Top 10 CMT Saw Blades Review 2023 | Are CMT Saw Blades Good?

The blade is the essential part of the power saw without which a power saw is valueless. Although edges are of different materials, the most durable and practical blade is carbide cmt.

Cmt blades get much trusted by the woodworker because of the cutting accuracy and durability. An updated cmt blade is significantly designed with larger gullets that are incredibly perfect for crosscut and rip cut. 

Moreover, the cmt blade can accommodate radial arm saws, circular saws, table saws, hardwood, plywood saws and many other saws. Today we are here with a research-based cmt saw blades review.

Are CMT Saw Blades Good?

Undoubtedly, there are many good aspects of the cmt saw blade. It is powerful to adjust with versatile power saw tools. Even cmt is promising for precise cutting. This excellent blade is super durable and can last long with a bit of maintenance.

Our Top Picks: Reason to Choose The Best CMT Saw Blades



Reason To Choose


CMT Industrial Ripping Saw Blade

- Best for industrial use.

- Perfect for heavy cut, PTFE coated blade, Micrograin carbide teeth.

CMT Industrial Combination Saw Blade

- Best for a professional woodworker.

- Extreme balancing, chrome carbide construction, CNC machine technology and tri-metal brazing.

CMT 215.050.10 Combination Blade

- Best for depth cutting.

- Efficient for rip and crosscutting, up to 50 cutting teeth, perfect kerf thickness.

CMT 250.024.10 Rip Saw Blade

- Best for affordable price.

- Up to 24 sharp teeth, suitable for traditional and professional woodwork, anti-vibration features.

CMT Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade

- Best for the miter saw.

- Proficient for a smoother cut, up to 72 teeth, 0.110 kerf thickness and reliable for crosscut.

CMT Bore ITK Melamine & Ultra Finish Blade

- Best for versatile material.

- Ultra-smoother finish, versatile cutting performance, corrosion-resistant orange shield.

CMT 2 pcs of Saw Blades Stabilizers

- Best for stationary saw.

- Professional 10 inches teeth, 5 inches bore, straight cut, less vibration and noise, double stabilizer.

CMT Table Saw Balance Blade & Sanding Disc Set

- Best for blade balancing.

- Nice set of balance blade and the sanding disc, 5/8″ Bore diameter, robust metal construction.

CMT ITK Plus Ultra Finish Saw Blade

- Best for ultra-finish.

- Ultra-smoother finish, vibration resistance, shear angle for a smoother cut.

ITK PLUS Saw Blade for Finishing

- Best for performance.

- Precise finishing, low price, standard shield coating and shear angle.

Top 10 Best CMT Saw Blades Reviews in 2022

We have spent quality time researching on cmt saw blades. At the same time, we have a depth analysis on versatile CMT saw blades reviews. As a result of our research, we have to review the top ten best cmt saw blades. We believe these will be helpful for you. 

1. CMT Industrial Ripping Saw Blade

CMT Industrial Ripping Saw Blade

It is a PTFE coated blade that comes with enough power to run all day long. For putting it bluntly, this blade is the perfect choice for a heavy industrial cut. There is an advanced laser-cut heavy-gauge plate used to make this rip saw blade. 

Micrograin carbide teeth construction ensures durability and smoother cutting. In addition, it is excellent for heavy-duty performance. 


Ripping saw industrial blade measurement is 10 x 10 x 0.13 inches, and weight is 2 pounds. Also, know that it comes with 24 teeth and carbide construction. Luckily you will get a return policy or complete replacement for any product. 

Key Features

  • Faster and smoother performer in both soft and hardwood 
  • It is excellent to adjust with versatile saws as arm saw, miter saw, and table saw. 
  • Industrial ripping blade ensures smoother cut with Micrograin carbide teeth.
  • The PTFE coating works to keep the edge cool and reduces corrosion. 

What customers are saying

Professional and industrial customers have been praised for the 1/8 inches total kerf thickness. Besides, existing customers liked the versatility of different saws. 

Few customers have faced rough-cut when they try to use extensive hard metal. 

2. CMT ITK Industrial Combination Saw Blade

CMT 256.050.10 ITK XTreme Industrial Combination Saw Blade

Are you a professional woodworker? Then ITK extreme balancing saw blade had been made for your maximum convenience. This blade is constructed with specialized chrome carbide that is abrasion-resistant. Also, cmt woodworking tools are excellent for pitch-build up. 

The excellence of features, construction and functions are impressive. Even the CMT brand guaranteed this product long-lastingness. 


It is measured overall with 10 x 10 x 0.1 inches, and the weight is 1.65 pounds. Blade teeth material is superior chrome carbide. In terms of warranty, it offers the opportunity to replace and return any products. 

Key Features

  • A laser-cut precision blade is promising for perfect cutting and long-lasting durability. 
  • The heat expansion slot design can nicely reduce the blade warping
  • The chrome-plated surface on the blade prevents corrosion, rust and resin
  • The CNC machine technology ensures mirror finish cutting

What customers are saying

Almost all of the customers of this blade are highly impressed by the tri-metal silver-copper-silver brazing because it allows controlling the impact and pressure. 

No negative reviews have been found about ITK professional blades so far. It is nice that ITK industrial has all excellent features.

3. CMT 215.050.10 Combination Blade

CMT Industrial Combination Blade

It is an updated model of the CMT industrial combination blade. If you find a perfect blade for ripping and crosscutting, then the CMT combination blade is designed for you. It has 10 inches 50 teeth that can be cut all day long without a break. 

CMT tools 215 is as accurate as efficient for a smoother finish. In particular, it’s a tri-metal coating of copper, silver, and copper that ensures long-lasting use. Besides, it doesn’t create loud noise and vibration during work. 


Its measurement is 10 x 10 x 0.13 inches, and the weight is similar to the 24 teeth CMT combination blade. The teeth material is as standard carbide with tri-metal coating. 

Key Features

  • It is efficient for deep cutting on rip and crosscut with excellent chip clearance.
  • Best accommodation power with a radial arm saw table and particular saw.
  • Having perfect kerf thickness, hook angle and one alternative tooth
  • This blade has a non-sticky PTFE coating that keeps the edge cool and prevents pitch build up. 

What customers are saying

We have known from the customer reviews that existing users mostly liked its 50 teeth blade for depth cutting. Besides, it gets praised for tri-metal carbide construction.

Some customers have problems with blade sharpness, and they say that blade sharpness decreases very fast over time. 

4. CMT 250.024.10 Industrial Rip Saw Blade

CMT 250.024.10 ITK XTreme Industrial Rip Saw Blade

It is an innovative CMT industrial blade for the circular saw. It has 24 sharp teeth of 10 inches that are respectively perfect for regular and professional work. 

This blade works best for plywood, but you can also use it with a radial arm saw, and table saw. Overall, this blade is promising for long-lasting durability, perfect and smoother cutting. Also, it is free of loud noise and ensures minor tear and wear. 


The dimension of this CMT circular saw blade is 10 x 10 x 0.1 inches. And the weight is 1.76 pounds. Also, now the blade material is metal carbide. 

Key Features

  • It is designed with an ideal kerf that allows for a faster cut on soft and hardwood. 
  • Proficient in cutting both hard and softwood with all kinds of saws
  • Accurate kerf thickness, plate thickness and hook angle
  • Micrograin carbide construction is respectively heating, wear and strength resistant. 

What customers are saying

The existing customers have praised this product for versatile features like anti-vibration, less noise production and kerf thickness. Moreover, many have chosen this blade for its affordable price. 

5. CMT Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade

CMT Finish Sliding Miter Saw Blade

If you find a compound miter saw blade for crosscut, then the CMT finish saw knife comes first. It is an over popular blade for miter saw that is highly proficient for smoother finish cut with 72 teeth. 

Good to know that the blade teeth are 12 inches more than a regular blade teeth size. It is excellent for all kinds of wood products. Due to tooth density, this blade is mainly used for smoother finish work. 


The whole dimension of the finish sliding blade is 12 x 12 x 0.11 inches, and the weight is 2 pounds. For durability, it is made from laser-cut carbide. 

Key Features

  • It is reliable for fine finish crosscut on engineered wood, regular wood and glass material. 
  • Finish sliding is efficient to cut thin, thick wood, softwood, hardwood and two-sided laminates. 
  • An ideal kerf thickness of 0.110 and plate thickness is 0.087

What customers are saying

The laser-cut plate has become popular with existing customers because it can reduce vibration and noise when working. 

It works with only a miter saw, so you will not get the versatile benefits. 

6. CMT Bore ITK Melamine & Ultra Finish Saw Blade

CMT P10080 58 Bore ITK Melamine & Ultra Finish Saw Blade

Are you looking for something that will give your woodworking project an ultra-smoother finish? ITK melamine is a specialized saw blade with 10 inches 80 teeth to perform best for a smoother finish. 

It is crucial to know that this blade is designed for a versatile material cut for your convenience. Most importantly, you can use it to cut the melamine, laminates and chipboard as well as wood. 


This item comes with 10 x 10 x 0.09 inches dimension and 1.81 Pounds. The number of teeth is 80, with 10 inches in size. And if you don’t like the product or get an error, you benefit from a return or replacement.

Key Features

  • Most precise cuts saw blades that ensure a smoother finish without scoring function.
  • It can cut the melamine, chipboards and laminates, respectively. 
  • It is featured on 0.094 kerf thickness, 10-degree hook angle and 0.063 plate thickness.
  • The super proficient kerf thickness provides a smoother cut at a fast speed.

What customers are saying

The customers are talking about the corrosion-resistant and non-sticky orange shield. Besides, they have said about the carbide construction. 

Some customers have complained about the long time it takes to cut a melamine material. 

7. CMT 2 pcs of Saw Blades Stabilizers

CMT 299.102.00 2 pcs of Saw Blades Stabilizers

Another budget-friendly blade of the CMT series is the pcs of the saw blade. It is made with a circular saw style that has 10 inches teeth. The 10 inches teeth are so proficient because they extended the saw blade life. 

Not only this, but it also keeps your cut straight and, at the same time, reduces the rim vibration. Moreover, pcs saw blades have double stabilizers to control the shaking. 


Pcs saw blades dimension is 4 x 4 x 2 inches, and the weight is ‎1.3 pounds. This blade is strong enough to be made of the best quality metal.

Key Features

  • It has perfection in cutting with 10 inches saw blades, 5 inches diameter and bore. 
  • Double stabilizers that provide durability, straight cut and vibration-free cut. 
  • This blade’s unique mechanism reduces the noise caused by vibration.

What customers are saying

It has gained a vast reputation to the user because of the firm, dense teeth and double stabilizer. As well as, the budget-friendly price seems convenient to all. 

The only downside to this great blade is that it is only usable for stationery.

8. CMT Table Saw Balance Blade & Sanding Disc Set

CMT 299.112.00 10 Table Saw Balance Blade

Do you need the best balancing blade to set up your saw blades correctly? And it would be great if there was a sending disc with your balancing blade. These two benefits have come together for you in the CMT table saw balancing blade. 

It is a very lightweight disc that has attached sanding paper to make your wooden object smoother. However, the disc material is strong metal to be long-lasting. Most importantly, you can easily replace new sanding paper with this disc. 


The measurement of this balancing blade is 14.5 x 12.1 x 0.5 inches, and its weight is ‎0.16 ounces. 

Key Features

  • It is an excellent combination of sanding disc and balancing blade
  • It has an ideal 5/8″ Bore diameter that is adjustable with blade holes
  • Quick replacement benefits for sanding disc make it user friendly

What customers are saying

This combination package has a lot of demand because it works great as a sanding disc with Table Saw. And it is trendy for perfect balancing. 

Fewer customers have complained about the damaged sanding disc. 

9. CMT ITK Plus Ultra Finish Saw Blade

CMT P07060 ITK Plus Ultra Finish Saw Blade

This ITK ultra finish saw blade is a new addition to CMT saw blade series. As it gives a perfect cut in an industrial project, it also reduces the waste of material. And that is why it becomes reliable. 

Some of its notable features are high temperature, sounds and vibration resistance. Apart from that, ultra-finish saw blades are made from high-density carbide that prevents material failure. 


The dimension of the Ultra finish blade is 7.25 x 7.25 x 0.07 inches, and the weight is 8 ounces. Do note the number of carbide teeth is 60. 

Key Features

  • It is a perfect saw blade for the ultra-smoother finish on plywood, regular wood and two-sided melamine. 
  • It is designed to adjust with portable and cordless circular saws
  • It comes with standard 0.069 kerf thickness, 0.043 thickness for plate and 5° hook angle
  • The thicker kerf reduces material waste and makes the cutting speedy

What customers are saying

The existing customers have mostly liked the shear angle that is designed especially for a smooth cut. At the same time, the orange shield coating keeps the excellent blade and protects your knife from corrosion. 

There is no notable downside to these saw blades. 

10. ITK PLUS Saw Blade for Finishing

CMT P06036 ITK PLUS Saw Blade for Finishing

Are you looking for a cheap saw blade for woodwork finishing? ITK plus saw blade is an affordable but quality product for precise finishing. 

It has 36 teeth of 6.5 inches, and the blade is constructed from high-end steel—the uniqueness of this blade is ground style teeth that ensure a smoother cut and finish. 


The dimension of this finishing saw blade is 6.5 x 6.5 x 0.07 inches, and its weight is 7 ounces. Also, know that the teeth number is 36, and the material is steel. 

Key Features

  • Unique ground teeth design provides a faster and smoother finish
  • It is compatible with cordless saw and portable saw to cut lumbers, OSB and plywood. 
  • The kerf thickness, plate thickness and hook angle are respectively 0.069, 0.039 and 20°
  • Superior kerf thickness and high-density carbide construction ensure long-lasting cutting.

What customers are saying

The existing customers have said about the orange shield coating and standard shear angle. Moreover, many people prefer this for unparalleled steel construction.

Customers have complained about late delivery and irresponsible customer service.

The Considering Things Before Buying A CMT Saw Blades

Industrial, professional or household, for any woodworking project, there are certain things to consider in selecting a circular saw blade. When considering a CMT vs Freud saw blades you will get the difference between them. So, the factors would be different for different brands.

If you want to get the proper cut and a good finish, it is essential to know the following factors. 

Blade sizes

It is important to know the ideal size of a table saw, or circular saw is 7 – ¼. However, you can get a variety of circular saw sizes. And the most used circular saw blade diameter is 10 inches to 12 inches. Those can cut different materials. 

Blade laser cutouts

Each blade has a specific hole at the center point. Do note that holes are a design and reduce the temperature and pitch builds when working. Moreover, these holes can reduce noise and vibration and increase speed. 

Woodcutting blades

There are two types of wood cutting blades. one type is construction, and another is plywood blades. The construction blades refer to the edge with more teeth and fine cuts. On the other hand, plywood blades are made from high-end steel. Usually, a plywood blade is best for a straighter and cleaner cut. 

 Metal cutting blades

Metal cutting saw blades are a bit special because they can cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum. This blade has no abrasive teeth, and you can’t change it.  


On which the quality of a circular saw blade is dependent? Well, it depends on construction material, number of teeth and blade size. And quality saw blades are perfect for laminates, plywood, crosscut and chipboard. 

Also, know that a good quality blade can accommodate a radial arm saw, table saw, and circular saw. We recommend keeping in mind to choose a thicker kerf. 


You can buy good quality saw blades for an average of $30 to $50. However, there is a unique quality blade that is a bit expensive, within $100. You can even get some affordable saw blades within $15 to $17. 


Generally, CMT saw blades come about 1.6 pounds in weight. These blades are made to cut rigid material. Also, the circular saw, miter saw, and table saw work great with the saw blades. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you Use the CMT Saw Blades and for whom?

-A CMT saw blade is best from the aspect of power, smoother cutting and precise performance. All saw blades of the CMT series had been made for those who don’t want to compromise with product quality. 

Where can you buy a CMT circular saw blade?

-CMT circular saw is available in the nearest local shop, hardware shop and online store. You can purchase a circular blade saw as a combined set or single piece. You are buying a few blades together as a package saves a lot of time.

Are more teeth on a saw blade better?

-The number of blade teeth is closely related to the cutting speed, smoothness and finish. Good to know that fewer teeth blades can cut faster, but the preciseness is less. On the contrary, more teeth are not much quicker but promising to provide smoother cuts. 

Final Words

At the end of the CMT saw blades review, we would say that cmt is a unique brand for varieties of saw blades production. All types of woodworking saw blades are available in this CMT series.

We have already reviewed on top notches ten CMT saw blades. However, we recommend many ITK Melamine & Ultra Finish Blades and ITK Industrial Saw Blades because these are the overall best performers.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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