Ryobi vs Craftsman | The Comparison Can Help You to Choose One

Ryobi and Craftsman are both the most popular and budget-friendly brands producing power and hand tools for a few decades. These are pretty trustworthy brands with excellent features and functions to enrich your handy tools arsenal.

Since these two brands provide almost similar products with similar amenities so you might be confused to compare these, for this reason, a specific comparison of Ryobi vs craftsman can help you to know better about these two brands.

In this guide, we discuss these brands’ brief history, compare, from several aspects, and answer your frequently asked question about these. So, let’s start.

History of Ryobi and Craftsman

A short history of both brands can get you basic ideas about these hands and power tools brands. So, let’s talk about Ryobi first.


Ryobi was known as the Ryobi Seisakusho Co. Ltd. In 1943 and Yutaka Urakami founded it. Although it produced several types of die-cast products like medical equipment, lights, and industrial equipment, it was started to make printing presses in 1961. At the same time, Ryobi was added into the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

After then this brand was started to produce power tools in 1973. Do note that Ryobi is a Japanese brand, and it was popular for producing consistently electric power tools, printing presses, die-cast, and many more. That is why it turned into a limited company, and Techtronic is a Ryobi brand’s sub-brands. Techtronic has produced power tools and outdoor equipment.

Good to know that Ryobi power tools are provided in the USA and Canada by home depot and online. There are already 10 000 employees currently, and they generate up to 2.25 billion dollars.


Craftsman brand is intentionally coming to produce the house tools like lawn and gardening accessories. At the beginning start, craftsman brands were made by Arthur Burrows in 1927. And it has gone under the Sears Company, but he loses for several times. As a result, Stanley Black & Decker take ownership of the Craftsman brand. The name of the craftsman brand comes from Marion’s Craftsman.

Good to know that craftsman items are found in several market places like sears, Kmart, and Lowe’s. Besides, the craftsman brand’s power tools and home tools are available in online and military stores.

The comparison between the Ryobi vs Craftsman

Both of these brands have already produced unlimited power tools. Here we make a comparison with the most common and popular items of these brands.

Here are some crucial criteria depending on those you can compare the main features of these reputed brands. Mainly the reputation of these brands has come from our noted points.

Craftsman vs Ryobi Hammer drill

When it comes to the Ryobi vs Craftsman drill, the Craftsman uses the unit watts to figure out the torque, but the Ryobi uses inches and pounds. Keep in mind that both measuring methods are accurate and useful. But these are not possible to convert from one to another directly. 

Hence, we have made a test for speed on each drill machine. The 1-inch Bosch Daredevil was our part of this drilling, and in this case, Ryobi and Craftsman both can overcome the speed test. So, they are equal in speed. 

The main difference between the Ryobi and Craftsman drill:





Craftsman CMDC 721

Ryobi p251

Motor design

Brushless motor

Brushless motor

No-load speed



Maximum Torque


750 in-lbs.

Hammer rate

34,000 BPM

24 BPM

Battery capacity

2x2.0 Ah

1x4.0 Ah

Ryobi vs Craftsman in quality

Good to know that Ryobi brands are a part of the Techtronic Industries Company Limited. And most of the Ryobi products like power and hand tools, home tools are made in china. Also, know that Ryobi has produced a lot of power tools in the USA. And at that time, Ryobi’s was produced in a total of 12 products in six countries. 

Among all of the producing countries, a large number of accessories are made in Indiana countries. However, they have not made complete power tools.

Due to the china manufacturing, many often think about the quality of Ryobi brands. But all of the Ryobi products come at an affordable price.

On average, Although Ryobi is not a high-level brand, it is not so low-level. As per the minimum price range, Ryobi’s quality and durability are very high to all. 

On the other hand, Craftsman is a reputed brand name for providing power tools, gardening, and home tools. The demandable products of craftsman brands have been made combinedly in Taiwan and China. But this brand has a relationship with a company named Western Forge to make several larger hand tools. And these are made originally in the USA.

Moreover, numerous power tools items of the craftsman brand are made of Mississippi and Illinois. Do note there have v20 selected items that are made in South Carolina in the USA. Apart from those, Connecticut and Missouri are also parts of craftsman production.

On average, Craftsman and Ryobi are both producing mid-quality products in the mid-range of price. 

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Craftsman vs Ryobi in warranty

Ryobi offers a pretty nice warranty on almost all produced power tools. You will get at least a two- or three-years warranty for each tool and equipment.

However, there are some hand tools of the Ryobi brand that come with a limited warranty. Luckily, the customers will get up to five years of warranty for every outdoor tool.

On the contrary, Craftsman offers more excellent warranty than Ryobi brands. In terms of mechanic tools, hand tools, automotive specialty tools, Craftsman provides a lifetime warranty.

Moreover, on average, all of the power tools have come with two to three years of warranty. 

Ryobi vs Craftsman in product portfolio

It is tricky to say which brand has the best product portfolio. As these brands come, they produce many tools, each specific in features and functions.

So, they have individual product portfolios. And the average portfolio is depending on the average result of all items of a company. Here are some examples for you, Ryobi has 40 combo kits, and Craftsman has only ten kits available. 

The craftsman brand has great products to produce varieties of automotive tools, accessories, and storage gear. But Ryobi has made home appliance products like vacuums. 

Comparison among several saw of Ryobi vs Craftsman brands

Ryobi vs Craftsman table saw:

Ryobi is lighter but larger in size than the craftsman. And the craftsman is a little bit heavy and compact in size.

Ryobi vs Craftsman chainsaw:

Ryobi chainsaws are easy to hold and vibrate for regular use. On the other hand, Craftsman chainsaws are good for professional use.

Ryobi vs Craftsman miter saw:

Ryobi miter saw is good for solid construction, price point and dust control. But the craftsman is good for design, dust controlling and low weight.

Ryobi vs Craftsman what is better for power tools brands?

From the discussion mentioned above, we have learned a lot of things about these two brands. We observed that both are a winner in most of the terms. Especially if you consider the product quality and price range, then both would be similar to you.

But we noted out two special things for you. If you are a professional person, go with the Ryobi because it mainly works with professional power tools.

Moreover, if you want to get versatile home tools for gardening and lawns or drilling, go with the craftsman brand. If you consider Ryobi vs Craftsman pressure washer, then Ryobi would be the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ryobi vs Craftsman: Which Is Better?

What is better, the Ryobi or Craftsman is mostly dependent on the customer demand. You need to know that Ryobi comes with low-speed power, affordable price, and a compatible product line. And the Craftsman comes with compacted size, affordable price, and lighter features. So, depending on your requirement, anyone of these brands would be better for you.

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Which Brand Offers a Better option of Drills and Impact Drivers?

Although Craftsman and Ryobi both provide a versatile selection of drills and impact drivers, we have tested both brands and found that Craftsman offers better drills and impact drivers.

Which Brand Offers a Better Outdoor Equipment?

Ryobi brands offer a better selection of outdoor equipment and power tools, hand tools, and electric home tools.

Which Brands Should You Choose?

If you are a medium-level professional worker, then you would better go with Ryobi brands. And you would better go with a Craftsman for professional and homework.

Final Words

Ryobi vs Craftsman both are superior among thousands of power tools producing brands. According to the basic quality and price, both brands are good for you. But these have some specific benefits. For example, Ryobi has come especially for professional work. And the Craftsman has come for professional, and home works.

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