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8 Best Ridgid Cordless Tools Review | Are Ridgid Tools Good?

While looking for the best cordless tool brand, every carpenter might have come across Ridgid’s name. Are Ridgid tools any good? Are they worthy of investment?

The Brand Ridgid has received customer’s love & support due to its great value. Ridgid cordless power tools offer classy & professional performance with lifetime service. Their service agreement promises to provide lifetime battery replacements. Such quality & service would attract every customer out there. I bet you are also interested in the Ridgid Cordless Tools Review to purchase the best ones. 

In this context, we have reviewed the best Ridgid brand tools along with a buying guide. After going through our article, you will grab a clear concept of which cordless tools will suit you the most. So, read on and enrich the workshop with the best power tools!

Our Top Picks: Reason to Choose The Best Ridgid Cordless Tools

1. Best Cordless Jig Saw Of Ridgid: Ridgid R8832B 18V Cordless Jig Saw

It comes with a brushless motor which is quite fast and efficient. The cuts are quite fine and precise as well. 

2. Best Cordless Sander For Superior Dust Collection: Ridgid R8606B 18V Cordless Sander

Ridgid air guard technology offers the best dust collection for the workshop. 

3. Best Cordless Impact Wrench: Ridgid R86011B 18 V Li-ion Impact Wrench

Ridgid 18V impact wrench is the torquey-est wrench in the market even though it is quite cheaper. 

4. Best Impact Wrench For Adequate Power Supply: RIDGID 18V Brushless ⅜-inch Impact Wrench

Best Brushless Subcompact impact wrench due to its great power supply and variable speed modes.

5. Best Radio For Incredible Sound Quality: Ridgid R84087 Cordless Jobsite Radio With Bluetooth

We loved this jobsite radio for its awesome portability and crispy sound quality.

6. Best cordless drill for battery life: RIDGID R860052 Cordless Compact Drill/Driver

Rigid cordless drill provides excellent performance with extended battery life. 

7. Best Cordless Drill For Heavy-duty Performance: Ridgid Fuego R86008 Compact Speed Drill

the compact drill is quite effective and can handle heavy-duty jobs.

8. Best Cordless Circular Saw For Amazing Battery Life: Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 Cordless 18V Circular Saw

We liked the 7-¼ inch circular saw as it is quite handy. The Ridgid battery can support a user for a long time, which is best in this price range.

8 Best Ridgid Cordless Tools Reviews In 2022

As you have opened up our content, I believe you wish to invest in the best Ridgid cordless tool parts. Either a carpenter wishes to purchase the best hammer drill, drill, impact driver or saws, Ridgid has a fine collection. 

Wherever a buyer invests, the tools should be worthy enough. Porter cable is also a great competitor but relating Porter cable vs Ridgid, the Ridgid has more powerful tools. We have come up with the ridgid cordless multi tool review. Rely on our recommendations and choose the right one for the workshop!

1. Ridgid R8832B 18V Cordless Jig Saw

The brand Ridgid has introduced a cordless jigsaw that features a highly productive brushless motor. It promises to deliver 45% faster performance than before. Moreover, the company has featured a lifetime service agreement with this cordless Jigsaw.


Brand: Ridgid

Item Dimensions: (10.24″x 9.45″ x 3.94″)

Power Source: Cordless-electric

Batteries: 2 Li-ion batteries

Weight: 4.15 lbs

Key Features

  • The Ridgid Jigsaw is made of high-quality, durable materials.
  • Its high-performance motor can provide 45% fast trimming.
  • Ridgid saw blade can provide precise cuts through both wood and metal. 
  • The saw is quite handy and easy to control as well.
  • The company has included all necessary equipment like a saw blade along with the package.

What Does The Customer Like? 

It’s a great tool with high durability and fantastic performance. In order to be eligible for enjoying the lifetime warranty, purchase the Ridgid Jigsaw from Home depot.

What They Don’t

Doesn’t come with any dust blower which is insufficient.

2. Ridgid R8606B 18V Cordless Sander

Ridgid has brought their 18 V cordless sander, which is quite efficient. Their products have undergone multiple testing, basic cleaning and inspection before being released in the market. They provided all relevant accessories while shipping. A customer can also enjoy a lifetime warranty with lifetime battery replacements. 


Brand: Ridgid

Dimensions: (8.82″x 5.91″x 5.71″)

Voltage: 18 V

Power Source: Battery

Key Features

  • The Ridgid 18 V sander can collect more than 90% of the dust by modern air-guard technology. Thus, the working space remains clean and smooth.
  • Brakes pads and soft starts tend to prevent the work surface’s gouges.
  • Its variable speed has made the work easier than ever before.
  • The vacuum adapter can fit from 1-¼” to 2-½ inches vacuum hose.
  • The cheap cordless sander is easy to handle and manoeuvre.
  • The sander is durable and highly stable.
  • The company sells the battery & charger with the pack.

What Does The Customer Like? 

The cordless Ridgid sander performs incredibly. Its variable speed increases work convenience. Ridgid batteries also offer great battery life. You will get a Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer with this product.

What They Don’t

The cordless sander is relatively heavy. 

3. Ridgid R86011B 18 V Li-ion Impact Wrench

Either it’s a job of attaching a nut or removing a socket, a Ridgid impact wrench will perform it efficiently. This cordless impact wrench can work for hours in the jobsite just by the power supply from 18 V batteries. 450 ft-lbs torque, auto mode, variable speed and LED lighting system has made this model perfect for multitasking.


Brand: Ridgid

Dimensions: (8.4″x 7.7″x 3.5″)

Build Material: Plastic Built

Material: Plastic

Finishing: Brushed

Torque: 450 Ft-lbs

Key Features

  • Ridgid impact wrench offers four different speed levels for a convenient user experience with different fasteners.
  • The company has featured a tri-beam led, which activates after pulling the trigger. A user can even turn the LED light on by a separate trigger for outside usage.
  • The modern ‘auto mode’ facilitates automatic shut down to prevent stripping after a tight grab.
  • The brushless motor is quite effective and efficient for long-lasting performance.

What Does The Customer Like?

The Ridgid cordless impact wrench is awesome for its durability, performance and quality. Actually, it is the torquey-est impact range available in this price range. This model is way lighter than Dewalt or Kobalt ones.

What They Don’t

The package doesn’t come with any battery. However, a customer can just purchase it separately from Home depot.

4. RIDGID 18V Brushless ⅜-inch Impact Wrench

We have highlighted the Ridgid ⅜-inch impact wrench under the Ridgid battery tools review due to its long run time and motor life. The company has designed it with four unique modes for user convenience. Because of such facilities, Ridgid 18V ⅜-inch impact wrench is necessary for every workshop.


Brand: Ridgid

Head Style: Hex

Dimensions: 8.58″x 6.22″x 4.09″

Voltage: 18 V

Torque: 225 Ft-lbs

Weight: 2.66 lbs

Key Features

  • Ridgid brushless motor technology offers 50% longer run time and motor power.
  • By using Multiple mode settings (4 modes), a carpenter can perform heavy-duty jobs precisely.
  • Variable three-speed, auto shut-off for tightening, and 220 ft-lbs breakaway torque ensure a better user experience.
  • LED lights make the workspace comfortable by illumination.
  • The friction ring facilitates fast socket alternation.

What Does The Customer Like?

Auto mode is quite helpful and effective. The 18V Li-ion battery provides huge power for this rouged impact wrench. The perfect tool for fast and easy wrenching.

What They Don’t 

You won’t get the lifetime warranty service if you purchase it from a 3rd party shop.

5. Ridgid R84087 Cordless Jobsite Radio With Bluetooth 

In order to be cheerful and entertained, a cordless radio is essential. Just plug it into the workplace wall, and the radio will be ready to play some amazing songs. The modern Ridgid phone app is convenient for better control. If you want a durable radio with high battery life, the Ridgid R84087 Cordless radio is good to go.


Brand: Ridgid

Colour: Gray

Voltage: 18 V

Power Source: Battery or AC Outlet

Dimensions: 18.35″x 9.49″x 9.21″

Build Material: Plastic Built

Weight: 10.93 lbs

Key Features

  • A user can empower the Ridgid radio with 18 V Li-ion batteries or an AC cord. 
  • Though the company doesn’t provide any batteries, AC cords are included for a bit of assistance.
  • The brand has developed the Ridgid app to control the radio remotely. The app is compatible with smartphones.
  • The radio also comes with USB charging for better utility.
  • A user can play music on the radio from AM, Aux, FM radio or Bluetooth. 
  • The radio is quite portable as well.

What Does The Customer Like?

The weather-resistant radio offers awesome sound quality. The battery run time is satisfactory, and Bluetooth connects without any hitch as well.

What They Don’t 

You won’t get a charger with the box.

6. RIDGID R860052 Cordless Compact Drill/Driver

Ridgid cordless drill is a robust tool that can be your best companion at home improvement work or job site. This robust drill features a 2-speed motor that provides up to 1500 RPM speed. The speed is outstanding to complete any work smoothly. 

The drill’s action can be fixed within a 24 position torque collar. Whether you are doing delicate or heavy-duty work, it will be fit. This helps to fasten your work. The compact and lightweight design allows handling easily. This tool has powerful 18 V batteries which offer you to operate for a longer time. 



Power source: Battery powered

Dimensions: ‎8.7 x 8.31 x 4.21 inches

Weight: ‎3.27 pounds

Key Features

  • The drill has an 18 V battery for lengthened working time. 
  • Features 2 speed gearbox that provides 1500 RPM of speed.
  • All metal gears yet light and compact body. 

What does the customer like?

The cordless drill gives extreme power for heavy-duty or light work action. The speed is adjustable according to your work type. The strong build and long battery life are worth the money. 

What They Don’t

Some users have problemYou may face problems with the high-low power switch.

7. Ridgid Fuego R86008 Compact Speed Drill

In order to discuss Ridgid cordless drill reviews 18 V, we have come up with the Ridgid Fuego R86008 speed drill. By using this drill, a user can drive fasteners at a speed of 1650 RPM. 535 inch-lb torque drill is highly adjustable and capable of performing both delicate and heavy-duty tasks. Its Rubberized handle, detachable handle and LED makes the job comparatively easy.


Power Source: Battery

Brand: Ridgid

Colour: Orange

Material: Metal, plastic, rubber

Voltage: 18 Volts

Item Dimensions: 8.6″x3.5″x 9.1″

Weight: 3.7 lbs

key Features

  • Ridgid compact speed drill comes with high torque. The 24-position clutch is highly adjustable from 0 to 535 inches. Thus, a user can work on all hardwoods, softwood and metals.
  • He can activate the LED lighting just by pulling the trigger. The company has also included a separate trigger to light up the LED when the drill is inactive.
  • The rubberized grip offers maximum control even in slippery conditions.
  • The detachable handle offers better control.
  • During high torque applications, a user can make swift changes in Ridgid R86008. 

What Does The Customer Like?

The cordless drive performs flawlessly during traditional carpentry. It’s a lightweight, super handy and durable tool.

What They Don’t

Some users don’t like it because it doesn’t have the Impact Driver Kit.

8. Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 Cordless Circular Saw

We have highlighted the Ridgid OEM Gen5X circular saw in our content due to its hardiness and precise bevel adjustments. A carpenter can make precise depth and angle cuts by adjusting onboard knobs and bevels. You can also add ridgid worm drive saw oil for faster performance. Its additional features like LED light and dust blower have made the saw quite effective and sophisticated.


Brand: Ridgid

Power Source: Battery

Cutting Angle: 56°

Weight: 8.5 lbs

Voltage: 18 V

Key Features: 

  • The circular saw is quite comfortable for almost all sized hands. The additional handle upgrades stability and increases precision while trimming.
  • The depth adjustment knob onboard assists in altering the cut’s depth. Such features are specifically suitable for 7-¼” blades.
  • A user can adjust the bevel up to 56° to perform precise angle cuts.
  • The company has included a dust blower with a saw to keep the workspace clean.
  • They have also provided an LED light to improve the overall user experience.

What Does The Customer Like? 

A 7-¼ inch Ridgid cordless circular saw is just perfect for precise cuts and traditional carpentry. The battery life is incredible. It is an appropriate circular saw for any DIYer.

What They Don’t

Heavy Weighted.

How To Choose The Best Cordless Power Tools? Check 4 Major Factors Now!

No power tool is perfect in every aspect. If a carpenter expects speedy performance, he has to adjust with low torque as High torque power tools are a bit heavy and not portable.

In order to choose the best Ridgid cordless tools, a buyer needs to consider several factors. Go through four major factors to choose the most suitable ones from the best Ridgid cordless tools review now!


Torque is the first specification every user should check out. Powerful motors and gears are more suitable for heavy-duty work. A cordless drill must contain 2 or 3 gear settings to ensure the best performance. Some power tools come with fixed speed and gears. At the same time, many power tools come with variable trigger switches.

Speed & Application Performance

Speed is always tempting to the buyers. Most customers will sacrifice torque to enjoy a better speed. Overall performance depends on both speed and torque. 

Generally, a circular saw with a larger blade shows fast performance due to its large circumference. A buyer should also consider stroke length, blade length and oscillation angle for suitable application performance.


In order to enjoy proper stability, investing in large tools is necessary. A massive motor offers a better power supply. A large, heavy and durable tool can also offer better speed.


A carpenter would need a considerable budget to purchase the best cordless tools. A buyer can purchase powerful, highly productive brushless impact drivers just by spending several dollars. On the other hand, the high power consuming tools are costly. However, Ridgid power tools are way cheaper than Dewalt or other premium brands. So, give Ridgid a shot till you have the chance.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Much Torque Does an Impact Driver Need? 

– Modern high torque has replaced light-duty impact wrenches. Such devices can meet up general screwdriver needs.In this context,We would recommend purchasing an impact driver with a torque of 1500 to 1800 in-lbs. Such torque largely focuses on high RPM and offers better speed. 1500-1800 in-lbs torque will provide faster performance than other high-torque impact drivers.

2. What Do You Think About Ridgid Power Tools?

-Ridgid power tools have acquired an irreplaceable space in the power tool market. They offer high durability, superior performance, awesome design and incredible functionality. Most of their tools come with unique functionality, better battery and warranty solutions. A buyer can expect top-class power tools from Ridgid within the mid-budget range.

3. How long do Ridgid batteries last?

-Ridgid Lithium-ion batteries generally offer low self-discharge systems with high energy density. They come with a 2 to 3-year warranty. So, a customer can expect 1000 charging cycles & an averagely good performance from Ridgid batteries. Take care accurately to enjoy better longevity from the batteries.

4. Are Milwaukee and Ridgid batteries interchangeable?

-Milwaukee and Ridgid produce almost the same product. Talking about batteries, both brands include interchangeable batteries on their tools.

Final Words

After reading our content on the best Ridgid cordless tools review, I bet you have a better idea about which one you should invest in. Among all the cordless tools of Ridgid, I loved the overall performance of Ridgid R86011B 18 V Li-ion Impact Wrench, Ridgid Fuego R86008 Compact Speed Drill & Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 Cordless 18V Circular Saw. All the cordless tools we have recommended are the best of Ridgid brand tools. Rest assured, as our reviews are 100% authentic. So, take up your first step and choose the most suitable one right away!

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