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Porter Cable Power Tools Review for 2023 | Expert View Point

Porter cable is a historical and trusted brand to produce versatile and amazing power tools. And it has become reliable due to the innovative production, affordable prices and decent product quality. Also, it can describe all cordless tools for professional and DIY works.  

We are glad to make these porter cable power tools review from our causal research and experience on porter cable power tools. If you are a professional or DIY worker, then we would say it is for you as you can know important information from here.. 

Maybe you will find many positive product reviews from the seller, but we have made the most authentic description for each porter tool. So, you can compare the good and bad for any product. So, Let’s dive into the next part.

Top Picks Based On The Uniqueness

1. Best for drilling- Porter Cable Combo Kit And Impact Driver

It is compacted and lightweight, super powerful for drilling on a different surface, user-friendly and 2800 RPM speed. 

2. Best for applying torque- PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench

Professional grade built 1650 RPM speed, ergonomic design and quick operation. 

3. Best for metal fabrication- Angle Grinder Tool

Aggressive performance, 8,500 RPM speed, overmolded handle, longer cutting 

4. Best for demolition and remodeling- Reciprocating Saw

Powerful for touch reaching space, 3,000 SPM cutting speed, variable speed trigger. 

5. Best for scratch removing- Variable Speed Polisher

Comfortable and balanced polishing, 4.5-amp motor, 5-inch proprietary counterbalance. 

6. Best for compression- Cordless Brad Nailer

Lightweight and user-friendly, productive, faster and comfortable

7. Best for solid cutting- Corded Impact Wrench

Fast socket changing option, consistent performance, higher BPM and Hog ring

8. Best for combo pack- Cordless Drill Combo Kit Power Tool

Included drill, circular saw and small accessories, 3700 RPM speed, variety of applications. 

9. Best for square and angled cutting- Porter Cable Chop Saw

Safer and easier to use quick release material clamp, commercial-grade built, 3800 RPM speed. 

10. Best for air compression- Pancake Air Compressor

Suitable for all seasons, portable, pancake-style, optimum stability

11. Best for joint connection- Oscillating Tool Kit

Durable construction, fast work efficiency, included small accessories.

12. Best for precise cutting- Cordless Circular Saw

High performance, 4000 RPMs speed, Contoured handle, easy to use

13. Best for twisted joint- Benchtop Jointer

It has a precise joint, variable speed range, built-in cutter head, easy to replace the blade.

14. Best for unique shaped- PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer

Smooth cutting edge, dust extractor, 16,500 RPM speed, better planner control

Top Porter Cable Power Tools Reviews

We bring an honest review for you because we have researched the porter cable brand for their product and analysed customer’s feedback about the good and bad of the porter cable tool. Most importantly, our team has usually used these products. So, these are reliable for the best prices and quality. 

1. PORTER-CABLE Cordless Drill Combo Kit and Impact Driver

We are coming with a porter cable cordless tools review. Cordless tools are a combination of portability, power, and price. And this Cordless Drill is the best drill available on the market. This cordless drill includes almost all the specifications needed to handle any drilling and driving job on a different surface. 

This porter cable power tool is lightweight with a compact design that ensures fatigue-less operation while its powerful lithium-ion batteries generate enough power. Available at a reasonable price, this cordless drill includes an ergonomic handle and LED light for comfortable driving in dark and tight spaces.


with 12.5 x 7.5 x 8.88 inches dimension and 5 pounds weight, this cordless drill includes 2800 RPM speed. You will get a 3-years of warranty from this product with a commercial grade battery.

Key features:

· With a 1/2-inch chuck, this drill is compatible with most drill bits to allow you to drill through any plastic, wood, and metal.

· Including a 20V MAX powerful battery, this drill will deliver higher runtime 

· This user-friendly drill features an ergonomic handle, LED light, and quick load chuck for a fast bit change.

What are the customers saying?

Most customers find it superb for drilling and driving and are satisfied with their pursuance. Besides, they are happy with its lightweight and compact design and robust construction.

2PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench

If you are looking for a professional-grade impact wrench for heavy applications, you can consider this PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench. It features a powerful motor that can generate 260 ft-lbs. of torque with up to 1,650 rpm, making the impact wrench ideal for driving large fasteners effortlessly and quickly. Though this porter power tool is a bit expensive, still any DIYer will find it worthwhile due to its variable speed trigger, ergonomic design, and improved service.


This cordless impact wrench dimension is 9.9 x 3 x 7 inches, and the weight is 6 pounds. Besides, it includes a Pro-grade lithium battery and a 3-year warranty.

Key features:

·   With a powerful motor and maximum RPM, this impact wrench will be suitable for driving large fasteners quickly.

·   Includes 1/2-inch hog ring to allow you to change sockets easily for quicker operation.

·   Design with a variable speed trigger to ensure precise control over the fastener and surface

What is the customer saying?

Customers are happy with its great torque, higher speed, and extra runtime. Plus, they find it heavy duty and suitable for a tough job.

3PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool

Porter-cable is a popular name among DIY workers due to its quality power tools and accession, and this PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool is among the top-selling products from the brands.

Available at an affordable price, this grinder tool includes a powerful motor with 8,500 rpm speed, resulting in an ideal for aggressive cutting, removal, and finishing. An impressive feature includes a cast metal gear housing to dissipate heat for a longer grinding operation.


This grinder tool is 15.31 x 6 x 6 inches in dimension and 6.75 pounds. Comes with an Overmolded Handle, this power tool offers a 3-year warranty.

Key features:

· Design with 3-position side handles for precise control in multiple positions.

·  This porter cable power tool includes a spindle lock for easy and quick wheel change for faster operation.

What are the customers saying?

Users feel it’s an unbeatable grinder tool and offers reliable service over any solid metal. Besides, it is suitable for longer grinding and available at an affordable price.

4. PORTER-CABLE Reciprocating Saw

This PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw is another revolutionary invention from the brands. Design with Pivoting shoe, this best Reciprocating Saw will ensure constant contact with the material for precise cutting operation.

Moreover, this porter cable power tool includes a 20V Max System to deliver higher SPM for aggressive cutting. It’s a compact and cordless power tool that comes in 14.5-inch length, making it appropriate for working on tough reaching space.


With 16.19 x 3.5 x 7.63 inches in dimension and 4 pounds weight, this Reciprocating Saw includes 3,000 SPM cutting speed.

Key features:

· This Reciprocating Saw is available at a reasonable price and comes with a robust and durable design.

· It includes a Variable-speed trigger to ensure precise control while cutting a range of materials.

· It comes with a Tool-Free Blade and Overmolded Handle for quicker blade change with increased comfort.

What are the customers saying?

Customers mark it as fast, clean and powerful since they find it suitable for contractor-grade use. Besides, they are happy with the price as well.

5PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher

If you are looking for the best polisher for polishing and sanding automotive and marine projects, you won’t have to change the brand, as the brand supplies the one too. It’s a 6-inch Random Orbit Polisher that comes with a 4.5-amp motor to ensure superior protection against overload.

More importantly, it’s a lightweight polisher that delivers swirl-free sanding while its variable-speed trigger allows a selection of various OPM for accurate speed.


This polisher is 14 x 6.5 x 6 inches in dimension and 5.75 pounds in weight. Besides, it is compatible with 5/16-24 spindle thread accessories and offers a 1-year warranty.

Key features:

· It comes with a 5-inch proprietary counterbalance compatible with a 6-inch polishing pad for improved finishing.

· Design with two-position removable side handles to give better control and comfort over the task.

·  With complete ball and roller bearing construction, this polisher promises superior sanding and polishing.

What is the customer saying?

Users are satisfied with its comfortable and balanced polishing and find it a bigger, friendly polisher. Plus, they find it’s a lightweight, durable polisher that fits into the budget.

6PORTER-CABLE Cordless Brad Nailer

The Porter-cable brand specially designed this Brad Nailer so that the customer doesn’t need to use a compressor hose. Also, it keeps the customers away from using the cartridges. It’s a lightweight and user-friendly brad nailer that includes a special motor that works great for firing on several surfaces and materials. A nice feature like multiple settings to ensure increased productivity while keeping the user safe.


with 13.88 x 5 x 12 inches in dimension and 5.9 pounds weight, it’s a lightweight brand nailer that offers a 3-year warranty.

Key features:

· Design with versatile-functionalLED lights to ensure proper visibility in tight spaces.

·  It’s a lightweight brad nailer that has an optimal center of gravity for fatigue-free operation.

·  Constructed with a powerful motor; this brad nailer offers consistent firing power for various materials.

What are the customers saying?

The majority of users find it comfortable to use and offer quiet operation. Besides, they feel it is faster, reliable, and handy.

7PORTER-CABLE Corded Impact Wrench

If you are looking for an extremely powerful impact wrench for your heavy-duty product, still a porter cable covers you. The brand brings this amazing Impact Wrench, designed with a 7.5-amp powerful motor that has a half hog anvil ring.

So, this impact wrench will let you conquer any solid material with a fast socket-changing opportunity. Moreover, if you need something to install and remove heavy fasteners, you will find this impact driver on your side at a reasonable price.


This corded impact wrench is 13 x 4 x 11 inches in dimension with 7.5 pounds. Besides, it offers 450 Inch Pounds of torque and a 3-year warranty.

Key features:

·  This powerful wrench has a 1/2-inch and a high powered 7.5-ampere electric motor that can handle heavy-duty projects on several surfaces.

·  This impact driver is suitable for installing and removing any heavy fastener because it has 450 ft-lbs. of torque.

·  Includes higher BPM and Hog ring; this power tool ensures faster operation.

What are the customers saying?

The user experience is easy to use, powerful, balanced and offers reliable service. Besides, they feel it offers consistent performance.

8Cordless Drill Combo Kit Power Tool

This PORTER-CABLE Cordless Drill Combo Kit is another combo pack in our list from the brand. Though the package will cost a bit of a healthy price, the customer will have a two-speed cordless drill, circular saw, and plenty of accessories.

If you are a beginner DIY worker looking for a complete toolbox for a home improvement project, look no further than this combo kit.


The cordless drill is 17.13 x 9.38 x 9.56 inches in dimension with a 15.37-pound weight. Besides, it has a 20 Volt powerful motor, LED light, and a 3-year warranty.

Key features:

·  The cordless drill features a 1/2-inch compatible with a range of drill bits for various applications.

·  With a compact design, ergonomic handle, and LED light, its cordless drill allows you to drill and constantly drive with fatigue even in tight spaces.

·  It includes a five 1/2-inch circular saw with 3700 RPM speed for cutting through a range of materials effortlessly.

What are the customers saying?

Customers are impressed with the quality of drill and circular show while finding them strong and reliable. Besides, they are happy with the extra accessories as well.


This PORTER-CABLE Chop Saw is safer and easier to use, making it acceptable among a range of DIY workers. This Chop Saw features a long-lasting and powerful motor to offer a clean and convenient cut over any tough metal.

It comes with a combination of the quick-release material clamp and cutting fence with miter adjustment to cut at a 45-degree angle and ensure quick removal. It means investing just over $100; you will have a commercial-grade chop show for a range of cutting applications.


This chop show is 22.69 x 14 x 17.06 inches in dimension and 32 pounds. Besides, it offers 3800 RPM speed with a 3-year warranty.

Key features:

·  Design with spark deflector and heavy-duty steel base to help to cut through straight while remaining stable.

·  It includes a spindle lock to allow you to change the blade safely and conveniently.

·  This porter cable chop show comes with a Quick-release material clamp for faster metal cutting operation.

What is the customer saying?

Customers are highly pleased with this quality chop show, and they are happy with the brand’s customer support. Plus, some customers feel it is affordable and user-friendly.

10. PORTER-CABLE Pancake Air Compressor

The last item from the porter cable brand on our list is the PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor. It’s a giant air compressor with a six-gal Pancake style tank specially designed to run more tools at a time.

A key feature includes quicker compressor recovery time to ensure consistent air to the tool. Moreover, this portable air compressor has a Low-amp 120-volt motor, so it can easily run-in cold weather, making it suitable for all-year use.


This air compressor is 19 x 19 x 18 inches in dimension and 31.2 pounds. Plus, it comes with a 6-gallon capacity tank and a 1-year warranty.

Key features:

·  With 150 psi max tank pressure, this air compressor offers longer tool runtimes.

· Designed with a pancake style, the air compressor includes rubber feet and a water drain valve for optimum stability.

·  It comes with a shroud, console cover, and handle to allow you to transport it easily while keeping vital components safe.

What are the customers saying?

The customer finds a great little air compressor that perfectly fits the compartment and does its job very well. Plus, they feel it is powerful enough and a great value product.

11. PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Tool Kit

Are you looking for a porter cable cordless oscillating tool review? It is an amazing power tool for moving multiple connections of metal cutting and wood sanding. The uniqueness of this tool is that it can move quickly back and forth. Besides, it has a 3-ampere powerful motor that makes this tool more efficient and faster. 

The oscillating tool has come with 52 essential small accessories. And these accessories are usually needed for different projects. We have got a freestyle blade changing function, and this tool is promising for depth cutting—another great thing about this tool is that it has a three-years of warranty. 


It has a 14.96 x 4.33 x 11.02 inches dimension and 7.61 pounds weight. It is a 10 feet long corded electric tool. Also, know that it has Bare-tool and all necessary attachments with it. 

Key Features:

·  A 3-ampere powerful electric motor helps to work fast with efficiency

·  It doesn’t need wrench and bolts due to having a freestyle blade changing function

·  The oscillating power tool has made with depth cutting technology that success every project

·  A longer cord allows for pulling this tool from one place to another. 

What customers are saying:

The current customers have appreciated the durable construction and labor-free performance. Moreover, it is quite popular among the customers because it comes with all kinds of necessary small accessories. 

Regarding the oscillating tool, customers say that it gets hot because of long time use. And some customers have said about their problem to cut PVC. 

12. PORTER-CABLE 20V Cordless Circular Saw

Are you looking for a high-performance circular saw? Porter-cable cordless circular saw becomes the most aggressive circular saw among all circular saws available in the market. It comes with a carbide-tooth blade that is highly efficient in precision-cut several materials. 

We found this saw as a most comfortable tool because of the contoured over molded handle design. It also weighs less and can be lifted easily, and works tirelessly for a long time.


This circular saw dimension is 15.25 x 9.63 x 8.38 inches, and the weight is 0.16 ounces. The length of the blade is 6.5 inches. You will require a lithium-ion battery to operate this tool. 

Key Features:

·  It can perform with 4000 RPMs speed per minute for aggressive cutting 

·  The carbide Tooth Blade is efficient to cut 2-1/8′ depth for different applications. 

·  A 50-degree beveling shoe works for a precision cut of non-traditional application. 

·  Contoured handle provides additional comfort for the user

What customers are saying:

The current user is happy with the easy-to-use feature and depth aggressive cutting performance. Also, they liked it because of the excellent price. 

Professional users have complained about the less powerful battery and performance. 

13. PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer

Benchtop jointer is a specialized tool to join the twisted, bowed and warped flat board. Usually, this tool works well for making sensitive and precise joints. It has a variable speed range from 6000 to 11,000 RPM. And the cutter head speed is unique, of 12,000 to 22,000 RPM per minute. 

We got some amazing features into this Jointer. There is a built-in cutter head, easy knife replacement and complete controlling power. So far, it is a great tool for woodworking projects. 


The dimension of this Jointer is ‎32.1 x 12.4 x 11.2 inches, and its weight is ‎35 pounds. It is made of sheet metal and works with metric methods.

Key Features:

·  It is highly convenient for beginners because of the versatility of different woodworking.

·  Precise shape making for flatten and straight surface with accurate measurement

·  The variable speed range for regular and specialized board cutting

·  Double knife cutter heat with an easy blade that is easy to replace and adjust

What customers are saying:

Benchtop jointer gets popular to the existing customers with overall performance. Customers have praised the precision measured cutting and variable speed. 

14. PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer

Do you like to create new unique shapes for your woodworking project? Then we would say about a great hand planer tool that helps to make a different shape. Not only that, you can make a smooth, cutting edge for objects. 

You are luckily getting a nice dust extractor with this tool. So, it ensures a neat and clean working environment. Also, this hand planer offers ten steps for versatile depth controlling. For example, there are three grooves for chamfering. 


The measurement of the porter cable hand planer is 14.63 x 7.75 x 8.25 inches, and it comes with 8.4 pounds weight. Also, know that it is a product of 120 volts that is made of plastic material. The good news is that it offers three years of warranty. 

Key Features:

·  Heavy-duty 6 Ampere electric hand planer for the smoothest performance

·  It has 16,500 RPM speed for making an object smoother and perfect

·  Dual-sided dust extraction system ensures the ever-clean working place

·  Up to 10 positive steps for better planner control

What customers are saying:

The existing customers are happy to get the three chamfering grooves for edge chamfering. At the same time, they have expressed their positive reviews due to having the dust extractor. 

We didn’t receive any downside of this product from the current users. 

How to choose porter cable power tools

Why will you decide to buy power tools from porter cable brands from the thousands of brands? We have already said that porter cable is unique for decent quality.

At the same time, they have made products with an accurate design. However, here are some crucial things to consider when you want to buy porter cable tools. 

Which tools you need:

As we said before, the Porter cable brand has all kinds of power tools. There are many combo tools for a professional and DIY project.

For example, you will get a drill, a grinder, a jigsaw, a circular saw, an impact driver, a reciprocating saw, an oscillating multi-tool and many other tools. So, you need to make sure which tools you need. 

If you are a professional woodworker, then you will need all kinds of tools. But in terms of home use, you can choose 3-4 specific tools. 

Brushless Vs. Brushed:

Brushless power tools are designed with customized speed, torque and motor power. It is very convenient because you can use it as per your requirements. If you have enough budget, then try to go with a brushless tool. On the other Hand, a brushed motor is less expensive, and it has two brushes for the power supply. We have seen that a brushless motor works great for overall projects. 


Cordless power tools are usually designed with user comfort in mind. So, the porter cable brand is best for ergonomic tools design with maximum comfort. These are promising to save your working time and labor. Also, know that the porter cable has come with soft over molded rubber around the tool handle, and most of the tools are lightweight. So, overall, the porter cable is comfortable. 

Battery option:

Lithium-ion batteries are the most convenient and efficient for cordless power tools. Besides, a lithium-ion battery is much safer than a nickel battery that has toxic components. We have mentioned the above products that come with a lithium-ion battery. However, in some cases, you have to buy the battery separately.


A product warranty is an amazing way to get a decent quality product. Good products from the manufacturer bring a minimum warranty.

If you will face Porter cable battery charger problems, then no worry about that. Porter cable is a trusted brand with a 3-year warranty on almost all power tools. 

Additional Accessories:

Some porter cable tools have a nice package with additional clips, LED work light, fuel gauges and bit holders. 

These accessories will indirectly speed up your work. That’s why you can check the accessories with power tools if you want.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is porter cable better than Dewalt?

Dewalt and porter cable both are durable and efficient for power tools. Each of those has come with a 20 V battery. Do note that Dewalt is a bit durable and longer-lasting than a porter cable tool because it has more power to handle wear and tear. 

Are porter cable power tools any good?

Yes, the porter cable brand has a lot of good features and innovative production. It produces versatile products, and the quality of the product is incredibly good.

Is Porter Cable Power Tools discontinued?

No, it doesn’t discontinue their production. It is good to know that porter cable has not released new woodworking, electric power and air tools for some days. They have already discontinued cordless tools, but they focus on the woodworking line. 

Final Words

At the end of this porter cable power tools review, we would say that it is a reliable brand with many amazing tools. We have reviewed the essential top notch power tools from this brand. From our personal experience, we are suggesting these products. So, you can read our buying guide and can make a decision.

See how Porter Cable compares with: Ridgid | Ryobi 

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