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5 Best Hoof Nippers for Small Hands | Reviews & Buying Guide

What could be a challenging part to use a hoof nipper? The majority of the users will say, holding it correctly. Thus farriers often look for hoof nippers for small hands. 

Taking care of a horse requires a great deal of effort. Their foot care is especially considered the most critical concern. People thus tend to spend a huge time finding proper grooming tools.

This nurturing starts with trimming their hooves properly. A hoof nipper serves the purpose of whoever has a horse to take care of needs to have a useful tool to trim. 

A firm grip increases the effectiveness of this item. That’s why many people look for the small yet firm nipper. So how would you find a suitable hoof nipper? This content is here to help.

In The Market, You ‘ll Find These Types of Nippers

  • Original Styling: These nippers give a stylish finishing. You can easily use this well-balanced tool and meet all the trimming needs of your horse.
  • Easy use: These are more useful to groom performance stallions. They come with instant trimming facilities. Also, this cutter reduces tiredness.
  • Spring-attached: This nipper has a built-in spring. It also has a strong jam bolt. Thus, you can use it single-handedly. 

Best Hoof Nippers for Small Hands in 2022

There are many brands producing hoof nippers for horses. All of them ultimately come with the same feature. However, users have diversified priorities. 

Thus, you will find different types of nippers in the market. A major challenging issue of this tool is the grip. For small hands, it is tough to use reasonable force. 

People with weak arms might find the item hard to control. Certain brands serve them with proper tools. Some of them include:-

1. Miniature Hoof Nipper

This brand is an ideal model for small hand users. People can use it single-handedly. Miniature 10 Inch Hoof Nipper from this brand are best for small hand user.

This is made with vanadium steel. As a result, you can expect a resilient experience from this tool.

The blades are acute enough to cut hard hoof walls. This clipper also ensures even shapes of edges. The handle is lightweight. Interestingly, you can enjoy these benefits at a low price.

2. Channellock Nipper

It is famous for its sharpness. This brand offers heavy-duty nippers. Thus, they are used to trim healthy hooves.

However, its handles are easy to manage. If you have a small hand, Channellock 10 Inch End Cutting Nippers from this brand are for you. This tool can cut very strong hooves with even edges. Users can manage it single-handedly.

This nipper is made from a steel alloy. There’s a carbon coating as well. Therefore, it won’t get dull after a few uses.

It has rubber grip facilities. Thus, you can hold and use it properly. The protection from rust ensures a long life of the tool.

3. Diamond Hoof Nippers

They have intense heat treatment. This unique feature makes the tools sharp and accurate. Also, they last longer for metal quality.

Thanks to the sharpness, this tool can trim all kinds of hooves. The measurement will also be proper. Also, it comes with a plastic handle. Thus, this item is easy to handle.

This nipper has many measurements. It is mainly available in 10″, 12″, 14″, 15″, and 16″. Among these, Diamond N10, 10-Inch Nail Cutting Nipper serves great for small-handed users. People who need extra comfort to use nippers will find 10″ nippers or nail-cutters more suitable.

4. Tough-1 Professional Nipper

Just like the name itself, it is challenging. This company has some adequate tools for hoof nipping. They are admired for the steel quality. 

They are available in many sizes. However, 10″, 12″, 14″, 15″ and 16″”. Among these, the Tough-1 Professional 10 inch Hoof Nipper serves great for small-handed users.

It has a double beveled sharpness. Thus, this nipper prevents extra bending or scratching. It also has a long-lasting blade.

5. GE Hoof Nippers

They are considered market leaders. These nippers are made from vanadium steel. They are designed to provide the perfect cut and shape. 

The curved jaws give a proper finishing. Also, its oval nip makes the job easier. The accuracy and comfort are the main factors of this brand.

These nippers are mainly available in 12″, 14″, RT 14″ and 15″. The tools are available in different types, such as:

– EZ Nipper

– Half-round nipper

– Pull-off

– Nail puller

– Classic Nipper

– Curved Jaws

Among these options, small users can comfortably use a GE Easy 12 Inch Hoof Nipper. It gives a great grip with faster performance.

Buying Guide: Characteristics of An Exemplary Cutter

You might find many cheap nippers in the market. However, it is essential to remember that low price always doesn’t let you win. In the case of choosing a proper tool for your horse’s feet, you need to analyze it deeply.

An ideal hoof nipper will have the following features:-

  • A parallel blade that gives a light reflection. The blade should have a slight chip in-between.
  • The tool should be easy to open and close
  • It should get proper heating.
  • The material quality is another important factor. The handle should be bouncy yet firm. As a whole, the tool should be lightweight.  

Importance of Hooves

A horse is admired for its speed and structure. A stallion captivates us with its movement. The hooves are responsible for ensuring their agile speed. It maintains the horse’s movement. This speedy beast has an incredible velocity. Thus it creates an intense jolt while moving.

These four tiny hooves absorb those risky jolts to protect the horse’s feet. Therefore, this part is known as the base of the movement. If these portions get damaged, eventually, a horse will lose its mobility.

Besides, if you don’t trim them regularly, they might grow abnormally long. These hooves also grow like our finger-nails with time being. Thus, they need trimming regularly. This process has some specific steps to follow. 

Hoof Nippers to Rescue

Horse hooves are more vital than usual toe-nails. Also, they have a specific shape to maintain. Therefore, the trimming process also requires a specialized tool.

Hoof nippers are steel-made tools we use to cut the hooves. This item looks like pliers. However, the cutter has a sharper edge. Their standard length ranges from 10 to 15 inches.

How to Use Hoof Nipper 

The effective trimming process needs to follow specific steps. You can get a perfect finishing by using a nipper in the following pattern:  

  • Closely observe the hoof and the horse’s movement and determine the portion you might trim.
  • Cut the spare part from the hoof sole.
  • Trim the bars to level the surface.
  • Carve the loose ends from the hoof. 
  • Nip the hoof-wall. This process starts from the toe and moves around the heel. 
  • After finishing the trimming, check the balance of the feet. 

This procedure requires focus and proper tools. Sometimes this nipper could be tough to handle. Mostly, people with small hands face many difficulties using some nippers. This trimming needs a stronghold on the horse’s feet. Thus, a properly sized tool is essential here. 

For healthier people, any trimmer might help. However, people who’ve less control over the tools should consider certain things. Therefore, it is essential to choose a suitable hoof nipper for small hands.

Final Note

Identifying a suitable hoof nippers for small hands requires research. You need to find out your priority first. After that, you match them with the available brands.

It is not always the size you may consider. Rather you might see the materials and sharpness too. 

Eventually, all the leading brands will have certain features. Finding a combination matching your needs is important. With proper judgment, you may get your best-suited tool.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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