Future of Kobalt Tools | Is Lowes Replacing Kobalt with Craftsman?

Kobalt is a renowned brand worldwide because of its high-quality power tools, hand tools and mechanical equipment. As Kobalt is an in-house brand of lowes, all of their tools are mainly available in the lowes store. Recently, we have been hearing that Lowes is going to abandon Kobalt and will let Craftsman in. Is it true? Is Lowes replacing Kobalt with Craftsman?” Is the future of Kobalt tools in risk?

In my opinion, Lowes won’t replace all Kobalt tools indeed. According to research, they plan to replace some hand tools with Craftsman. However, Kobalt might grow in the power tool line. 

Check our article right away for further details about Kobalt tools and its status in the near future.

Kobalt Tools Still In Business?

Recently, there have been numerous queries like – Is Lowes getting rid of Kobalt? Are Kobalt Tools being discontinued?

These questions have created anarchy among customers as Kobalt has gained a fanbase by its superb performance. If Kobalt is out of business, many customers can’t get their tool’s warranty anymore. 

Let me share my opinion in this context. The store, Lowes, is modifying their inventory and replacing some Kobalt hand tools to make space for Craftsman. It doesn’t mean Kobalt is out of business or plans to push cobalt out of the store. Suppose Lowes comes to an agreement with Craftsman and removes their in-house brand Kobalt from the industry. In that case, if the deal expires, wouldn’t Lowes be in a critical position? It would undoubtedly be a wrong decision!

So, in my opinion, they are not going to abandon the Kobalt tools. From reliable resources, we have information that – Lowes is just moving out some Kobalt hand tools. On the contrary, they plan to expand the market with a Kobalt benchtop, cordless tools, and a 24-volt tool line. So, Kobalt tools’ future is sparkling as it may take over the market with its marvelous power tools. Are you excited to see the outstanding deals of Kobalt in the future?

Are Kobalt Tools Better Than Craftsman? 

Kobalt and Craftsman have A Rivalry towards each other as both of them indicate the same customers. Both Kobalt and Craftsman provide hand tools with a lifetime warranty and superior durability. However, the warranty of power tools differs from product to product. People looking for exclusive, high-class hand tools and power tools within budget should check both of these brands once. 

Significant Difference Between Kobalt & Craftsman

Though Kobalt and Craftsman are pretty alike, their power tools have some noteworthy differences.  

Kobalt offers different types of power tools such as – saws, trimmers, and drills powered by Li-ion batteries.

On the other hand, Craftsman offers gas-powered, battery-powered as well as wired tools. 

Kobalt Tool Kit vs. Craftsman Tool Kit

“Are Kobalt Tools Better Than Craftsman?” To answer this query, we have compared several factors between Kobalt and Craftsman tool kit.

  • Both Craftsman and Kobalt come with high-quality tools & a lifetime warranty.
  • The craftsman tool kit provides more hand tools than Kobalt at a lower price. 
  • Kobalt’s screwdriver and Ratchets offer relatively better quality than Craftsman.

So, according to my inspection, a Craftsman tool kit is undoubtedly more affordable. Still, Kobalt offers better quality which is worthy of the money.

Is Kobalt Offering 24V In Their Power Tools? 

24V is the max reading we get when the batteries are full. In the case of a 24V Max battery, the nominal voltage is 21.6 V. The nominal value is as appealing as the 24V. That’s because no other power tool brands in the current market are providing such high voltage.

Now you might wonder, “How does Kobalt compare to DeWalt?” 

If we compare the DeWalt power tool’s battery pack with Kobalt, Kobalt got the high points. That’s because DeWalt offers 20V max, which is nominally 18V. So, the nominal voltage of Kobalt is relatively higher than DeWalt. 

Why Are Kobalt XTR Cordless Power Tools So Popular? 

Check out the reasons why Kobalt XTR power tools have created such enormous hype after its arrival.

Kobalt Kept Marketing Promises

Kobalt kept the promise of providing “More Power, More Features Along With More Performance”. They are competent, powerful and offer multiple marvellous features indeed. Either you need a tool for cutting, drilling, or driving. The Kobalt XTR power tools are efficient in every aspect and exceed all expectations.

4 Ah Battery With High Capacity

Kobalt’s compact 4Ah battery has proven its power and capability by empowering all power tools perfectly in every single task. Every user can rely on the “Ultimate output” of a 4Ah compact battery for their heavy-duty devices like – circular saw or reciprocating saw.

Also, the four-level LED gauge is quite helpful to indicate Battery status more perfectly than any other batteries.

Great Drill With Anti-Kick Back Technology

Kick-back mainly refers to the counter-rotational energy conveyed to the user when a drill jams resulting in severe accidents and injuries. Kobalt has brought the new drill with modern anti-kickback technology to minimize such accidents or sprains by turning off during kickback. Undoubtedly, this new technology has brought a new era in the market of drill/driver.

Max 24V Circular Saw 

Kobalt’s circular saw is very capable and offers a metal blade guard instead of the plastic one. Its regulatory levers and offset marking provides a comfortable user experience. The superior durability and higher speed make the saw worthy of investment.  

Fantastic Impact Driver

Kobalt’s impact driver is the most powerful one that came up in the market till now. Its comfortable size, lower speed settings minimize damage and additional risk while driving small fasteners.

Modern Brushless Reciprocating Saw

Kobalt’s reciprocating saw offers a perfect combination of 4-Ah battery, Anti-vibration technology and 1-1/4″ stroke length within budget. No other brand has ever offered such specifications on such a low budget. So, Kobalt has done an excellent job indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Kobalt tools now? 

The leading manufacturer of Kobalt power tools is Chevron. Chevron started its production in 1993, and since then, it has been one of the largest producers of power tools. Well, Chevron is comparatively newer than TTI or Stanley Black & Decker, but it has been working in this sector for more than25 years.

There’s a New Kobalt Tools Store on Amazon? 

We have reports saying a seller named “Kobalt tools” sells Kobalt hand tools on Amazon. Such an event is totally unusual.

As Kobalt is a private brand of Loews, they are supposed to sell their products through specific retailers. So, there shouldn’t be a tool store on Amazon without any special agreement or arrangements.

Why are Kobalt batteries so cheap?

Kobalt batteries are comparatively cheaper because Lowes is trying to build up the market demand by selling at a lower price. Once they reach up to their target, the cost is supposed to rise.

Do I need to register my Kobalt Tools?

After purchasing Kobalt scotch set tools you must register in the socket for life program. To register, visit the SocketforLife website.

Is Kobalt better than Dewalt?

Kobalt and Dewalt tools are not the same. It’s known that Kobalt is the store brand. Kobalt is much better than Dewalt in any other parts.

See how DeWalt vs Festool compare.

Final Words

Kobalt’s fans and Customers were facing a hard time when they heard about Lowes replacing Kobalt with Craftsman. However, the new is halfway right because Lowes is moving out Kobalt hand tools, but they won’t really pull out their in-house brand for Craftsman. Do you think that Lowes will abandon Kobalt after the massive success of 24 V XTR Cordless Power tools? They actually plan to enlarge Kobalt’s Cordless tool lineup. So, stop worrying about the future of Kobalt tools as it is going to grow and expand its market much more than ever before. 

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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