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Southwire Tools Review for 2023 | Check It From Expert Angle

Looking for a handy southwire tools review but still unsure is southwire a good brand? Let me tell you that Southwire is a well-known leading manufacturer of welding tools, material lifts, jack stands, and other construction tools and equipment.

The products of Southwire are present in over 50 countries globally, thanks to its standard quality and reliable service. Even if you don’t know who makes southwire tools, the products are proudly made in the USA. The appliances produced by these brands are well appreciated among professional DIY workers, electricians, and different types of users.

In this guide, we will review a list of some quality appliances produced by the southwire brand. The intention is to introduce you to some of the best home improvement tools so that you can invest in a quality product.


Southwire is a popular manufacturer that provides multi purpose tools. If you are an electrician, then you will find every necessary tool from Southwire. Though Klein is also a brandable name. But in the case of Southwire vs Klein, Southwire is the best inventor. Check out the top products from Southwire

1. Best for functional leather kit: Southwire Tools & Equipment

The kit bag is made of durable leather and equipped with suitable pockets. 

2. Best for electricians: Southwire Bmeh-18

This durable and lightweight hammer is designed and featured considering the needs of an electrician. 

3. Best budget-friendly tool: Southwire Wire Stripping Tool- 58278140

The Southwire stripping tool gives standard functionality at a cheap price. 

4. Best for MC cable: Southwire Tools RX-1014 Cable Armor Stripper

It is a mess to strip MC cable but Southwire cable armor stripper can easily do this in seconds. 

5. Best for heavy-duty usage: Southwire 58277740 Ratcheting Cable Cutters

This cable cutter is extremely suitable for electricians who work with larger diameter cables.

6. Best reaming screwdriver:   Southwire SDCFR Conduit Fitting Reaming Screwdriver

The screwdriver perfectly reams and permits correct installation. The remaining head is detachable and can pair with a power drill. 

7. Best scissors for electricians: Southwire Electrician Scissors DataComm Snips

This pro scissor features a unique spring-loaded blade that provides precise control and brings a good outcome. 

8. Best wire stripper: Southwire ROMEX BOXJaw Wire Stripper

The wire stripper has large curved cutting blades with a box jaw that perfectly cuts dual wires. 

9. Best for heavy-duty practice:  Southwire Heavy Duty Forged Romex Stripper

The stripper has rigid forged steel built to stand up in heavy duty works. It is suitable to deal with the 12/2 and 14/2 Romex.

10. Best for multi-purpose work: Southwire 7 In-1 Multi-Tool Plier

With one plier, you can do many tasks like grips, wire stripping, bolt shears, reamer, crimper and much more. 

Top 10 best southwire tools reviews

Southwire is a reliable manufacturing company. So, there are a lot of popular items in this brand. And we have reviewed the top 10 best tools and accessories from the southwire brand. You can find from this guide that are southwire tools good?

1. Southwire Tools & Equipment

ESP kit is one of the cutest packages of the southwire brand. It comes with the essential tools and equipment for an electrician. Due to the combination of efficient tools and accessories, this package gets popular with existing customers. 

A strong and durable leather pouch, Scissors, LED penlight and marking pen belong in this package. And the pouch looks very compacted. Most importantly, each of the tools is highly convenient. 


The dimension of this tools package is 11.75 x 8 x 1.5 inches, and the weight is 11.2 ounces. 

Key Features:

·       It is an organized package with crucial tools and equipment like a pouch, scissors, marker pen, splicing kit and boot knife. 

·       It has spring-loaded scissors that allow it to cut more precisely

·       The serrated blade helps to cut the wires easily

·       The knife is efficient to cut 19 and 23 AWG wire

What customers are saying:

The customers are happy with the combined package of pouch and tools. Also, this package becomes popular with the customers because of the product quality, affordable price and lifetime warranty. 

Many customers have said about the defective LED light of the marker pen. 

2. Southwire Bmeh-18

Southwire’s BMEH-18 Heavy-Duty Electrician’s Hammer is great to handle your intensive work environment. This hammer has versatile usage. The included Romex staple remover assists you in removing Nm wire staples without any hassle. On the top, you will get adequate power for your job done. 

If you consider the hammer’s additional features then you will be impressed. The hammer has an 18 oz head that is constructed of drop forged steel. Its durability and robust design are appealing. 

The comfortable grip doesn’t slip at all so that you can make count every strike. There is a handle hole for tether attachment and it also adds an extra layer of safety. 


  • Brand: Southwire
  • Dimensions: 13.78×6.69×1.18 inches
  • Weight: ‎1.45 pounds
  • Material: fiberglass and drop forged steel

Key Features:

  • Includes Romex staple remover for easy Nm wire removing. It prevents damaging the wire. 
  • Its fiberglass handle is ideal for electricians as it absorbs vibration and shock.
  • Heavy-duty construction with drop forged steel for more power and durability. 
  • Lightweight and grippy fiberglass handle that absorbs shocks and vibrations. 

What customers are saying:

This hammer is typically a multipurpose tool. It is tough enough and helps to complete intensive tasks. The build is robust and can be used for years. 

Many customers complained that the Romex staple remover does not give the best performance that the brand claimed. 

3. Southwire Wire Stripping Tool- 58278140

Southwire adds a standard addition with its functional wire stripping tool. Comparing the features, this wire stripping tool is much more durable than its main competitor. At this price point, its build quality and stripping performance are excellent. 

This wire stripping tool is made of strong stainless steel combining precision-ground stripping holes. The sharp stainless steel cutting blades provide quick and precise stripping. 

One more interesting feature is the ergonomic design and bright yellow color. It gives a good grip and can be spotted quickly because of the color. There is a loaded spring for self-opening. 


Brand: Southwire

Dimension: 7.63″ (H) x 8.38″ (W) x 0.69″ (D)

Weight: 0.35 lbs

Wire Stripping Range: 10-18 AWG Solid or 12-20 AWG Stranded

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design with curved handles that allows it to maneuver easily. 
  • The tool has a standard wire stripping range and provides clean cuts. 
  • The stainless steel build is durable and corrosion-free that lasts for years.
  • The holes cut 12-AWG to 20-AWG stranded wire and 10-AWG to 18-AWG solid. 
  • The serrated nose of the tool offers easy twisting and pulling without wire slipping. This also fastens your work. 

What customers are saying:

Customers like the solid forged steel construction and wide jaw. It provides secure gripping and twisting while stripping. The affordable price is also a big addition. 

Many experts feel that the length of the jaw is shorter than the standard one. 

4. Southwire Tools RX-1014 Cable Armor Stripper

Southwire cable armor stripper is the best tool for MC cable stripping. It can armor or shield the cable in just a few seconds. It is truly a time saver and ensures definite results without cutting wires. 

The bright point is this tool is made in America and the build quality is top-grade. The stripper has a die-cast epoxy-enameled body that assures a long life. There is no need for adjustment after the initial setting but it has the adjustment feature. 

This tool feels comfortable in the hand because of featuring an ergonomic crank handle and a self-tightening blade system. It has a blade storage cartridge in the knob where you can store 6 blades. 


  • Brand: Southwire
  • Dimensions: 3.5×3.5×7.5 (LxWxH) inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Color: Gray

Key Features 

  • The die-case enameled body ensures durability and an extended life span. 
  • Ergonomic crank handle for a comfortable grip in hand. 
  • There is a storage cartridge in the knob for 6 spare blades.  
  • It is compatible with various types of cable including 14/2 to 8/4 BX cable, 3/8″Flex, AC, HCF, and MC cables. 

What customers are saying:

The tool provides excellent performance to armor the cable without cutting wires. It is straightforward and fast to utilize. Besides, the build quality and functionality are satisfying. 

There are no instructions included, so it takes time to come across the tool. 

5. Southwire 58277740 Ratcheting Cable Cutters

Southwire ratcheting cable cutter is a high-end tool that can accomplish your extreme workload. The cutter is designed to perform the tough task of cutting thick cables.

This cable cutter features a two-step ratcheting mechanism so that you need fewer strokes per cut. So it gives you a huge mechanical advantage. Its action is quick and very easy. Moreover, the spring between handles ensures be ready for the next step. 

Southwire cable cutter contains robust build quality. It has hardened steel blades that offer minimal cable distortion and long-lasting durability. There is a quick-release lever to open the blades faster. 


  • Brand: Southwire
  • Dimensions: ‎7×13.5×1.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎1.74 pounds
  • Cutting range:  750 kcmil CU/1000 kcmil AL

Key Features 

  • The cutter’s hardened steel blades cut the thick wires precisely and it ensures durable quality.  
  • It is capable of cutting up to 1000 kcmil aluminum cables and 750 kcmil copper cables. 
  •  The blades are replaceable in case if you want to increase sharpness.
  • The extra comfort grip is easy to handle and provides stability.
  • The two-step ratcheting mechanism ensures faster performance. 

What customers are saying:

The cable cutting tool provides a great value for the price. Its blades are made of durable and hardened steel. The cutter cuts the wire perfectly and the quick release lever allows it to be instantly ready for the next stroke. 

The price is expensive which is a drawback for some users.  

6. Southwire SDCFR Conduit Fitting Reaming Screwdriver

The Southwire brands have invented this Southwire SDCFR Conduit Fitting Reaming Screwdriver with different types of home improvement tools. With Dual Function and Multi-Use Detachable Head, this Screwdriver covers top-notch top to bottom. Moreover, it’s a multifunctional screwdriver that is ideal for a variety of piercing and punching jobs.

A great example of being the southwire, the leading supplier, is the welding and mechanical contracting industries. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty with this best Screwdriver. The downside of this Screwdriver is that it is only compatible with an adjustable chuck.


It’s a lightweight screwdriver that measures 3.68 x 11 x 1.9 inches and weighs only 9.4 ounces.

Highlight features:

  • The ergonomic grip on this Screwdriver allows for a firm grip and ensures greater torque.
  • The southwire tool will make it easy to chamfer the edges of the conduit 
  • This conduit reamer has a dual function and can read both inside and outside of the conduit.

What are the customers saying?

A large number of customers are satisfied with their purchase since they have a nice, good quality, and durable Screwdriver within a budget.

However, some aren’t happy with this Screwdriver as they face trouble fitting the flathead properly.

7. Southwire Electrician Scissors DataComm Snips

This Southwire Electrician Scissors DataComm snip is popular among electricians and data guys due to its durable serrated blade and precise control.

Furthermore, if you need something dependable to cut through hardware cloth, cable wires, and other tough materials, you can rely on this dependable device from the world’s most reputable brand. The complaint against these Electrician Scissors is that it has a gap between blades that is harder to use for a beginner.


These scissors have dimensions of 9.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches and a weight of 2.4 ounces.

Highlight features:

  • It is equipped with a long-lasting serrated blade that will make cutting easier.
  • With an ergonomic and spring-loaded design, the user will have precise control over the device.
  • It has a double-dipped, textured grip handle for added comfort.

What are the opinions of the customers?

These Southwire Electrician’s Scissors impressed the majority of their customers due to their low price. They are happy with its Textured Grip Handle, Nickel Finished Plate, and Built-in Notches.

Some users report a gap between the blades, making it difficult to cut through a cable wire.

8. Southwire ROMEX BOXJaw Wire Stripper

This Southwire ROMEX BOXJaw Wire Stripper will not disappoint if you are looking for a tough-designed stripper for both home and commercial use. This device, which has a patent-pending design, will allow you to make extensive use of it. The wire stripper features a large curved cutting blade to ensure convenient use. Moreover, you can strip it at a hard-to-reach angle. The plastic handle grips on this Wire Stripper may slip off as you pull it to remove the Romex.


This wire stripper measures 10 x 2 x 5 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces. Besides, it’s a fairly budget-friendly wire stripper that has a 1-year warranty.

Highlight features:

  • For increased torque, the design is double-dipped and spring-loaded.
  • Its large curved cutting blade will make the job more convenient.
  • This multipurpose tool allows the user to remove the wire’s outer insulation.

What are customers saying?

Similarly, like other silicone tools, this one has had a significant impact on DIY workers. They are happy with this versatile, durable, and user-friendly wire stripper.

However, there is a complaint about the handle grip. User experiences its rubber grip slip off;thus, some silicone grips the metal.

9. Southwire Heavy Duty Forged Romex Stripper

Next on our list is a Heavy Duty Forged Romex Stripper from the South Wire brand. It’s a multipurpose home improvement tool that’s ideal for stripping the 12/2 and 14/2 Romex. This Romex Stripper will be made of Alloy Steel for all the seasons while being available at an affordable price.

Furthermore, it’s tough, forged steel design will allow you to work in any harsh work environment. It is the most popular brand if you need a dependable device for linemen’s heads, wire looping, bolt shears, and stripping jobs.

The problem with this southwire tool is that its jaws don’t grip multiple wires well. However, it could be a major issue for a small project, resulting in large wires.


The dimensions of this Romex Stripper are 0.95 x 3 x 8 inches, and its weight is 12 ounces.

Highlight features:

  • It is made of tough alloy steel that is suitable for rough use.
  • It includes a wide knurled jaw so that the operator can grip and twist multiple conductors at one time
  • It is a multifunctional Romex Stripper that can be used for various tasks such as stripping, stripping, and wire looping.

What are customers saying?

Many users share their positive experiences using this tool as an electrician. They discovered almost all of this stripper’s features, including the jaw, handle, design, and price.

But some aren’t happy with its jaw size and complain this tool isn’t good for twisting wires.

10. Southwire In-1 Multi-Tool Plier

The last recommendation for Southwire Tools and Equipment on our list is a 7-In-1 Multi-Tool Plier. Following the title tag, it is a home improvement tool used as a wire stripper, bolt spanner, shears, grips, bolt shears, and Reamer. That means this multifunctional tool from a world-renowned brand will be on your side for most home improvement tasks. The plier’s downside is that it cannot securely grip small items.


With 0.95 x 3 x 8 inches in dimensions and 12 ounces in weight, this best plier for an electrician offers a 1-year warranty while being available at a reasonable price.

Highlight features:

  • Design with a scalloped blade that cuts easily and efficiently.
  • This electrician’s plier comes with tether-ready handles to prevent dropping.
  • Its spring-loaded handles will make the job easier.

What are customers saying?

Most customers feel it’s a well-made and handy tool that fits into their budget.

However, some aren’t happy with the manufacturer’s customer service.

Buying guide that would be your assistant to choose best products

Southee is a trusted brand where Variety Products is manufactured. Today we are talking about some of the things that you will find in the southwire products. And if you can be sure to buy the following variable, you will get the best item from southwire. 

Product quality:

Quality is a big issue for any product that should be considered first. 

Although the quality of the southwire product is very good, we will ask you to check the quality before buying anything. Otherwise, you can receive defective products. 


Since we are talking about the overall product of the southwire brand, it is a common consideration. The material would be of good quality, durable and stable for a long time. In this case, you have enough knowledge about the material that products you want to buy. And then decide on southwire material. 


As well as the material and quality, it is essential to make sure about the measurement. If the measurement is not accurate, then you have to face the hassle of the product return. So, we recommend checking the measurement before buying any tools or accessories. 

Existing customers rating:

You can check the ratings of existing customers to get the best idea about any product. We recommend choosing the maximum amount of positive customer reviews. On the other hand, a negative customer review refers to the less stability of a product. 


Everybody has their budget or limit of expenses. That is why it is essential to know the price range when you go to buy. Luckily, Southwire has released the products at a limited price. 


We believe a good warranty included product would be more stable. So before buying the product, find out if there is a warranty. And choose products that have at least one year warranty. In this, you can get service in case of any technical product error. 

Return policy:

Southwire offers to return any defective product within 30 days. But they have some rules for the product return option. So, you have to obey those rules to return the product. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Southwire tools any good?

Yes, Southwire is an overall good manufacturing company to produce wire, cable, tools and accessories. The goal of the southwire brand is to provide all necessary electric accessories to millions of people worldwide. 

See how Southwire compares with: Klein.

Does Southwire make good multimeters?

Yes, southwire makes good multimeters that work great. The AUTO TECHPRO 14090T is the greatest multimeter from the Southwire brand. It is 6.6 inches, and it is wireless. You can use it with a Bluetooth device and mobile application. 

Is Southwire tools lifetime warranty?

No, Southwire doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty. It offers at least a one-year warranty for top products. Most importantly, the customers can exchange or change any products without any charge. In this case, customers have to maintain the return policy. 

Where is Southwire manufactured?

Are you concerned where are southwire tools made? The Southwire brand was established in 1966 in Heflin and started forte power technology. Likewise, they were only allowed to make medium and high voltage cables. And two years later, they started making a variety of electric tools, accessories and pouches. 

Final words

Undoubtedly, the southwire tool is the most common name among electricians and Professional DIY workers. In this southwire tools review guide, we have mentioned some top pieces of appliance ideal for both homes improving task and commercial use.

A combination of top-notch design, standard quality, reliable service, and budget-friendly price makes the southwire tool the most popular and well-accepted among the users of over 50 countries in the world. So, whichever you pick from the list will be worthy of investment. 

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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