CMT vs Freud Saw Blades | Which One You Will Pick in 2023?

A power saw is an essential component for woodworkers, and you need the best saw blades to operate. The saw blade section is very big in the home improvement industry. You need a quality saw blade to do your job nicely. 

Table saw is important to complete large tasks at ease. You can make a more even and precise cut with a good saw blade. The best saw blade helps to attain intended results, and you can make your DIY projects successful. 

CMT and Freud are the favorite names for almost all woodworkers. These brands provide high-quality saw blades that bring life to any project. Selecting one of them is quite confusing because of their popularity. That’s why check out the comparison between CMT vs Freud saw blades. Also, give a look at the relevant question answers.  

Comparison: CMT vs Freud Saw Blades 

Modern power saw blades are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. But picking one of the best circular saw blades is significant for any project. It looks simple, but you can enjoy its efficiency by using a certain saw blade. 

CMT and Freud are the most leading brands that produce high-quality saw blades. Both of them provide accurate cuts. In the case of choosing one, it feels mixed up. We will compare the key features to find out the best saw blade for you. 


The saw blades look simple in design. In reality, there is more complexity of technical appreciation. The saw blades have certain hook and grind angles, sound dampening slots, gullet designs, and thickness to fit specific cuts. 

CMT flows the same technique that they are used to their router bits so that you can get the best performance. CMT anti-vibration blades resist chattering during cutting. As a result, it lengthens the vitality of blades. You can imply a flawless cut using the anti-vibration blade. The blade also has little hook-shaped cuts to lessen the noise while expanding and contracting. 

Freud saw blades are designed using powerful laser technology. Its special kick-back reducing design provides more safety with the blade’s revolutionary design. Each blade has a cheap limiter before each tooth so that it restricts tooth bites for maximum safety. 

Though the CMT blade has a hook-shaped cut for anti-vibration, Freud is the first inventor of this slot. It looks like a question mark. This trademark works to decrease noise and let for expansion while doing the heated operations. Overall, Freud saw blades provide perfect zero vibration performance. 


The quality of the saw blades depends on the raw materials. So you need to make sure to use the highest quality materials. There are two parts: steel and carbide. CMT utilizes the super 42-44 Rockwell hardness steel and the best grades of micro-grain carbides. If you ask about: are CMT saw blades good, then we will tell definitely they are. Their high-grade materials make them the best. 

Comparing the material, Freud saw blades are more durable than CMT. 46-48 RC hard steel is used as a core material. So higher numbers in the RC scale mean Freud is tougher. Besides, the manufacturer combines its own high-density Ti-Co TM and High-Density Carbide. Freud has made a unique solvent combining Titanium, Cobalt, and Tungsten, giving more precise cuts whether the application is. 


CMT saw blades contain large gullets that made for precise crosscuts and rip cuts. You can customize deep and effective chip clearance. CMT saw blades are compatible with different saws, including radial arm saws, circular saws, table saws, hardwood, and plywood saws. 

On the contrary, Freud saw blades give an impressive performance with laser-cut stabilizer vents. This blade effectively traps vibration and noise so that it stays cool and decreases blade wrap. Moreover, when the blade reduces heat, you will get straightness and trueness. The specialty of the saw blade is it can cut through various types of materials and can be manipulated for a variety of circular saw. 

Saw blade size and weight

Saw blade size and weight are different according to its model and blade teeth. You can get the CMT and Freud saw blades in various sizes and teeth. Researching the latest 10-inch CMT saw blades review, we have found that it has 1FTG + 4ATB teeth, including a 5/8 – inch bore. The saw blade is relatively heavy at 1.6 pounds. Anyway, it is suitable for tough applications. 

Freud Diablo’s 10-inch saw blade contains 50 teeth with an ATB combination. There is also a 5/8 arbor but the variation is the protective coating that staves off corrosion. The Freud saw blade is lighter weight than CMT. It has only 4.8 ounces and f weight. Having a lightweight design, there is less strain on the tool and offers precision performance in the long run. 

Grinding & Tensioning.

CMT saw blades are nicely polished and tensioned, which leads to a superior and smooth finish. The central bore has ground finished so that it can precisely fit on the saw arbor. During rotation, it provides perfect concentricity. There are two categories of CMT circular blades: orange chrome and industrial circular blade. So you can pick according to your workload. 

Freud saw blades feature a protective coating layer of Perma-shield that protects the blades from extreme heat and corrosion. The coating elongates its life by three times. Freud has many categories for specific cuts. For example, the Avanti blade’s addition is for plywood, giving the finest and smoothing edges without any tear. The Diablo series is designed for the construction and remodeling demand. You will get suitable saw blades to meet your potential demands. 


The pricing range is one of the most significant factors to consider. Relating the two brands, CMT saw blades are more reasonable than Freud saw blades. Though the price range is high according to the quality, category, and model. As an industrial category, the Freud saw blade’s price as high. 

CMT vs Freud Saw Blades: Pros and cons

CMT Freud
1. Provides deep and accurate cuts.Gives a smooth and precise cut without any tear.
2. Perfect for rips and crosscut. Made with laser-cut stabilizers. 
3. Includes large gullets.Effectively resists vibration and blade heat. 
4. Fits on various types of a power saw.Includes a protective layer to prevent corrosion. 
5. One saw blade is suitable for various materials. Made of higher-grade steel. 
1. Not as durable as its competitor. Thinner and lighter saw blades. 
2. Small vents on the saw design. Specific saw category for specific materials. 

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Verdict: which one will you choose?

The popularity of the two brands is very high. So it is tough to obtain the right saw blades. According to their features, you can pick the best-suited saw blades. 

CMT saw blades are famous for their precision and deep cut. The quality is also satisfying. The versatility of the CMT saw blades are very impressive. You can use one blade for multiple power saws and cut various types of materials. People who are widely engaged in the home improvement sector can buy the CMT saw blades. They may be a contractor, homeowners, or furniture woodworkers. If you want more value for your money, then purchasing this blade will be worthwhile.   

Freud is known for its most extreme saw blades. The brand has many series with different sizes and designs. Each model is built for a specific task. For extreme level industrial work, Freud will give the best performance. All the Freud saw blades are very strong and durable. There is less vibration and heat. Moreover, the protective layer makes the blade corrosion-free and you can use the blade for a longer time. 

Some Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

1. Are CMT saw blades good?

To ensure the best quality, CMT saw blades are manufactured through CNC machines. This machine uses advanced technology to control the highest quality on every blade. The saw blades are based on laser cutting. This type of steel cut doesn’t stress the plate during cutting and resist wrapping. 

2.  Are Freud saw blades good?

Freud is an Italy-based manufacturer, and it uses the most innovative and higher technology to deliver premium quality. It produces its own carbide to make the saw blades more efficient and durable. Freud formulates each tool for each specific application and maximizes cutting life and overall performance. That’s why Freud is more advanced in innovation and premium quality. 

Final Words

After relating the two brands, we can say that CMT and Freud saw blades are quite the same in the case of a precision, smooth and deep cut. CMT saw blades have more versatility, and accuracy is impressive. 

But balancing the features, Freud gives you more. These blades allow completing your woodwork more easily and smoothly. Using the circular blades, there will be less wrapping, noise, and overheating. They are made of robust steel so that they can handle the toughest materials. Now, the final decision is up to you. Comparing the features and price, you can get the best one. 

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