Husky vs Milwaukee Tool Chest | Which One Is Better in 2023?

The tool chest is the storehouse of your necessary gears. Whether you are doing DIY projects, working indoors or outdoors, or doing professional service requires discovering a suitable tool chest to simplify your tasks. It is the place where tor can store your working gear arranged in a place. 

Being a worker, you must have a tool chest to keep things organized; otherwise, you know how frustrating it is when you don’t find the right tool at the right time. There are huge numbers of cabinets, chests, boxes and workbenches to cover all purposes. Among them, the two most impressive names are Husky and Milwaukee. 

When it comes to finding the best tool chest, these brands always stand out to meet consumer’s demands. At the same point, it gets more complicated to pick one from the best tool chest. That’s why we will make a comparison between Husky vs Milwaukee tool chest. Reading the whole comparison, you will be able to get the right tool chest. Also, read out the most relevant question answers in the last segment of this article. 

Husky vs Milwaukee Tool Chest

Husky and Milwaukee are both US-based tool-making brands. These brands have been faithfully trending for years. But there are only a few shops where to buy husky tool chest. Same as for Milwaukee tool chest. They have their own online website and shops to sell their products. Both brands manufacture various gears, chests, toolboxes, and cabinets. 

Husky and Milwaukee produce quality tool box & chests in different sizes and shapes. Milwaukee the smallest tool chest is 30,and the biggest is 60” but the 46” tool chest is more popular among the users. On the other hand, Husky offers from 27” to 72” tool chests, but most mechanics choose 46, 52 or 53 inches tool chests. 


A tool chest is a great solution to store handheld gear and keep them organized, so you need such a durable and high-capacitive storage chest where you can keep things organized. The storage chest requires durability to handle heavy gears. The build quality determines how long you can utilize the chest. Though the storage capacity is different for the chest size, you will have similar build-quality among them. 

Husky has made a high-quality tool chest that is really hard to beat. The tool chest is constructed with welded steel that is durable enough, and the upper has a rust-resistant powder coating black paint finish. So there will be no rust after using it for years. On the top, it has a solid wood surface with a dimension of 46 in. x 24 in. This wide area allows you to work on the top or measure something. 

Milwaukee produces a quality tool box , chest and workbench but the durability is not as strong as Husky. The Milwaukee chest has an Angle Iron Reinforced Frame for a strong base, and the whole construction is made of an integrated metal peg wall. The build quality of the tool box and chest is relatively strong.  

On the interior, the chest has a glossy powder coating matt finish. The whole chest has black and red color combination that looks pretty attractive. But the glossy finish shows every greasy fingerprint with visible details.  


Drawers are the main component in a tool chest. So it should be robust enough to hold up your heavy tools. The drawer slide also should be smoother as you frequently need to open the drawers. Moreover, more drawers mean more capacity to store tools. 

In the Husky 46” tool chest, you will have a total of 9 drawers. The top drawer has 41.5 in. W x 21.7 in. D x 4.0 in. H. Then four small drawers have 19.4 in. W x 21.7 in. D x 3.0 in. H. Next, two medium drawers have 19.4 in. W x 21.7 in. D x 3.5 in. H.

Finally, two large drawers have 19.4 in. W x 21.7 in. D x 9.4 in. H. Each drawer has two full balls bearing extensions for easy and smooth slides. The drawers can support up to 100 lbs. The total weight capacity is 1200 lbs. You can securely close the drawers with the latch retention system. 

The Milwaukee 46” tool chest has 16 drawers adjusting themselves in a traditional way. The lid on the top gives extra storage, and after lifting it, you can use the surface to keep a notebook and or something. On the bottom, the chest has one wide shallow drawer and split the rest.

Rather than long drawers on the bottom, it combines small drawers so that you can conserve the tools in a more organized way. On the right, there are three shallow drawers and one deep drawer. 

Each drawer in the Milwaukee tool chest has 100 pound capacities, and the two larger ones can handle 200 pounds thanks to its easy drawer slides. So the total capacity is combined up to 1800 pounds. There are 5″ industrial casters for further improvement. 


Mobility means the portability feature in a tool chest. Portability is important when you need to move around the chest. The tool chest needs to be lightweight to increase mobility. Husky has heavy-duty steel construction, so the weight is pretty heavy. It weighs around 200 pounds. But the ergonomic handle and 5 in. x 2 in. casters allow you to move around. 

The Milwaukee tool chest looks portable, but the weight is much more massive. Its total weight is around 400 pounds, which is quite heavier considering the other brands. The chest is not as portable as Husky.

Though this chest also has rollers and handles to move, so you worry while working on the workshop. The plus point is the lower part can be detached from the upper chest that increases portability. 

Power tool organizer

A power tool organizer is a significant feature in a tool chest. Using the feature, you can easily run those gears which need electric power. Between these two models, this power organizer feature makes a huge difference. 

The Milwaukee tool chest has a power tool organizer that is connected with a USB power cable. So you don’t look for multiple power connectors; you can power up the machine using the tool chest. On the other hand, the Husky tool chest doesn’t have the power connection feature that lessens the chest’s versatility. 

Husky Tool ChestMilwaukee Tool Chest 
1. Made of heavy-duty welded steel.Features electric tool organizer.
2. 1200 pound storage capacity. More storage capacity of 1800 pounds.
3. Portable design.Total 16 drawers with a smooth slider.
4. Includes 5” clusters to move around.Durable and strong construction.
5. Affordable price. Glossy matt red color coating.
1.Zero color option.Expensive price.
2. No electric tool organizer. Less portable. 

Husky vs Milwaukee Tool Chest: Which One Is Better?

Comparing the features and capacity of these two models, you may get the reason why you should pick a Husky or Milwaukee tool chest. 

The husky tool chest is a durable one that comes in 9 drawers, including two large and deep drawers to keep long machines and accessories. The chest has 1800 pounds of capacity, and the price is also affordable. If you don’t have a higher budget than Husky is the ideal choice for you. They are large as well as light enough.

If you are planning to carry the stuff from one place to another, then the Husky will be perfect. It is very helpful while completing a stationary project, and you don’t need to run for a single tool back and forth from your workplace to your chest. However, you will get 3 years of warranty with the chest. 

On the contrary, the Milwaukee tool chest is more expensive than the Husky. But it offers so many features and functions for the price. You will get a strong frame and construction and ample storage to keep your stuff. It includes 16 drawers combining shallower and deeper to inches versatility. 

Moreover, on the sides, it has a screwdriver holder and sliding tray to keep things. Most importantly, it has an electric connectivity organizer, which you won’t get with a Husky tool chest. If you have to use the electronic machines frequently, then it will be a great selection. Overall, if the budget and features confront your expectations, Milwaukee tool chest won’t disappoint you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who makes husky tool chests?

Husky is the manufacturer of hand tools and storage products. Husky tool chests and husky workbenches are made under the Home Depot brand name. This brand was founded in 1924. Since then, they are formerly manufactured in the United States. Now they are spreading their name worldwide. 

2. Where are Husky tool chests made?

Husky is a US-based manufacturing brand. But now, they are largely made in China and Taiwan. Though the product’s quality is satisfying, so no matter where they are made. 

3. Are Husky tool chests any good?

Husky tool chests are priced relatively reasonably, but the features give the chest a good value. You can use the chest lifetime. There are so many varieties in size and features. So it will be a long-lasting investment for you. 

4. What is the best tool chest for the money?

Many think it is tough to get a high-quality product on a budget. If you look at this article, you will realize it is pretty easy to get the best tool box or chest for the money. Here, you can pick a Husky tool chest that gives you the best value for the money. It has ample storage capacity that helps to keep your things organized. It is portable, still carrying a robust construction. That’s why Husky comes with 3 years of warranty. If the tool chest fails, the brand will replace it without any cost. 

Final Words

Husky and Milwaukee both produce reliable products on the market. Each of them will last for years. They have metal construction, but they won’t get any rust. While it is confusing to get the best tool chest among these two popular brands, this comparison article will help you out. Reading it fully, you can make a wise decision which one will perfectly suit your workstation. 

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