How To Spot Fake Dewalt Tools? Recognise Fake And Original

Many dishonest people are faking renowned branded tools, though the law and orders are very active, and arrest them after identifying. Still, some manufacturers are producing fewer quality products and selling them in the names of well-known companies, such as Dewalt.

Therefore, you should be careful about it and know-how to spot fake dewalt tools while buying to avoid fraud. However, my friend once faced such a situation, and then I asked her, “How did you find out that the Dewalt drill is fake?”

She taught me how to find it out, and the article will also let you know the same thing so that you can be conscious. Let’s know what to do to identify fake tools, what if you buy a duplicate one, and which items are mostly replicas.

Who Usually Fake Dewalt Tools And Supply Them in The Market?

Many businesses have expanded from the USA to worldwide, especially in Asia and Europe; that’s why fake tools risk increased a lot. Some people have taken advantage of their factories without their name entry in the list and started production.

They don’t establish a brand, or work under a specific company; they usually use cheap and low-quality raw materials to prepare the tools that look precisely like Dewalt products. They keep the model’s outlook, color, and hologram the same as the original one.

Thus, it becomes quite challenging to identify the fake tools; therefore, testing them before buying is the best option, or you may get them from a well-known store to avoid duplicates.

Unfortunately, the investigators have found that 90% of the Dewalt fake tools are mostly made in the USA, neither in China nor in other countries. That’s why the people and the law have to be more conscious to avoid buying fake tools at the original price.

Which Products Are Mostly Duplicated

Dewalt has been one of the best brands that manufacture premium quality drills; they come in different models. Anyway, the dishonest factory owners target either the best-selling models or those that are easy to make.

  • The long drillers from Dewalt
  • Some angler models
  • Some cordless drill tools from Dewalt

The cheaters target it because the original owners sometimes depend on foreign retailers for these items, making their replicas relatively comfortable.

How to Spot Fake Dewalt Tools?

Let’s find out the steps to test a Dewalt tool before buying from a store.

  • You can bring your original and old tool with you to match it with the new one, and find any defect there; check the hologram well, but what if it seems to be like the original?
  • Next, you must check the Dewalt battery if it’s working correctly or not; connect the battery and turn on the switch if you are using a cordless handheld drill.
  • The original drill works fast and creates less smoke; on the other hand, the fake Dewalt tools take a long time and create a lot of smoke. The duplicate battery doesn’t show the desired performance and wastes massive power in creating excessive heat.
  • Another characteristic of the fake tools is the batteries die quickly or immediately after using for a while; whereas, the original ones ( Dewalt 18V or 36V ) run for a pretty good time.
  • Sometimes, the fake tools don’t have the fine-tooth as the original ones; the duplicate corded Dewalt tools work faster than the genuine ones.

One of my neighbors brought a 4 amp powered 410 DC powered Dewalt Tool, but he doubted that his equipment is not an original one because it couldn’t perform well. He asked for our help to identify the drill and clear his thoughts; most of us had told him that his battery could be fake.

A worker in our society mentioned that he brought the same thing with a 3-Amp battery that ran for more time than his 4-amp one; however, he realized that his battery was a replica and he had been cheated.

The 2nd case I came across was about the tool’s defect; the duplicate tool had an extra hole that the owner couldn’t figure out while buying. The original cordless drill comes with 2-spaces, one for the charger and another one for other purposes.

No model comes with 3-holes, which the buyer overlooked in the store; he realized it when he started it, and the performance was not up to the mark. Later he contacted the store owner, but he had nothing to do because it was not his mistake; he got one duplicate with some genuine ones.

However, please follow the steps, and be conscious about buying any products, especially when there are plenty of duplicate tools with Dewalt’s logo.

How Can You Escape Fake Dewalt Tool Deals Online And What to Do?

It’s easy to check the products while buying from a store, but you can’t always have the time to go shopping; online sites are there to help you with their home delivery service. So, you should know how to avoid fake Dewalt tools online; please keep these tips in your mind:

1. First of all, you have to choose a model, and no matter what site you are buying from, you have to ensure that other websites like Amazon also sell the products. Moreover, you may also confirm that the product can be shipped to your region; that reduces the risk.

If a website or page offers you a product that’s not traded in your country, that means either the process is illegal or the tool is duplicate; please never choose them.

2.  Next, you have to make sure the model you have selected doesn’t have many replicas, and it’s a sophisticated tool that none can copy. Once you make sure that your site and product are genuine, you can order the Dewalt tool overseas at any time.

3.  Please check the packaging while your delivery man brings your parcel because it’s necessary to see if the sellers have sent the right item or not. However, it’s good to watch a problem with your tool before the delivery man leaves; you can change it if you need.

Some dishonest people cut the package and replace an identical product with the original one; so, you can complain if you notice such a cut in your box.

4.  Never trust an illegitimate business person or who doesn’t have a license because there is a massive risk to get low-quality fake tools from an unregistered retailer.

5.  Moreover, when a store or site offers you a reduced sale on Dewalt tools, but not on other items, and it’s not applicable for the same branded equipment on other websites, you can doubt the items to be fake.

6. Lastly, you can ask for suggestions and research more about public review to ensure the product’s clarity and quality; moreover, people around you can guide you through their opinions.

As a customer, you will do everything to prevent buying a duplicate Dewalt drill, but what if you still got cheated and found it later?

  • If you can confirm that your product is a replica before the post or delivery man leaves, you should immediately contact the retailer; don’t pay for an item you didn’t ask for.
  • Secondly, you should complain to the site if it somehow affiliates a duplicate item from a renowned brand; the persons who deal will be more conscious afterward.
  • Lastly, you can report about the occurrence to Dewalt’s official website or let them know by calling; the authority also knows about such acts. Therefore, they will take further actions once they know about such miscommunication; it may help reduce the malpractices.

However, you know now that you can easily avoid fraud and spot a fake Dewalt tool quickly; moreover, some options are open for you if you face such a thing.

Top Selling 10 Best Products from The Dewalt Brand

Dewalt is one of the leading brands globally; it’s a favorite to many people who work with a drill machine and other power tools. Here, we make a list of the most popular tools from the dewalt brand. They are:-

You can see that the brand provides you necessary versatile products, and the mentioned ones are the best according to the 2021 list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Can You Tell If Tools Are Fake?

  • check the label and logos
  • check the design of the tool

If you check the above two things carefully you can easily identify fake or original tools.

2. Where Are Dewalt Tools Made?

Dewalt has spread the business all over the world; therefore, many countries manufacture the products, including Brazil, the USA, China, UK, Italy, and Mexico.

3. Are There Any Counterfeit Dewalt Tools in The Market?

Yes, you may find cheap drills or other equipment with Dewalt labels on them; please don’t buy them because there’s a high chance of their being counterfeit.

Final Words

No matter what branded tool you are buying for yourself, only selecting a well-known company is not enough; you have to ensure the product is real. Therefore, it has been essential to know how to spot fake Dewalt tools because there is many duplicate equipment in the market.

However, you may not have any problem further if you read the article; please don’t fall prey to dishonest people. Moreover, you shouldn’t misjudge a company by the fake products with its label; it’s not only about Dewalt.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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