Sunex vs Tekton vs Gearwrench | Which One is the Best in 2023?

Do you have to work with different tools (screwdrivers, ratchets, wrenches, sockets)? You should know about the USA’s renowned brands; that’s why the article shows Sunex vs Tekton vs Gearwrench.

All of the 3-brands are the leading ones in America, but each has its specialties that make them unique. However, the qualities vary, such as production style, durability, customer service, features, etc.

Please get to know about these so that you can differentiate them and select the suitable one for yourself. Your selection must be according to your necessity, not the brand value-wise.

Get Introduced to Sunex, Tekton, and Gearwrench Brands

Sunex Brand

Sunex is the most ancient brand among the mentioned ones; it started its journey in 1977/1979. It’s an American brand that manufactures various products (screwdriver, wrench, ratchet, toolbox, etc.).

Their tools have a good impact on the public; the brand rating is 4.5 out of 5-stars on Google. You will see a massive demand for Sunex branded products on Amazon; some of the best selling items are:

Tekton Brand

Tekton tools are one of the USA’s best tools; the company started in 1991 in Michigan. They are producing high-quality pillars, sockets, wrenches, ratchets, etc. and own many hearts.

Moreover, the company is famous for providing the right service at a lower price than its competitors. Many countries are involved with this tool company, but Taiwan (75%), the US (15%), and China (10%) contribute the most.

Some Tekton branded products are listed below to introduce it’s best products:

Gearwrench Products

The company established itself after the 1970s as a part of Apex; it’s competing well in the tools’ market and became one of the leading brands. The company represents innovation, culture, good quality, customer service, strength, and speed.

However, it also has a high rating on Amazon; you will see the best description of Tekton vs. Gearwrench torque. Get introduced to two best selling Gearwrench products to have them in your knowledge.

Sunex, Tekton, or Gearwrench: Which One Will You Choose?

If you want to select one of three, you should focus on Sunex vs Tekton vs Gearwrench based on their performances.

Working on Cars and Constructions

Well, Sunex has been reportedly the best choice if you’re using the mini tools repairing your car or at an under-constructed building’s wirings. On the other hand, some professionals suggest using Tekton, especially the Tekton Combination Wrench Set.

Gearwrench products are hardly suitable for car repair; experts only suggest the brand’s ratchet and socket sets.

Torque and Speed

Torque refers to the spinning speed, and the pace of work is quite important for a worker. However, Tekton and Gearwrench are more advanced in this race than Sunex; the order is Tekton> Gearwrench> Sunex.

Please keep that order in your mind if the torque is something you prioritize while buying tools.


If you talk about durability, three brands are equally competitive and long-lasting; you can choose either of them. The brands use high-quality raw materials and metals to manufacture their products (the tools and storage).

Customer Service

Customer service is a factor that fixes a brand’s future because its rise and fall depend on public review and customer satisfaction.

Sunex and Tekton tools have the best customer service, and they ensure every comfort to their buyers; moreover, they help their users even in the smallest problems.

On the other hand, Apex ( Gearwrench’s superior brand) doesn’t have customer service like the previous two brands. Apex doesn’t provide its customers the luxurious support and maintains later communication.

Price Range

Cost is another thing each brand should concentrate on; the maximum of the tool buyers have limited monthly income. Therefore, the brand that provides the desired product at a low price range gets the highest popularity.

Sunex is lagging because they offer the products at above $60 that Tekton and Gearwrench offer in the $40-$50 range.

Sunex vs. Tekton vs. Gearwrench Comparison Chart

Sunex Tools

Tekton Products

Gearwrench Tools

Sunex doesn’t manufacture innovative tools; they polish the traditional ones.

Tekton tries to maximize the features in their tools, but they never invented any unique tool.

Gearwrench is famous for its innovative and strong devices.

They have a limited variation in the tools; for instance, they don’t manufacture socket wrench.

Tekton serves people with its various tools and storage.

Gearwrench also offers different and multifunctional tools and workbenches.

Sunex provides excellent customer service that makes it a leading brand.

Tekton also takes care of its consumers’ needs and fulfills them.

Gearwrench is not so good at keeping its customers; many consumers have posted about their dissatisfaction.

The price range of usual tools begins at $55 or $60.

You will get Tekton ratchets, wrenches, sockets for$40-$50.

Gearwrench has the same and reasonable price range as Tekton; it’s $40-$50.

Where to Buy Sunex, Tekton and Gearwrench Tools?

Sunex, Tekton, and Gearwrench tools are renowned and available in a well-known tool shop but check the hologram well. If you don’t want to go to shops, you may buy online too; you will have them on Amazon.

Moreover, you can get deliveries from overseas via online shopping, and you can enjoy branded tools even outside the USA.

Final Thoughts

You may have seen the qualities and noticed Tekton as a balanced company that maintains quality and customer service. You will get the answer of Sunex vs Tekton vs Gearwrench once you read the whole article.

Choose the toolset you need because you won’t always use the same thing; you may have personal choice. Please make sure you’re choosing the necessary, long-lasting, and trusted items for your purposes.

However, get the perfect featured things, use it for personal and professional necessities, and have faith in the renowned brands.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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