Makita vs Ridgid | The Comparison to Make Your Right Choice in 2021

When it comes to Makita vs Ridgid, the situation can get heated. There are so many questions subject to the topic including, which is better, Ridgid or Makita? Who offers better quality products and more? But the problem is many folks debate between these two brands without enough knowledge and can’t make an informed decision in the end. Luckily, they will make it now in the right way!

Nevertheless, both are classic brands with hundreds of years of experience combining modern technology and skill; both produce a reliable product. 

This debating guide will compare both the brand top to the bottom and make the topic crystal clear. So, let’s grip the sit tightly and keep learning who they are and what they offer so you can go for the one!

Ridgid vs Makita: Brief Company History

Ridgid and Makita are both classic brands with a storied history. Makita was established in 1915 in Nagoya, Japan. However, the company started with producing generators, after a couple of years, they transformed it into handheld power tool production. Currently, they have a huge number of fans around the world by producing affordable and quality products. In 2015, Makita celebrated its 100th anniversary by announcing it will serve its customer tool-based needs with accuracy.

On the other hand, Ridgid was established in 1923 in Elyria, Ohio, and its initial creation was the iconic pipe wrench. After WWII, the company became international by supplying plumbing-related tools around the world. Till now, the company provides lightweight hand tools and uses power tools. Besides, the brand offers advanced tools that can control through a plumber’s app.

Ridgid Tool Company Combo Kit

The Ridgid Combo Kit includes five different tools: an impact driver, a circular saw, a hammer drill, a reciprocating saw, and a flashlight. The customer will have two batteries, an auxiliary hand, two bits, a charger, a circular saw blade, a reciprocating saw blade, a blade wrench, three belt hooks, and a bag. It means the customer will get a whole lot for the value. 

Apart from these, running with an 18-volt battery, the tools will ensure a decent amount of power. These next-generation power tools will ensure best-in-class performance, power, and runtime with its permanent magnet motors. Moreover, the combo kit that the brands offer is full of features including, triple protection electronics, two times longer life, extreme weather performance, and fuel gauge.

Makita Combo Kit

The Makita Combo Kit includes an 18-volt battery, and it also includes five same tools as the Ridgid tool set. These are impact driver, circular saw, a hammer drill, flashlight, and reciprocating saw. You will have two batteries, a charger, blades, and a bag for carrying all the essentials. 

Makita vs Ridgid: Comparison In Various Crucial Features


Quality had to determine based on a range of factors. It doesn’t matter which way you follow; you will find both Makita and Ridgid in the quality class. For example, both of the brands promise resilience to wear and reliable design.

Makita combo kit constructs in Japan, maintaining strict quality standards. Conversely, most of the parts of Ridgid tools are us-made. It also indicates the overall ability to last for long, even after hard use. Thus, both of the companies provide superb quality products relative to their price.

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Another crucial factor is a warranty that can help choose the better brand. Considering the length, Ridgid brands deserve the prize they offer a lifetime warranty against their product. Thus, the customer can return any appliance if the tools failed to meet the user’s expectations. The brand will then replace the tools, which most of the manufacturers won’t. 

Makita conversely offers a three-year warranty to most of the appliance. Still, it’s an acceptable advantage since, within this period, most of the tools need replacement because of the defect. However, it’s not compatible with Ridgid’s warranty, but at least you aren’t paying extra money for an unnecessary warranty that you may never use.

Product Portfolio:

Each of the brands has width respective tool portfolios. Considering Makita, you will have the essential power tools under one teal green shade. For example, miter saws, routers, band saws, die grinders, circular saws, and more. Besides, the brands produce a wide variety of tabletop and portable tools. In short, it has a strong position and popularity in the class of resilient battery packs.

Besides, Makita offers a lot of type accessories to its users as well. Thus, the user can order a range of drill bits and saw blades through an online platform and stores that will surely fit with existing hardware. Even the brands provide protective equipment and heated vests that can replace your construction team.

Comparing with Makita, Ridgid’s portfolio is a bit smaller. Especially, Ridgid is mostly focused on the plumbing profession. Thus, you will have a range of quality tools in this category, including forming, bending, and pipe cutting equipment.

Besides, rigid produce a large number of fabrication and threading tools and a different type of manual and electric snakes for all types of pipe clearing.

In terms of accessories, Ridgid maintains its concentration on the plumbing category. As a result, the customer will find the name more often on specific electric tools and crimps catalogue.

Better Selection of Impact Drivers:

Both Ridgid and Makita produce a range of impact drivers for construction and fabrication needs. Though Ridgid’s impact driver line is quite common in nature, they are capable of real-world tasks. Maintaining ergonomic balance, most of their models let them use comfortably for an hour. 

Meanwhile, the people who are already using Makita tools are finding their impact driver more desirable. The reason is all of their full-size impact drivers use the same Makita battery packs that surprisingly reduce their extra investments.

If you look at their construction, you will find these impact drivers run by brushless motors. As a result, they don’t get much heat and humiliate gradually even after using for a long period. 

Tool Options:

Both the brands offer the same tools. However, buying the Ridgid version will have a few bits extra, but everything is the same apart from this. In short, whatever you are buying Ridgid or Makita, you will have the same type of batteries, charger, and bag. 


Both manufacturers offer their combo kit with 18 volts and lithium-ion battery. It means you will have the same worth whatever you choose. However, the impact driver of the Makita is 1,460 lbs. in weight, while the Ridgid impact driver is 2,000 lbs. in weight.

On the other hand, the hammer drill of Ridgid is 780 in. lbs. and the Makita’s hammer drill design with 480 in. lbs. besides, considering the reciprocating saw, the Makita provides 2,800 strokes per minute, and you will have 3,000 strokes per minute using the Ridgid.

So, power is your preferred option, you can choose the Ridgid brand; however, it costs more for the same reason.


Another consideration is the budget that should also take into count. Likewise, we have compared above for every individual factor; there is no big difference in price tag between these brands’ products. However, Makitas tools are slightly cheaper, so it can’t help you decide the most preferred one. 

Which brands to choose: Makita vs Ridgid?

Undoubtedly, from top to bottom, both brands are worth it. But if you want to save some penny still offering your construction team the latest tool, you should go for Makita. It will ensure the worth of investment with a wide portfolio, especially if you are looking for something for woodworking, metalworking, and masonry tools all at once. These tools also share batteries, so9 it will keep you from a struggle with incompatibility.

Conversely, if you need something for plumbing, then you should choose Ridgid. For decades, this brand earned a strong position providing top-quality tools for the plumbing job. Still, it is producing a range of electrical and metal-cutting tools and offers a remarkable lifetime warranty.

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However, it costs a bit more, but investing in Ridgid for a plumbing professional will always be worth it. If you compare between Makita vs Ridgid circular saw then Ridgid would be the winner for professional choice. 

Maintenance of Drilling machine

Drill machine is one of the simplest machines that works and shows an accurate result. The main functions of a drill machine are to make holes in the wall, wood or another work sector. Good to know this handy machine could break down or fall into errors after continuing rapid movement. So, it is essential to maintain the drill machine regularly. Here are some simple procedures to maintain your drilling machine.

Lubricant test:

Having enough lubrication is most important for a drill machine because lubricant works to reduce the friction around the parts you want to drill. So, keep your drill machine properly lubricated and observed if the lubricant is of good quality. 

Check for wear and tear:

Some reasons are impactful to break down a drilling machine. High temperature, friction, rapid movement, and vibration are some of them. Regular checking for wear and tear is helpful to determine the new essential replacement parts. 

Clean the machine:

Each drilling machine has come with some seals and filters. Regular cleaning can ensure that the seals and filters are working well. So, clean the machine regularly to prevent vacuum creation. 

Sharpen the drilling components:

All types of drilling and cutting machines would be sharpened enough. For this reason, always check the sharpness of your drill machine and cutting machine. 

Check alignment specifications:

A drilling machine is usually made of multiple components. If the alignment loses at anyhow, then the work quality will reduce. So, check out the alignment regularly. 

Good records of maintenance and repair schedules:

It is recommended to check some issues like fluid, electric connection, and tracks to prevent the measurement. A proper record of these factors can reduce additional downtime. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Are Ridgid Tools good quality?

Many experts share their positive experiences after using Ridgid cordless tools. With good design and durable construction, the brands become one of the popular options among professionals. 

2. Which is better, Milwaukee or Ridgid?

The people looking for plumbing and HVAC tools should choose Ridgid in the competition of Ridgid vs Milwaukee. But if you need something only for power tools and tool storage, then Milwaukee will be the decent solution to go with.

3. Which tools are better between Ridgid and DeWalt?

In the Ridgid vs DeWalt competition, Ridgid will win the race. Controlling the battery on the Ridgid drill is more user-friendly, and it feels more natural. Besides, the design of DeWalt’s drill is more complex. The button of its drill is larger and placed on the top of the battery, which is difficult to remove.

4. Is Ridgid a good drill?

If you like to have something from a world-class brand at a competitive price, Ridgid drill will be a decent solution. The brands produce their drill to maintain the higher-end standard. Thus, you will have great value for the quality of the Ridgid brand.

5. Which is better: Ridgid vs Ryobi?

Ridgid is better than Ryobi. Considering the power, you will find Ryobi, a kid toy, in front of a brushless Ridgid. Besides, Ridgid offers far more warranty than Ryobi. 

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Final words:

I hope now you have chosen the winner from the Makita vs Ridgid comparison. However, both of the brands covered many features and capabilities and plenty of reasons to go with either one. Since both come from solid construction and productivity, Ridgid will stay at the top considering the power. But it doesn’t mean the die-hard Makita fan will face any problem using their products either.

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