Dewalt Impact Driver Troubleshooting | Guide for Dewalt Lover

Have you ever faced a problem while using a Dewalt impact driver? Various online forums contain threads about Dewalt impact driver troubleshooting. These online topics give ideas about some usual complexities of the tool.

Interestingly, people can solve most of these problems very easily. Even many youtube videos show how quickly things get fixed—wondering how is that possible? The following example will clarify.

A user posted that his driver didn’t work intermittently. In that same forum, another user suggested trying three options. Change the brush, clean the connector while monitoring battery voltage, or change the replace switch.

In this context, you will get to know more about the troubleshooting of this driver.

Impact Driver

These drivers can excellently replace cordless drills. Primarily, this equipment is designed to work with fasteners. They work great on the hex-shank bits or screws.

Professionals, generally,  use these drivers to set screws and nuts. These high-torque tools fit in hex-shank bits. Using this handy driver, you can do both pull-out and tighten a bit smoothly.

These drivers are easy to carry, for its size and weight. You can use them in many ways, like the drill drivers. They can perform quickly for their torque formation.

Thanks to their smart size, users can carry these tools everywhere for multiple purposes. These drivers spin 50 times faster than drill drivers. Thus, this tool can set nuts and bolts pretty fast. According to the users, impact drivers are easy to use too.

These drivers add massive force to the fasteners. Thus, they’ll work amazingly with long deck screws on a hard wooden surface.

Usage of Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are well-designed for intense jobs. Drill drivers are better options for boring simple holes or fixing an average fastener. On the other hand, the impact drivers are handy for the following tasks:

•  Building decks.

•  Working on hardwoods or heavy steels.

•  Removing or installing large screws on hard surfaces.

•  Installing a Plywood.

•  Making a hole drilled with a spade.

As you can see, these tools are useful to work with a large number of fasteners. These drivers are accurate for intense projects dealing with a hard surface with large bits and nuts.

About Dewalt

Dewalt focuses on workforce equipment. Since 1922, this company has been manufacturing many kinds of machinery tools. This brand started its journey with an advanced kind of woodworking machine.

This equipment focused on productivity and multi-purpose usability. D named this machine wonder-worker. Users were able to configure it in nine different ways.

By 1992 it introduced many modern accessories for contractors, remodelers, and woodworkers. In 1994, Dewalt introduced the following cordless tools:

•  Cordless Drill.

•  Cordless Driver.

•  Cordless Saw

•  Screwdrivers.

•  Impact Drivers.

•  Impact Wrench

•  Flashlight.

•  Combined Hammer-drill

These tools brought a revolutionary change in the industry. By the time 2001, Dewalt produced over 1000 power tools and accessories.

Also, this company conducted research with technicians in 2005. As a result, it could add active vibration control to its tools.

However, Dewalt’s Lithium-Ion system is considered its most significant invention. This product line contains all the tools a contractor needs to complete his project. Among these collections, this company launched a series of the best impact driver in the market.  

Finally, by 2018 Dewalt’s business operation extended with 64 centers in the United States. Now, it has more than 800 service centers with online facilities.

Dewalt Impact Driver

These impact drivers are famous for their contemporary features. They come with a compact and light design. Thus, these drivers easily fit into rigid areas. Besides, it has a perfect combination of LED and waiting period after releasing a trigger. As a result, this driver ensures clear visibility while working.

The Dewalt Impact drivers view the battery voltage while resting. This measurement helps the users to determine if the power range would be suitable for the task. This brand has brushless drivers as well. Thus, these drivers guarantee impressive performance.

Famous Impact Drivers by Dewalt

Unlike other brands, Dewalt has introduced a variety of impact drivers. Each of these drivers meets different criteria. The best Dewalt Impact Driver varies from user to user. However, some top-rated Impact driver models are as follow:

• Dewalt DCF888: This driver comes with a tool to connect. The model has a tremendous brushless impact with good speed.

• Dewalt DCF801: DIY users find this model handy due to its lightweight. This model comes with all the features of an advanced driver. Then again, it charges less price. It works under three modes- high, low, precision.

• Dewalt DCF809: It has the performance of a 20-volt battery driver. However, it charges a pretty low price.

• Dewalt DCF815: It shows excellent speed under immense pressure. This category also offers standard torque for smooth work. Impressively it has 3 LED lights.

• Dewalt DCF887B: It is a three-speed impact driver. It offers noticeable flexibility while working in tight spaces. This model falls under the Dewalt XR impact driver product line. This brushless driver works with 20-volt battery power, thus ensures high-power productivity.

Decision-Making Factors

All these models by the Dewalt Impact Driver series ensure satisfying performance. Customers choose them based on their budget and requirement. However, some general parameters can determine a suitable model. These standards include as follow:

•       Test Speed under load: A better driver will perform faster under moderate pressure.

•       Torque: Higher torque means increased productivity.

•       Noise: Louder drivers might be harmful to the environment and health.

•       Weight: Usually, buyers prefer lighter impact drivers for better portability.

•       Grip: The handiness of the grip is an important factor.

•       Battery Life: It is a significant point. Battery life determines the longevity to work.

Dewalt Impact Driver Troubleshooting

This brand is considered one of the best Impact Drivers. Then again, it is a machine. Thus, people will face trouble while handling it. Thankfully we now have many platforms to exchange information regarding these tools.

Those platforms provide solutions to many issues a user may face. This portion discusses some common problems along with the answer:

The motor isn’t responding :

Sometimes the impact driver doesn’t work after pulling the trigger. It happens when the engine stops working. Probable reasons could be as follow:

– Dead Battery: A fully charged battery might solve the problem.

– Poor Connection: Lack of proper linkage between the battery and its terminal might cause a problem. Cleaning the bottom part of the tool could solve it.

– Dirty Brush: Heavy usage may cause brushes to worn out. Replacing or cleaning them could help.

– Faulty Switch: If the battery and brushwork correctly, then the switch might cause a problem. In this situation, changing its assembly might help.

– Problematic Motor: If nothing works, replacing the motor is the only option.

Overheating Motor

 Sometimes, the motor could get excessively hot.

– Dirty Brush: This situation mainly occurs due to the internal brush. A replacement could resolve it.

The battery isn’t charging :

If the Dewalt battery doesn’t set in the charger, the connectivity could be a reason.

– Faulty Connector: Overusing the charger could cause corrosion. Cleaning the charging spot could help solve this problem

– Faulty Battery: Even the battery could also wear out. In this case, replacing the battery would help.

– Charger issues: The charger could also be defective. Using a new charger can solve the problem.

LED Lights don’t work :

If the LED lights don’t show up, the following steps could be the solution:

– Switch Assembly connectivity: Poor connection leads to this problem. Thus, re-checking and fixing the wire connection could resolve it.

– Faulty Switch: In this case, the switch needs replacement.

Stuck Button :

 To fix a stuck forward-reverse button, following factor might help:

– Check the debris: Open the button to check and clean dirt. After cleaning, reinstalling the forward-reverse button could solve the problem.

– Broken Selector: In such a case, replacing the selector fixes the problem.

Unstable Chuck :

Chuck might not hold the bit steadily. As a result, the bit could even slip. Following actions could resolve it:

– Check the placement: A damaged chuck might not be able to perform well. If it seems alright, then the bit could be the reason. Thus, checking the bit’s position is essential. Most of the time placing the screw accordingly to the chuck resolves the problem. 

– Damaged Chuck: Apart from repositioning the bits, replacing the chuck also solves the problem.

Some Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

1. Are DeWalt Impact Drivers ANY GOOD?

DCF885 DeWalt impact driver is still a tool of reasonable price and good specification. It is made of a metal gearbox, with a high-quality motor so that you can easily do heavy work.

See how DeWalt compares with: Festool.


Dewalt has been ruling the construction industry for a long time.  Among all of its products, the impact drivers have special demand. They offer various fastening advantages.

Therefore, it is a favorite brand for both professionals and DIY users. However, these impact drivers are industrial tools. That’s why they are subject to heavy use.

Out of such heavy use, there could be many defects. It is thus important to know how to recover the damages. In this situation, knowing some basic Dewalt Impact Driver Troubleshooting techniques could actually help the users.

They can save money and time by quickly fixing simple issues. Sometimes even simple cleaning can save resources if you know proper step to follow.

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