Festool vs Dewalt | Know The Better One for Your Power Tool Assistant

Do you love to enrich your power toolbox with several essential arsenals? There are two most credible and popular brands for power tools; the Festool and Dewalt.

Good to know that both Festool and Dewalt brands are highly recognizable to people for the best products. It is recommended to choose one brand when you have to buy a lot of power tools. So, you may be confused to determine Festool vs Dewalt, which one would be better? 

This article has covered our extensive research on multiple products of these two brands. So, stay reading to know with which you will go?

A Brief History of Festool & DeWalt

Each of these brands has come with its reputation and credibility. And these have stood out for a few decades with quality power tools. So, let’s start. 

Firstly, we are discussing the Dewalt brand. Raymond E established the Dewalt brand in 1923, and it is two years older than Festool. It is also popular with the name Stanley Black & Decker. Also, know that the first radial arm saw was the greatest revolution of the Raymond Dewalt brand. Do note the headquarter of this brand is situated at Towson in Maryland. At current time Dewalt has gained first place in the world for producing the best power tools. Another good thing is that tradespeople and DIYers are both using Dewalt products. 

In terms of Festool, it is also a popular and credible brand. Festool power tools brand established in 1925. However, the founder of the Festool brand was two people named Albert Fester and Gottlieb Stoll. And interestingly this brand is known later as a Fester and Stool. In 1933 both names were shortened and turned into Festo. 

After that in 1992, Festo brand created another brand named Festo tool technique. Also, know that this tool technique spin-off brand had completely turned into a power tool brand in 2000. And that spin-off brand is popular now as the Festool brand. The owner of Festool brand is the Festo group and GbbH & Co. It is situated now at Wendlingen in Germany. At the same time, Festool is a subsidiary organization of TTS Tooltechnic Systems Holding Company. 

Recently, Festool is a small brand of 1000 employees. And the starting revenue of the Festool brand was 340 million Euros. Most importantly, Festool is the only brand that has made the portable chainsaw in 1927. 

Although it is a Germany-based company, it operates a huge subsidiary company in several countries. 

Festool vs DeWalt: Which Offers Better Quality?

Festool and Dewalt both brands are making versatile power tools. We have made this comparison guide based on the most important power tools available in both brands. 

Drill Screwdriver (Festool vs Dewalt)

Festool DWC 18-4500 Drill Screwdriver

It is an excellent drill for drywall, having an automatic push and drive system. At the same time, it has a user-serviceable magazine, EC TEC brushless motor, electronic circuit, and precision depth controlling system. So, you don’t need to hold the trigger. Also, this Festool drill reduces the user’s effort. Do note DWC can provide a more accurate result with minimal fatigue. Here are the common features of this Festool drill.


It ensures the most efficiency in drilling because it has up to 4500 RPM motor power. Likewise, the auto magazine system combined the screws and made the task faster. Besides, there is an impulse drive system to increase the battery life. 


You can rely on this for super durability because it comes with EC TEC brushless motor, serviceable magazine that makes the drilling task faster. Good to know that DWC has 3-years of warranty. 


It has an electric and mechanical depth controlling system with an automatic cut-off system that can prevent over-driven fasteners. 

Dewalt DCF620D2K Drill Screwdriver

It is a nice drywall drill with a combination mechanism. In each charge, this brushless motor attached drill offers you 700 screws. Here are some key features of the Dewalt drill.

Motor power:

Dewalt has a little bit less motor power than the Festool drill. It has 4400 RPM power. The highly efficient motor can perfectly drill with maximum run time. 


The Dewalt drill is three times lightweight than the DWC drill. So, you can access and move it easily. Even it is suitable to work in a small space. 

Work speed:

It can work faster than the Festool drill because it has a combined magazine and screws to remove the drill faster. Also, this drill is easier to clean. 

So, you can easily choose one from festool vs dewalt drill because you have already known about their features. 

Festool vs Dewalt Miter saw

Dewalt miter Saw

When you compare festool vs dewalt miter saw, the Dewalt produced the best miter saw with high capacity cutting power. And it is working for the last few decades for professional use because it can handle all complex woodworking projects. The speed is 15 amp. 


It is extremely efficient and precise and is promising to provide accurate cuts each time. 


Dust is a common issue while you are using a miter saw. In this case, Dewalt offers dust-free cutting because it has a dust collecting system that reduces the dust to prevent the eyes from it. 

Festool Kapex:

Festool Kapex is designed for a more accurate result. Good to know that it comes with two lasers. Besides, it allows you to change the cutting blade within a short time. 


The Festool Kapex is much lighter than the Dewalt miter saw. As a result, you can carry and transport it from one place to another. 


The functions and access system are easier than the Dewalt. So, it doesn’t need to extend more to adjust. 


Festool Kapex is more expensive than the Dewalt miter saw. You need to spend $1475 for Festool Kapex. 

Festool vs Dewalt Sander

When it comes to the Festool vs Dewalt sander, we have Festool first. So, let’s know about it. 

Festool Sander

It is designed with less vibration mechanism than Dewalt sander. So, you can use this for a long-time work. Then, Festool ensures hand and ear comfort when you will work with it. Also, you can do versatile work than the Dewalt sander after using the Festool sander. The weight, volts, and watts of Festool are respectively 3.63 pounds and have 120 volts and 250 watts. 

Dewalt sander:

Dewalt sander is comparatively less expensive than the Festool sander. 

You may rely on Dewalt because of its highly rated customer reviews. Dewalt sander has 55 ratings with 4.6 out of 5. The weight is Dewalt is 1.6 pounds, and the volts is 20. 

Warranty (Dewalt vs Festool)

Both of these brands are highly credible due to the great warranty service. These brands offer different periods of warranty like the short term and lifetime as per the product. 


Dewalt offers a lifetime warranty for the majority of its power tools. At the same time, they are providing three to seven years of warranty based on product type. Also, all of the Dewalt brand’s power tools have 30 days money-back guarantee. 


In terms of the Festool brand, they provide 30 days money-back guarantee for all of their products. Also, theory promised to repair or replace any defective products for up to 10 years. Besides, they have some other products except power tools that come with two to three years of warranty. 

Product Portfolio (Dewalt vs Festool)


Festool products portfolio is decent in size but not huge in number. And the quality of this brand is so high. The cordless, corded power tools, several types of driver, versatile saw, and varieties of dust extractions tools are included in their production. 


Dewalt is precise in quality and quantity. The range of Dewalt production is very wide. They are producing every kind of power tool that man can need. One of the Dewalt brand’s great uniqueness is that it is for carpentry and other trade and construction work. 

Which one is the best for you?

When it comes to taking a decision point, then you have to define as per your requirement. We have figured out these top brands, but it is slightly tricky to choose one from them. 

However, your specific requirement will help you in this case. If you need to do carpentry as a professional person, then Festool would be best for you. Festool brands come with long-lifespan, product quality, and warranty service, but remember that Festool products are fairly expensive than Dewalt brands. 

On the contrary, the Dewalt brand is best for trade and home use. The product quality is a little bit less than the Festool, but it comes with versatile benefits. 

Some Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s):

1. Is Festool better than Makita?

The Festool and Makita are both the greatest power tools brands ever. If you compare between festool vs Makita, the Makita is affordable than the Festool, and it is suitable for both trade and home use. Even the Makita brand is better for both heavy-duty and lighter carpentry tasks. 

On the other hand, Festool is expensive, and it is specifically made for trade use. That means Festool can handle all types of heavy-duty carpentry. 

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2. Is Festool made in China?

Not actually; the Festool is made in china. However, it comes from a powerful combination of German manufacturing and china engineering. 

3. What does Festool stand for?

The Festool stands for producing versatile power tools, and it comes from Germany. The Festool brand produced from both GmbH & Co. KG company in Wendlingen. And it is the subsidiary company of TTS Tooltechnic Systems holding company. Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Fezerare are the founder of this brand. 

4. Where is DeWalt made?

Dewalt is made in Maryland in Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

5. Why are Festool products so expensive?

Festool products are so expensive because they have produced many better-quality products. Every product of Festool brands is manufactured either in Europe or America. 

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Final Words:

Festool vs Dewalt comparison explores the key points of two popular power tool brands. Being confused between these brands is not right because both brands have some specific logic to choose from those. Festool is higher in quality and price and best professional use. On the other hand, Dewalt is a little bit lower in quality and price. But it comes with versatile benefits.  

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