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11 Best Tekton Tools Review in 2023 | Are Tekton Tools Good?

Are cheap tools okay to use? If that is the question whirling inside your head, then our Tekton tools review certainly will put a light on that.

Tekton is a brand that is best of all best. How is so? Tekton will give you the most reliable tools for all mechanical projects, and that’s at an affordable price. It proves its Greek origin name with high performance and life-long services.

Did you ever take a road trip from New Jersey to South Carolina around the coastal highway? Not a bad idea if you like less crowd. But what if your tire flattens out in the middle of the road? Even with an extra tire, you need some tools to change.

You can conveniently carry Tekton tools on any trip, and they are of great help in these mishaps.

Top Notch 11 Best Tekton Tools Reviews in 2022

Tekton is a well-versed brand name among professionals and amateurs alike. They are famous for their excellent quality, wide application and reasonable pricing. That is why we decided on writing Tekton tools review for our mechanical tools project.

1. TEKTON Combination Wrench Set

A set of thirty proficient wrenches; that is all you need for any fixing job. If you have this set in your depository, you need not distress over locating the right wrench. This thirty pieces combination set includes all wrench sizes. Besides, you will get two Store-and-Go keepers within it.

The holding pouch is made of top-grade plastic that you can easily fold up and store; in your pocket or cupboard drawers. Every wrench has its designated slot inside the holder. And they are securely tied with an anti-slip clasp within it.

All the wrenches are shaped with vanadium steel that renders a more dense and robust character in them. The chrome finish leaves a mirror shine that makes them look no less than any high-end tools.

The wrenches open in jaws by fifteen-degree. It allows them to give two spins in a row; even in tight spaces. Besides, the box end is arched in an angular design. That gives a better reach around barred areas. Moreover, it will permit you a better grip with a broad opening for finger placements.

Twelve-point box end improves the reach of wrench mouth. That is at least twice of a six-point one. The high-quality materials give more sustainability in use even under harsh treatments.

  • Compact size fits in anywhere
  • Better accessibility with angular design
  • Save space of storing with foldaway holder
  • Rust-free solid structure with graceful shine
  • Hard-wearing tools meant to last long
  • Collapsible plastic holder with strong clutches
  • Easy carrying without slipping off wrenches
  • Somewhat uneven finishing

 2. TEKTON Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

Unknot the stiffest bolts without cracking a tad with Tekton Deep Impact Socket. This handsome socket set covers the whole range, starting from 10mm and ending in 24mm, without leaving any single size out. The socket drive clasps its objects all around with six points. And the half-inch drive clamps tightly and undo the firmest rivets without cracking.

Tekton impact sockets are carved to a depth that allow them to secure any length. These impact sockets are forged with tempered vanadium steel to toughen up. They can bear high twisting-force without wearing out around edges. And the force is conveniently channelled to put in effect by unbolting the hardest tack.

The labellings are marked clearly in bold size so that you can read them from afar or in dim light. It is engraved with laser-cut that can withstand long biting use. The sockets perform at the equal or even better level to ANSI standards.

The shiny black coating of phosphate protects the sockets from eroding and gives a chic look. The label markings are colour-contrasted to add-in its appearance with higher visibility. The set comes in a red casing that has tags on it for each socket slot.

More of it, there is a permanent manufacturer’s guarantee comes with the set.

  • Comes with an all-in set
  • Lasting sturdy design
  • Rust-free sleek finish
  • Made to withstand intense force
  • Unfasten effortlessly without breaking the substance
  • Six-point drive end prevents from rounding-off
  • Deep sockets cover any length
  • Includes tailored socket case
  • Laser stamped indicator vulnerable to prolonged use

3. TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set

Change and restore all your worn-out items with Tekton angled hex key set. This 30 pieces set includes all prevalent sizes of SAE and Metric Allen keys and are divided into long and short forms. The set comes in a handy case that opens horizontally at ground level. So you can easily pick up your required key from clearly marked keyholes.

In addition to that, the straight, slim box will save your space of storing and can be hanged on the wall with a keychain.

Tekton hex key wrenches come in an enduring design. The tempered steel body makes each wrench more stable over consistent use, and the oxide single coating gives smooth black finish on it. The keys are safe from scaling and not likely to chip inside socket caps.

All the wrenches are accurately cut in fifteen-degree slopes that readily fit inside cap screws. You need not put in extra pressure to slide them in, which reduces the chance of crumbling in both ends.

The variety in length will give you wide coverage with Tekton keys. When the long end permits far-end reach, the short length gives a powerful grip on the wrenches. Thus, you can handle both distant and near jobs.

  • Robust corrosion-free steel body
  • Safe from wearing out around edges
  • Consistent performance over long-time use
  • Includes every standard size in the set
  • 15 degree angled chiselled edge fits in perfectly
  • Easy removing from key slot
  • Fast selection from boldly marked key slot
  • Space-saving collapsible storage case
  • Loose clasp in key slots
  • Markers not aligned to slots

4. TEKTON Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet

Preserve the surface from denting with soft, exact strikes of Tekton Fiberglass Mallet. This two-faced mallet is perfect for woodwork to any construction work. You can easily breakdown or even-out your furniture, appliances and whatever you need with this small but strong mallet. The fiberglass core makes the mallet sturdy and light at the same time.

The mallet isn’t weightless. But it isn’t hefty enough to give you hand strain either. Rubber mallet leaves soft but precise strikes on the surface. It puts the right pressure without damaging the outer layer during pounding. The handle of the mallet is wrapped inside a polymer casing.

Fiberglass core lessens the effect of rapping when the poly cover digests the pressure built from missed blows. The handle has a soft rubber cover for a comfortable grip. It is attached permanently to ward-off the risk of slipping.

Tekton rubber mallets are durable and come with a resilient core. Despite their delicate design, the mallets are capable of delivering powerful, accurate strokes. And they come with unending insurance from the manufacturer, which is pretty assuring.

  • Two functioning sides in mallet
  • Comfortable grip
  • Doesn’t flake or splinter during hard use
  • Rubber head doesn’t leave smell
  • Weighty but not heavy to handle
  • Slip-proof rubber grip on the handle
  • Outer cover absorbs the impact of missed blows
  • Choke up the vibration produced from pounding
  • Doesn’t leave dents on the surface
  • Narrow handle may cause discomfort depending on palm-size

5. TEKTON Ball Peen Hammer Set

Don’t miss a hit anymore with Tekton Ball Peen Hammer. This Peen Hammer delivers the exact blow right into the target. It is small and handy. That makes it suitable for detailed handwork jobs. The rounded head of the hammer is perfect for moulding metal. The steel finished Ball head delivers the right pressure to bring out the accurate metal outline.

Like rubber mallet, this peen hammer also built with resilient fiberglass handle. It shakes off some weight from the hammer, yet makes the handle more lasting in nature. The high enduring core imperceptibly weakens the waves resulted from hits. And the surrounding sleeve perfectly soaks in the vibration left from missed strokes.

Nevertheless, the hammer handle is secured tightly with the head with an epoxy tie. The link runs through the entire body to lock the handle permanently. It has a soft rubber pad attached to it as well. The irremovable rubber cover gives comfort in use and takes out the chances of slipping.

The set includes four Ball Peen Hammers, and that’s of four distinct weights. Hammer heads are moulded from steel and are refined to give a smooth finish. And all of them are insured with life-time servicing from the manufacturer’s end.

  • Small and lightweight hammer
  • Delivers precise blow in target
  • Non-slip handle
  • Comfortable and secure grip
  • Two-faced mini hammer
  • Sturdy handle design reduces tremor of striking
  • Tightly secured from top to bottom with connected web
  • Hard-wearing and easy to handle
  • Gives acute shape in metal
  • Doesn’t put any pressure on hands
  • Leave marks on metal head

6. TEKTON 1 Inch Combination Wrench

Combine effort with Tekton 1 inch wrench to reach any areas. Tekton combination wrench is forged in a long, slender frame with high-quality vanadium steel. The steel body makes the wrench strong and enduring for heavy tasks. It shows commendable resilience under high twisting-force.

The mouth of the wrench has a fifteen-degree opening. That enables better contact with the bolts and gives more space for spinning around. The slim, sleek body makes it suitable to use in constricted places. The chrome finish delivers a smooth surface and soft feel in clutches.

The box end of the wrench has 12 points that can clasp on the even side of rivets without ado. The twelve-point design gives a better hold to the box end than a six-pointed one could. It gives sure but steady twists that undo knots without wearing out.

Besides, the wrench is slightly bent on the box end. That gives it a fifteen-degree slanting posture. And the angular design frees up extra spaces that will help in proper placement of fingers.

  • Steel body with a reflective finish
  • Long and lightweight wrench
  • Durable structure fits for lasting use
  • Slim-fit design that can reach to narrow spaces
  • Wrench mouth holds securely to give high rotation
  • Proportional box end frees-up more space
  • Allows better finger placement on the box end
  • Gives smooth grips on the body
  • No wearing off under torque wrenching
  • Not fit for SAE screws
  • Can’t put enough force on tight nuts

7. TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Set

Fifty-eight pieces Tekton tool box has everything you may need for your small repairing jobs. This carefully prepared set has every regular size sockets you can think of. It covers the full range between ten to twenty-four millimetres, with normal to deep stretch. Moreover, you are receiving a ninety-tooth ratchet, a standard joint and an extension bar inside the box.

Everything thoughtfully arranged in a sturdy flip case.  The storage case is neatly packed, and it has in it designated slots for all the items. The clasp holds the tools right in their places, so you can carry them around without jumbling.

Each six-point socket is rounded in the corner. So, the socket tightens around the broad-sides of the screws rather than around corners. That protects from cracking and wearing on edges. The sockets are branded with clear, large markings that meant to last long and are visible under any lighting.

All the tools are safe from weathering and have a shiny, smooth finish. The lean ratchet slides deep inside the socket. That will let you use them in deep, narrow spaces. And the joint and extension bar is a bonus in the set; that you will rarely find in any bundle.

  • Rounded corner prevents edges from wearing down
  • Neatly organized storage case
  • Bold and clear marking for better visibility
  • Rust-free smooth finish
  • Long-lasting steel body
  • Fit for consistent harsh use
  • Ratchet reach to confined, lower areas
  • comes with joint and extension bar
  • Not fit for high force drivers
  • Plastic case not durable

8. TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Set

A detailed range of 3/8 inch drive sockets, for all your Allen keys. This big set of seventy-four kits contains all the necessary sizes of sockets leaving none out. Besides, you are getting a combination of long and short sockets for all your matric and SAE keys. The set has a quick-release ratchet, two extension bars, one breaker bar and a standard joint within it.

The containing box holds every item in their right place with tight clutches. The tools are neatly arranged and easy to separate from each other. The box unfolds parallelly to let you pick up your desired tools without effort.

The six-point sockets grip the hex keys in a closed clutch. The points are rounded around corners to put pressures on the straight sides of the screws; rather than on the corners. So you can loosen out the keys without flaking the head. Besides, the balanced force keeps the corners from wearing down.

The sockets have bold markings on them with permanent indentation. Even if you are working in low light, selecting the right one won’t be difficult. All tools are chrome coated, so there isn’t any risk of corrosion.

Tekton ratchet is thin but firmly built; that allows them to work on narrow pits. The breaker bar works right for low torque jobs. And the extension bars and joint just completes the set.

  • Full range of 3/8-inch drive sockets
  • Fit for all matric and SAE keys
  • Hard-wearing steel body
  • Withstand consistent use over long-period
  • Clear labelling gives more visibility
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Smooth chrome finish
  • Safe from weathering
  • Properly arranged storage case
  • Fragile joints in plastic case

9. TEKTON Quick-Release Swivel Head Ratchet Set

Drive all around regardless of the working space with Tekton Swivel Head Ratchet. This seventy-two tooth ratchet will unknot nuts going deep inside the most confined places. It has a round revolving head that can make contact with sockets from any direction. So you can put on high twirl without difficulty to undo the tightest knots. The angular intervention gives more flexibility in approaching from all around and turns the ratchet into a screwdriver.

Its locking mechanism secures socket to ratchet tooth firmly so that they don’t fall off during use. The quick-release key permits one-hand operation by easy dropping and shifting of sockets.

The ratchet handles have a comfortable and secure grip that protects from slipping off. It is the fusion of two materials that gives a soft firm clutch on the handle.

Tekton ratchet set contains three ratchets of distinct drive-size that can fulfil the average needs. The ratchets are forged with tempered vanadium steel that made them durable and resistant to weathering. The single chrome coating gives a smooth, shiny finish on them that is pleasing to eyes.

The ratchet set is sturdy enough to give full torque and flexible for a wide range of use. They are up to the grade of ANSI standard or even better.

  • Requires five-degree twirling
  • Fit in hard reach places
  • Smooth and non-slip grip
  • Free rotation around 270 degrees
  • Can work from any angle
  • Secure sockets to ratchet tang with locking pin
  • Swift changing with Quick-release
  • Hard-wearing steel body
  • Free from weathering
  • Long slim structure
  • Lightweight gives flexibility
  • Gives better torque in loosening knots
  • Have jamming problem

10. TEKTON Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set

Reach to the snuggest depth, put extra twists and securely take out screws with Tekton Combo set. The package includes three sets that come inside plastic casings. You will get two beautiful ball end wrench set with twenty-six standard long-arm keys and metric keys. Besides, it contains a set of nine long-arm star hex wrench.

The key holders are marked by distinct colours for clear segregation and unfold horizontally to spread the keys flat on the surface for easy picking.

All the keys are made of vanadium steels and tempered before moulding. They are perfect for long-time use and doesn’t crack under high forces. The oxide polish gives a stylish black tune that isn’t susceptible to weathering.

The long, clear-cut ends are bevelled around the corners to allow smooth ingress without scraping the screw caps. They hold the screws tightly from inside and exert right forces to loosen them out. Besides, the long ends give better range to stretch inside the narrowest passage.

The ball ends of keys are perfect for placing in line with screw head inside hollow passages and removing the screws quickly without dropping them off. And the star hex keys include all the usual sizes that you might need for uncapping car or equipment screws.

  • Separate lodging for each style
  • Different coloured plastic holders for quick spotting
  • Ball ends of keys securely remove unlatched bolts
  • Straight, bevelled edge prevents wearing-off
  • Robust structure with a rust-free finish
  • Shoddy plastic holders with loose hinges
  • Short keys can’t put on high force

11. TEKTON Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set

Don’t lose your screw anymore with Tekton Ball End Hex Key Set. This hex key set is designed with ball ends for a broad combination of sizes. There are two separate holders based on their use. You will get all standard size keys in one and matric keys in another. Besides, long and short keys are aligned in different slots according to their size.

The case itself is colour marked and holds keys flat on its chest. The clear partition means to enable better observation so that you can select the right key.

The vanadium steel keys are unbending to any pressure. These keys are forged with heat-treatment that made them lasting is nature even under high torque. And the black polish of oxide does the dual job of protecting and revamping.

The ball head of the keys allows them angular insertion to screw heads and accommodates perfectly within it. And the long arm gives an extended reach to close-fit, obstructed areas. Besides, you won’t lose any screws with the locking grip of its ball ends.

You will see all the hex keys of this set are bevelled around ends. That is to let them slip inside bolts without flaking or wearing off. The accurately measured ends fit inside perfectly, and the short arm puts the right pressure to unscrew the most adamant bolt.

  • Sturdy steel body put up with harsh treatments
  • Oxide coating prevents weathering
  • Ball end effortlessly adjusts inside screw heads
  • Can reach to fastener from twenty-five-degree angle
  • Colour marked key holders
  • Vague size marking on keys

Are tekton tools good?

Price does tell about quality, but that is not the sole determining factor. When efficiency improves, the cost of production goes down. And with that drops the price. Tekton proves that. And our purpose is to clear-out all misconceptions with Tekton tools review.

There is a rationality behind the ubiquitous acceptance of Tekton implements. They are made of high-quality steels and are heat-treated to improve stability. And all of them have an even finish of rust-free coating.

You will not find a single tool that falls short of delivering the quality it promises. Moreover, all are backed by Tekton tools warranty.

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Compelling Attributes of Quality Mechanical Tools

Having a well-covered tool set is wonderful, but their selection process isn’t that charming. Whether you are buying single tools or in a set, the quality will guarantee its performance. Besides, you should learn their appropriate use before putting in work.

Even though all tools of similar type look alike, there are subtle differences. The size and even thickness matters. However, if you have some ideas about tools, then here are a few aspects you should look for before netting your tool set.

Set Assortment

If you are buying a set, then the first thing you should consider is whether it has all the necessary tools in it or not. There are some well-known tools of universal use. They come in handy for most jobs. Even if you are not aiming for a professional tool kit, they are a great addition.

Here are the few tools a complete set should contain.

Socket: A full range of sockets is something of invaluable gain. For all your projects, little or big, sockets are something your tools need to lean on. Look for a set with all standard size sockets. And if you need to work with extra pressure, then pick one with impacts driver sockets.

Wrench: Like sockets, wrenches are the most applied tools for dismantling and assembling jobs. The opening of a wrench tells how smoothly it’s going to work on your fastening. The rightly angled one will give better grip without wearing off at ends. Besides, a long wrench with a right opening angle will let you work on hard reach places, and that’s with extra twisting forces.

Ratchet: A standard ratchet with better grip is always a good option. Long, tapered one will give you better stretch; and a fine-toothed one will allow more flexibility with better torque.

Hex Keys: Whether you are buying in a combo set or as a separate hex key set; a well-devised one should have all the standard sizes for metric and SAE keys. Choose the right combination of long and short keys that have accurately shaped ends.

Mallet: For all dismantling jobs, it’s the perfect tool for speedy execution. In selecting mallet, the weight and handle demand greater attention. A lightweight one will give you better control without putting any extra pressure on the hand.

But don’t compromise with material for that. Besides, pick a mallet that has a resilient, non-slip handle. That will let you work without feeling force while exacting the right pressure on strokes.


The forging material of tools gives an accurate estimation of their longevity. Usually, heat-treated moulding makes tools more hard-wearing. Besides, make sure to buy one with rust-free coating. A durable and unbending tool is better than a modish flimsy one.


A useful casing helps in storing all tools in their proper places. Besides, it gives better portability with secure storing. Check if all the slots are rightly marked, and clutches are tight enough to keep tools in places.


How comfortable you are with your tools controls safe use of them. For long tools like mallets or wrenches, carefully study the grip and weight before buying. A non-slip grip and lightweight will reduce the chances of dropping and straining hands.

Clear Labelling

Buy tools that are boldly marked in body and holding plates. It is a mandatory requirement for small tool that comes in numerous sizes. That helps pick up the right one regardless of expert eyes. And without clear markings very likely you will make a mishmash out of them.


Rate the design and shape of tools before buying. Good, snug-fit one holds more securely and unlatches without cracking. And the length and structure of it will inform you about the flexibility, and the twisting pressure it can apply.

Warranty and Standard

Tool sets that come with life-time servicing give more assurance against low quality and damaging. Besides, examine the performance standard it is bearing. Tools that meet the minimum standard or exceeds it are more reliable for long-time use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Tekton High Rated Brand?

Tekton carries the tag of quality within budget. All its tools are carefully crafted and highly praised among professionals.

2. Which One Is Better, Tekton or Craftsman?

Both of them provide good servicing for their tools. However, when come to quality Tekton beats Craftsman.

See how Tekton compares with: Snap on | Sunex & Gearwrench

3. Is Tekton China Produced?

Tekton instruments are forged in Taiwan, China and the USA. It depends on the tool you are interested in.

4. Are Tekton Wrenches Good to Use?

Tekton torque wrench is ranked among the best torque wrenches in the industry. Certainly, they are the best you will find in the market.

Final Words

Fix everything with your own hands. Don’t gape. Yes, your hands can repair almost all substances if you are holding the right tool with them.

But how to know whether you are holding the correct one or not? Well, that calls for some knowledge on it. But if you are already acquainted with their usage, getting the right one is only about judgement.

So would you like to have a low-budget tool kit that is of good quality? Then undoubtedly, Tekton will exceed your expectation with its supreme value. In our Tekton tools review, we tried to feature all their top-notch quality tools. However, this brand is continuously amazing us with innovative designs and improved quality; and never stopped to do so. So I will not wonder if you find far better tools in their repertoire.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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