Husky vs Milwaukee Workbench | Choose The Best One in 2023

Husky and Milwaukee are both stars in the toolbox and tool chest sector; they are part of the Home Depot brand. Both of them contribute a lot with their tool bag, toolbox, and drawers, but the debate about Husky vs Milwaukee workbench is still on.

However, despite being part of the same brand, they have different qualities and impact the users. This article will focus on the two sub-brands equally and bring out all similarities and dissimilarities.

Remember, a separate toolbox is important for your gadgets’ safety and durability; you should know what facilities are the renowned brands providing.

Why Do You Need Workbenches from These Brands?

Workbenches have versatile uses, and you can trust their qualities; you may store the essential tools and use the storages as furniture. Many people prefer not to buy storage bags or boxes for their devices, but it helps store them better.

The tools stay safer in the workbench’s drawers, and you can use it as multiple device storage. On the other hand, you can only store a single tool in its original package; moreover, the pack gets damaged after opening it.

Get a tool bag to carry them with you or a workbench to protect them; here’s a list of budget-friendly Husky workbench and other top branded boxes.

You can get any of these workbenches or storages; moreover, you may use them as a reading table or computer table beside the toolbox.

Husky or Milwaukee, Which One Should You Choose?

1. First of all, you look for ease using a toolbox; you can choose the Husky black-handled one because it’s easy to use. Never bring a floor workbench from Husky because they are difficult to move.

If you’re determined to get a floor toolbox, you may trust the Milwaukee toolbox because they are easier to move and have better wheels.

2. Some renowned branded swivel caster wheels don’t fit well in a mobile workbench from Husky but get along with the Milwaukee. Thus, the latter gets a plus point as a suitable tool storage manufacturer.

3. Next, if you have many tools to store, you will need a spacious chest for that; both brands can provide you with wide boxes. The Milwaukee has spacious workbenches more, but those from Husky have better reviews.

4. Some of you may prefer several drawer functions in your tool storage; you should rely upon Milwaukee for better drawer features.

5. If you want better shape and a single drawer feature, you should get a 48” Husky toolbox floor model with a drawer.

6. Maintenance is a primary factor of any object you buy; no matter what version or product you buy, you will get equal maintenance facilities.

7. If you talk about durability, I can assure you that Husky and Milwaukee workbenches are long-lasting if you can take care.

8. Lastly, another vital concern of a buyer is the tool chest’s price and the brand workers’ services. Milwaukee is slightly ahead of Husky; in that case, they are available at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, the Husky bags, Husky chests, or cabinet workbenches are pretty high in cost. Moreover, the brand has disappointed people with its poor customer service management.

Now you know much about Husky vs Milwaukee tool chest; you can choose either of them. Both of them hold almost the same quality; so, you should choose one according to your needs and preferences.

Have a Brief Look at the Husky vs Milwaukee Workbench Comparison Chart

The comparison chart below will help you differentiate between the two workbenches and figure out the better one.

Husky Workbench

Milwaukee Workbench

This husky workbench offers wooden or metal cabinet options and 1-13 drawers to keep the tools.

Milwaukee workbench offers 15-20 drawers, cabinets, and various facilities.

It is slightly costly; you will have to spend at least $750 to buy a Husky toolbox.

Milwaukee’s workbenches are available at a cheaper rate; you may get a high-quality tool chest spending $500.

These toolboxes are not easy to remove, especially the floor model.

You can move even a heavy one anywhere you want; the wheels are going to help you.

The drawers are not easy to open; it has both advantages and disadvantages. You won’t have any safety issues with Husky.

You can open the drawers and cabinets easily; these chests will provide you every possible comfort.

From the chart,you can understand that Milwaukee is giving their best to become the number one brand, and nobody can beat them. Surprisingly, some toolboxes from Milwaukee have the same features as Husky’s ones.

For instance, the Husky 46” workbench and the Milwaukee 52” toolbox have the same functions, but their sizes vary. You may check the Husky toolbox website to cross-match the similarly featured storages or watch the video above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are the Manufacturing Places of Husky and Milwaukee?

– Both Husky and Milwaukee are parts of The Home Depot; this brand is quite famous in the USA, and the factories were in America. Now, Taiwan and China have taken subsidies and are producing the toolboxes.

2. Aren’t There Other Brands Who Provide Good Quality Workbenches?

-Other brands that manufacture toolboxes (wooden and metal); the names are DeWalt, Viper, Stanley, Keter, Homak, Pelican, etc. They are not the leading brands but hold important places in the market, providing tool chests.

3. Why Does a Workbench Cost a lot?

-If you want to build a long-lasting and high-quality tool saver, you have to use good ingredients; that increases a workbench’s total cost. Moreover, the more advanced functions you will have, the more money you will have to spend.

4.Who makes Husky workbenches?

-Husky founded the home depot in 1924. This tool is a line of hand tools, pneumatic tools, and tool storage products.

Final Words

The choice is upon you; you can choose a suitable model for you, and you can own multiple workbenches. That’s why the article is about Husky vs Milwaukee workbench so that you can select.

However, each of the brands has its unique specialties that make them popular among the natives. Please don’t waste your tools without storing them correctly, and get a workbench within your budget.

Your career will be even brighter once you learn to care for your professional belongings and know what you should own.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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