3 Best MLCS Router Bits Review | Are MlCS Router Bits Good?

In the carpenter profession, the router bit is admitted as the most versatile tool. It is useful to create decorative edges, trims, door panels, dado, dovetail, tongue-and-groove, and so on. Not only professionals but also many non-professional people use them for DIY projects. 

Router bits ensure precise shaping to curves or other woodworking finish. The best bits are the soul of the router. So if you desire perfect finish and decorative cuts, then you must have a reliable router bit set. 

When it is important to get the best one, you may find it difficult to get. There are many types and sizes available for the router bits. Among them, MLCS router bits are the most popular tool that many woodworkers trust. But are MLCS router bits good? Therefore, we will give you a brief explanation about the MLCS router bits review. Here you also get to know the essential facts for buying the best router bits, and relevant question-answers relate to the point. 

How Do The Router Bits Work?

A router is a motor-powered machine where the bits are fit for making precise cuts and finishes. You will find router bits in different pieces that give different shapes and edges to the wood surfaces. Sometimes the combination of two or more router bits can create a complex profile. 

Our Top Picks: Reasons to Choose The MLCS Router Bits

After reviewing many router bits, we have found the MLCS router bits are the most effective tools. They have a durable build quality and work on softer wood, hardwood, laminate, etc. The Infinity router bits are also tending for years. If comparing between Infinity and MLCS router bits, the MLCS offers great quality at a cheaper price.

Product Image

Product Name

Reason To Choose


MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set 

Best of the brand. This router bit set is the most selling product of the MLCS because of providing superior performance at a reasonable price.

MLCS 200 Spiral Upcut Bit Set

Best Spiral For Upcut. These spiral upcut bits set offers accurate and clean cuts with minimal chatter.

MLCS 8781 Mitered Router Bit

Best For Door Frame. This single router bit is designed for creating decorative rims for door panels.

Top 3 Best MLCS Router Bits Review

1. MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set 

MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set

If you are a starter in woodworking then the MLCS 8377 15 piece router bit set is the best pick. These 15 pieces of the router bit set surely offer many options for a starter. All the bits are made of high-quality carbide-tipped material. So it ensures durability and long-lasting usage. 

Speaking of the price, undoubtedly it is a worthwhile investment. This MLCS router bit set makes a perfect balance to acquainted with the art. All these varieties are perfect for accomplishing simple tasks. 

MLCS woodworking 15 router bits have ½ inch shanks that eliminate vibration while working. A storage box comes with the package where all the bits fit snugly. 


Piece of set15
Dimension5.2 x ‎7.1 x 3.6-inch
Weight2.45 pounds

Key Features

  • The router bit set is made of durable carbide material. 
  • Includes shrank for reducing vibration. 
  • A wooden storage box includes keeping the router safely. 

What Are Customers Saying

The 15 piece MLCS router bit set is ideal for a beginner woodworker. These tools are durable and provide efficient finishing on softwood. 

This set is not ideal for those who are experts in this field and want more variety. 

2. MLCS 200 Spiral Upcut Bit Set

MLCS 200 Solid Carbide Spiral Upcut Bit Starter Set

MLCS 200 spiral upcut bit set is also a starter kit for woodworkers. There are only three pieces of upcut bits. They look kind of like drill heads but they are useful for boasting upwards shearing. They are made of solid micro grain carbide that is durable and heat resistant. 

These spiral upcut bits give you fast and smooth cuts. Also, the cutting edges stay sharp for a long time. As a starter, you may want a clean and accurate cut, that’s why this will be ideal for precise cutting with minimal chatter. These bits remove the sawdust from the router table. 

According to the router bits catalog, you will get one-fourth inch, three-eighth inch, and half-inch shank. They all are great for deep alliance and cutting wainscots. You can smoothly do any edge treatment with the upward facing. 


Piece of set3
Dimension 3.2 x 2 x 0.8-inch

Key Features

  • The spiral bits provide fast and precise cuts
  • They remove wood chips and sawdust from the working area. 
  • They have a solid carbide build.

What Are Customers Saying

This bit’s spiral design improves the upward cutting capability. They are portable and made of solid carbide. The heat-resistant feature is also impressive in these bits. 

This is a 3 piece set for beginners that is not ideal for completing complex profiles. 

3. MLCS 8781 Mitered Router Bit

MLCS 8781 Mitered Door Frame Router Bit

MLCS 8781 is a single tool, designed for a specific need. This mitered router bit is used in the door framework. Not only for the door frames, but also you can also use it to create pictures, mirror frames, crown moldings, chair rails, stile doors, or other decorative trim. 

This additional router bit is impressive to enrich your current router set. MLCS recommends combining this bit with any other MLCS raised panel router bit that brings out highly decorative raised panel doors. 

This router bit meters at 45 degrees with joined 2 flutes and it makes a robust secure joint. This bit is for a ½-inch shank table-mounted router. The suitable stock for the bit will be 2.1/2-inch wide and 3/4-inch thick. 


Piece of set1
Dimension3.5 x 7.5 x 1.5-inch
Weight7.5 ounces

Key Features

  • The metered router bit is an excellent addition for versatile usage. 
  • 2 robust flutes joined with a tough carbide-tipped bit.
  • Accurate cuts for high-end decorative rails

What Are Customers Saying

This metered router bit is really effective while working with door panels and decorative rails. It is a great addition to combine with your current router set. It is also proven that this bit lasts for an extended period. 

The negative point is the router bit can not work alone, you need to pair it with another bit for outstanding performance.  

Things to Consider Before Buying The MLCS Router bits

MLCS router bits come in various queries depending on the woodworker’s usage and performance. If you are an amateur to buy the router bits, you need to consider some aspects. For example:


The sharpness of the router bits provides a fast, precise, and flawless woodworking experience. Whether you are accomplishing a delicate wood project or hardwood working, the router bit requires sharpness for a stable and smoother cut. You can nicely trim the edges effortlessly with a sharp router bit. 


Choose such a router bit set that can be utilized for a wide variety of cuts and applications. The MLCS router bit set offers enough variety options to balance the beginner’s needs. 


Consider a durable core material of the router bits so that they last for years. The flexible router bits are able to cut various types of wood. The solid carbide is the most robust material for the router bits. The bright point is all the MLCS router bits are made of carbide. 


Minimal vibration enhances the longevity of the router bits. The high-grade carbide tips are the best in this regard. It prevents wear-offs and maintains strength and sharpness. 


The MLCS router bits are very affordable. For starters, it is a really worthwhile investment to purchase the router bits. They offer great value and versatility for their equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are the Most Common Types of Router Bits?

– There are thousands of types of router bits in the market. Each of the bits has different cuts and shapes. The most common types are straight, rabbeting, flush trim, chamfer, edge forming, and molding router bits. 

2. Why Should You Choose MLCS Router Bits?

-MLCS router bits come at affordable prices and are highly suitable for beginner woodworkers. MLCS router bits have a solid build quality and last for years. That’s why you should pick these router bits.  

See how MLCS router bits compares with: Infinity router bits.

3. How to Buy Rhe Best Router Bit Sets?

-The best router bits give you precision performance. The best router bit set should have versatility, high-end material, minimal vibration, and great value. If you consider these facts you will get the best router bit sets. 

Final Words

MLCS router bits are excellent for the starter woodworker. The router bit set is extremely flexible and offers a wide variety of usage and performance. Though professional workers find more options in the router bit set, the combination of different router bits can perform complex tasks. 

Precision is everything for the woodworkers. These router bits are eligible to give the desired accuracy and precision. Moreover, the price is also reasonable which won’t break your budget. So buying the MLCS router bits sounds like a wise decision. 

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