5 Best Tool Belt for Big Guys | Buying Guide for You in 2023

Tool belt is a kind of archetypal component if you are a carpenter, electrician, or engineer. The tool belt allows you to carry the necessary tools and assures easy access when you need them. The usage of the tool belt has been around for decades. From the beginning, the fat guys are facing issues to get the right tool belt. 

People don’t talk about these issues in-depth. When you are going to perform the mechanical tasks, you can load the tool belt according to the day’s needs. So the necessity and usage are broad of the tool while working on engineering ensemble, carpenter, wooden furniture shop, or electronic jobs. 

The big guys always have been undergone to get a suitable tool belt for their weight and wide waist. So we break down the most tricky parts which help to purchase the best tool belt for big guys. This is the true buying guide for them. Also, read about the Frequently Asked Questions. 

What Is A Tool Belt? 

Toll belt is a trend to be a leather strap which has small pockets and tool holders. Mobility is the main feature of the tool belt. The belt is loaded with mechanic’s daily tasks. The tool belt allows you to perform your job quickly and more efficiently. If you have a quality tool belt, then it will be an ideal component for a lifetime. 

Our Top Picks: Reasons to Choose These Products

We have picked these products for some reasons. Here, you will find the reasons to choose these products. These reasons are the quick response on the basis of customer demand and necessity. Moreover, the additional quick features will give you an excellent idea about these products. Every single product has their own specialty to make a place on our list. So, let’s check them out.


Product Name

Reasons To Choose


LAUTUS Oiled Tanned Rig Tool Belt

- This tool belt is best for any type of job & heavy duty workers.


- Comfortable & Fits from 30' to 56' waist.


- 100% Real genuine oiled tanned leather.


- 18 pockets total, for every type of tool.

Gatorback Carpenters Comfort Back Support Tool Belt 

- This tool belt is best for framers and carpenters.


- Maximum comfort & Fits from 26' to 55' waist.


- Made from 1250 Duratek Nylon.


- So many pockets for tools.

JACKSON PALMER Professional Comfort-Rig Tool Belt 

- This tool belt is best for any type of job & for professionals.


- Comfortable & Fits from 30" to 50" waist.


- Plenty of pockets for every tool.


- Professional Tool Belt with NO RISK and 100% money back guarantee.

Bucket Boss - AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders

- This tool belt is best for serious diy projects.

- Comfortable & Infinity belt fits up to a 52” waist.


- Made From 600 Denier Poly Ripstop.


- 1 Year Limited Warranty

DEWALT 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt

- This tool belt is best for framers & serious workers.

- Comfortable & Fits from 29" to 46" waist.


- Apron has plenty of pockets, 9 main pockets with 11 smaller pockets and sleeves.


- Solid build quality to last.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Tool Belt for Big Guys?

Tool belts are available in wide categories. The material also makes a difference in varieties. Mainly, there are three types of tool belts: harness strap, over the shoulder, and waist belt. Typically, most of the foramen use the waist tool belt as they are more appealing with old-school function. It is comfortable, though. That’s why we will give you the pro tips to buy a suitable tool belt for fat guys. 


Fit is the major aspect when you buy a tool belt. Whenever you buy new clothes, the first thing you look at is the fit. The same is for the tool belt. Big guys always check L, XL, XXL, XXXL sizes and you surely get your perfect size. 

The belt should have snugly fitting, not too loose that you are always pulling your pants or the other side is hanging around. On the contrary, the belt should not be too tight so that you are suffocated when wearing the belt for an extended period. 

To get the right fit, know your waist size and spend some time getting the right size. Some manufacturers provide one-size-fits-all, which is relatively perfect for fat guys who have a waist size in 34 to above 50. But it won’t fit under the 34 waist size. Most tool belts have belt and buckle systems with rivets or other designs that also add a touch. 


Tool belts are available in many materials. But leather and nylon tool belts are the most popular for the highest build quality. On the top, the belts have seams or stitching finish. 

The leather tool belt has oil-tanned leather rigs that are very well made. It looks classy, includes beefy rivets, soft padding, and suitable thickness. But most leather belts have limited pockets which can be a disadvantage in case of customization. This leather belt is designed for the framers as they need minimal tools. 

On the other hand, nylon-style belts are very comfortable. They are pretty lightweight and the rigs also portable. Many prefer nylon belts for their breathability and comfort. You will find notably many customizations features in these belts. Most belts have tape holders and suspender loops for hammer etc. 


Mechanical jobs are not quite easy, though. Some works like woodworking or other DIY jobs take a lot of time. According to your work session, you need to wear a belt for a long time at a stretch. So comfort is important to wear for a long time. If the belt fits well, it doesn’t mean it is comfortable to wear. 

You need to choose such a tool belt that has enough breathability that allows sufficient airflow, otherwise, it will dig your skin. So considering your comfort is worth extra bucks.


The tool belt is used regularly and it needs to hold tools regularly. That’s why consider a high-quality belt that is durable and able to handle all sorts of usage, whether it is leather or nylon. The high-quality leather tool belts have lightweight straps and heavy rivets. They are durable enough. 

Moreover, many tools have sharp ends, or you need to store nails or screws. The belt should be sturdy enough so that it can not tear with minor scratches. If the product is not that durable so there is no use for such tool belts. The material should not be susceptible. There are many brands that make professional tool belts.


As we mentioned, you need to choose a lightweight rig and material that makes your belt light. If you feel heavy pressure after wearing the empty belt then imagine how it will be heavy after putting the tools. Lightweight also matters when you choose the tool belt. Moreover, being a big guy doesn’t mean you need to carry lots of weight. 


While buying a tool belt, spend some time thinking about how many pockets you need as your occupation. Plenty of pockets don’t make thI better tool belts. Think about customization and your requirements. 

How to Maintain Your Tool Belt?

A tool belt can be used lifetime if it has enough durability. But maintenance is also necessary to enhance the belt’s longevity. Below we have given some tips regarding the matter. 

  • When you are finished with your work, unload the pouches and turn them inside out. 
  • Remove the first that stuck with the belt.
  • Using a small dry rag, rub the belt, lining, interior of the pockets, 
  • The surface gets much dirt which is difficult to remove with a dry rag. Use a damp rag to rub the surface. 
  • If the rag gets dried, re-soak with water and wipe the belt thoroughly. 
  • After wiping with a damp cloth, let it dry for a few hours or overnight and be sure it is dry properly.  
  • No need to wipe with the paper towel.
  • It will be better if you apply some sealant or conditioner for the leather belt. It will prevent cracking after drying.  

Note: Don’t use soap water while cleaning the leather belt; it can wipe out the natural wax and oils. In this case, damp cloth will be better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When Do I Need to Clean My Tool Belt?

It is not necessary to clean the belt after every use. You need to clean the belt once a week. 

2. What Is The Durable Tool Belt?

Usually, the leather belt is the most durable tool. Nylon is also good. But in the case of longevity, leather is best. 

You should also check my article about the Top 9 Occidental Leather Tool Belt if you are looking for a durable tool belt.

Final Words

While a tool belt is a significant part of your working day it is important to select an ideal product. Though getting a tool belt for big guys is complicated, you can follow our buying guide that helps to get the best tool belt. To make it worthy, maintain the main features that we mentioned in this article. 

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