Infinity vs MLCS Router Bits | Which Is The Right Choice in 2023?

What router bit should you use? It’s a question that is asked by many woodworkers, and it can be hard to answer. There are so many different brands out there such as Infinity, MLCS Router Bits, Freud router bits, Amana router bits, Whiteside router bits, Eagle America router bits, Diablo vs Freud router bits, etc. It is difficult to know which one will work the best for your needs. If you’re not sure what router bits you need, then this blog post on Infinity vs MLCS router bits may help make your decision easier!

Infinity & MLCS Router Bits– both of these manufacturers have good options available for use. But in this article, we’ll explore some of the key differences between them so that you can decide what works best for your woodworking project.

Infinity Router Bits

Infinity Router Bits is a unique router bit set that will help you get more done in less time with their high end router bits. This set contains all of the bits necessary for your routing needs, and it’s organized by size to make finding the right bit easy. The durable carrying case includes an integrated magnetic compartment that helps keep your bits secure as well as protected from damage. These bits are made with M2 HSS steel material which means they won’t wear down over time as other materials do!

Key Features:

The infinity bit has a straight shank, which means it will not need to be trimmed down before use like the MLCS bit.

However, we recommend using an infinity round over or chamfer head on its own when routing edges and corners. Because even though they are more expensive than regular round over heads.

These tools produce much smoother results and require less sanding afterwards. Especially in hardwoods.

Infinity chisel-point bits can also achieve great edge profiles without any secondary finishing work at all. The downside of this type of bit is that it requires a lower RPM to cut cleanly through most materials.

So, you might want to invest in some quality power equipment if you plan on using infinity bits regularly.


·         Infinity router bits are a good way to cut through hard materials like wood or metal

·         The Infinity Router Bits are a router bit set with 27 different bits

·         Infinity router bits are more durable and will last longer than other types of router bit

·         Infinity router bits can be used in any type of machine with a power tool


·         Infinity router bits must be sharpened continually after each use. Unless it’s made out of carbide. This process takes time and care. But if you forget, it will ruin the bit

·         Infinity router bits are expensive and hard to find because of their specialized use in power tools only

·         These router bits can’t be used with hand tools, so they’re limited in what you can do with them

MLCS Router Bits

MLCS is a top-quality manufacturer of carbide-tipped router bits and other woodworking tools. MLCS’s products have widely been regarded as some of the best out there for beginners. With professional or pro models available if you need them. Their router bits are a little more expensive than the other brands, but they’re worth it.

Below, we will discuss some notable features of the MLCS Router Bits.

Key Features:

·  Router bits are the main tool used in routing and should be replaced often. The MLCS router bit set is a great option for hobbyists. People who want to make accurate, clean cuts with their router bits.

·  The kit includes 18 different pieces of various shapes (round over rounds, square over squares, etc.). That will come in handy when working on all sorts of projects. From simple edge treatments to complex joinery work. It also comes with a storage rack which ensures everything has its own place. While keeping them within easy reach.

·  Weighing in at just two pounds, this lightweight kit can easily be stored away or taken along anywhere you go! They’re so nice they’ll have you reaching for your router more than ever before. And make you want to take your router with you wherever you go!

·  The MLCS Router Bit Set is a great option for people who are just starting out or have been doing this type of work for years. They’re so durable and reliable that they’ll last through all sorts of projects without any problems at all.


· Made with high-speed steel

· Ball bearing design for durability

· Features a breakaway shank that prevents the bit from getting stuck in the workpiece

· Come in different sizes and you can even order a set of bits that have the same length but are different shapes


· MLCS router bits are more expensive than standard carbide-tipped ones

· They don’t offer as much flexibility in terms of size or shape

Infinity vs MLCS Router Bits- Which one is better?

The infinity bit is designed for routing larger holes in wood. And the cuts are smoother than a typical single hole cutter. On the other hand, an MLCS router bit has multiple holes to make more precise cutting lines on smaller materials such as plywood. The only downside of these machines is their tendency to tear out material when used on end grain. This can be minimized. By using a straight edge clamping system that holds both workpiece and templates securely against each other.

It’s also worth noting that infinity routers come with interchangeable blades. That allows them to handle different tasks without changing tools. This might be beneficial if you need to do many types of jobs at once. The question of which is better- solely depends on your purpose. Infinity router bits provide you smooth cuts when making larger holes, while MLCS router bits can help you cut smaller materials more precisely!

You should also check my article about the Top 3 Best MLCS Router Bits if you are looking to buy some of those too.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Where are MLCS router bits made:

MLCS is based out of Germany where they manufacture all the equipment used to produce their router bits and other cutting tools. Additionally, they offer flat top carbide technology for an even smoother cut.

2. Are cheap router bits any good?

Cheap router bits are not as durable and will need to be replaced more often. Infinity makes their bits in the United States, but infinity’s cheaper line is made overseas. It can lead to quality control issues with these products. MLCS manufactures all of their cutting tools in Germany. Where they have stringent regulations governing emissions from factories located outside of America’s borders.

So, this is an area that infinity also struggles with when manufacturing cheap products there.

Final words

In this debate between which is better- Infinity vs MLCS router bits, we have unleashed all the information you need to decide for yourself. The only true winner depends on your requirements. However, if you’re a beginner, then you can follow our guide and get the tool that is best for you.

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