage capacity below the cabinet.
  • Premium finishing.
  • Lock system that opens with keys.
  • Surface made with solid wood.

Icon toolbox

This toolbox offers a larger capacity than that of the other two harbor freight brands.

 The following attributes can differentiate icon toolbox:

  • Interchangeable core lock.
  • Adjustable force drawers.

Montezuma Tool Box

Montezuma is popular in the automotive sector for its high-quality organizers. Montezuma Tool Box offers various storage boxes and carts for garage and factories. Among those, The Montezuma Triangle toolbox is quite a famous one.

Triangle toolbox is designed with multiple tires. Moreover, it can come in handy for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Furthermore, its weather-resistant lid design ensures complete safety by locking the wheels.

 Like the other brands, the triangle toolbox also comes with rugged casters, ball-bearing drawer slides, and a tubular lock system.

The unique addition would be that Montezuma uses patented design while making this tool cart. Thus customers find more confidence in the Triangle toolbox.

This Montezuma Triangle toolbox is capable of keeping the items stable while crossing a bumpy road for a long time. It can also carry any of the SAE or METRIC tools. More than 141 items can be adjusted in this box. 

Homak Tool Box

Initially, Homak started its journey by making a kitchen cabinet. With the time being, it started offering industrial organizers such as a toolbox, tool cabinet, and other accessories.

Homak toolboxes come with an exclusive lifetime warranty. They are available in 5 different colors. The toolbox drawers are finely lined with foam. The drawers are made with aluminum.   

So whose product will you choose? 

Generally, all the brands offer great organizers for industrial usage. Customers can use toolboxes from a different brand based on their specific requirements. Also, brand image, additional incentives (lifetime warranty, special discount) affect customers’ purchase choice. Mostly, brand image and history play a huge role in buying decisions.

Final Words

In the automotive sector, a well-organized working environment makes many tasks easier. Hence, a proper toolbox might play as a savior in those hectic workplaces. A compact organizer can indeed relieve the workers from messy garages or factories.  

As the automotive market swiftly reacts to buyer needs, top market players quickly presented various toolboxes. They offered various categories of these items. As a result, users can choose from a wide array of options as per their needs.

However, not everyone buys based on their requirement only. Various online reviews and the particular question has also backed this observation. 

For example, people with price concerns will go for Harbor Freight products. Customers looking for extra security with a more exclusive design would go for the triangle brand. Those who are more concerned about the warranty might choose brands like Homak. People with the need for a durable toolbox with guaranteed high performance will choose Mastercraft.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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