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Milwaukee Tool Box Review | Are Milwaukee Tool Boxes Good?

The toolbox is important for almost all walks of people. Even if you are directly not linked with the tool industry, you will need a toolbox or tool chest sometimes.

My father is a Dentist. Still, we had a big black and blue craftsman tool chest in our house. I have many in my house now, as I am a hobbyist and do many DIYs and repairings.

There are numerous toolboxes in the market now. There is another category of them, called tool chests. Besides workbenches are also used as tool organizers. However, are you particularly looking for a toolbox review? Then, you are at the right place. I will give the Milwaukee tool box review here.

Milwaukee has gained a worldwide appreciation for its pack-out series. It is a convenient modular storage system that makes transporting and storing the tools smooth and organized.

Why to Use Milwaukee Tool Box

There is no specific reason on why you must go through Milwaukee tool box review, but Milwaukee provides us lots of comfort. It is not like the traditional aluminum made box where we barely put things in an organized way.

The tool boxes come with different models. Which gives us the opportunity to keep things organized. The compact and slim design keeps the center of gravity steady and while carrying the box, you don’t feel like carrying a traditional tool box. It weighs much lighter. And the tools don’t spread haphazardly inside the box if the box shakes violently.

Here we are talking about the different Milwaukee tool box’s models:-

Large Tool Box: This type of tool box allows you to keep larger tools up to 15 inches. They are most suitable for carrying larger tools.

Packout: Packout tool boxes are more suitable for a job site. They are mostly IP65 rated and help to keep a specific type of tools. Mostly comes with latches for securing lock and wheels for easy pulling. 

Electric Tool Box: From the name, it is easily understandable that these boxes are perfect for keeping electric accessories and tools. Mostly suitable for smaller tools.

Our Top Picks: Reasons to Choose These Milwaukee Tool Box

Here we would love to let you know about the top choices we have reviewed and their top features. The top features of the Milwaukee tool box allow us to understand the one we need easily.

Product Name

Reasons To Choose


Milwaukee PACKOUT 22" Large Tool Box Red/Black Accessories

Best for All Weather Use. They make this box to support it for a long time but the building materials are IP65 approved so even in the rainy season you can use it.

Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout 22″, Rolling Tool Box

Best for All Terrain Wheels. The Packout 22” Milwaukee Electric Tool Box is equipped with the wheels suitable for all kinds of terrain. It means you can transport the box on rough terrain.

Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-22-8424 Pack out Tool Box, 22", Red

Best for Specious Space Inside. The Packout tool box comprises four organizers inside the box, and the center organizer offers much space.

Milwaukee 48-22-8422 PACKOUT Compact Tool Box

Best for Occupying Grinder or Multitool. The 48-22-8422 Packout Compact Tool Box has enough space for grinder or multi-tool.

Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-22-8425 Pack out, Large Tool Box, Red

Best for Size and Strength. This size of the case will exceed your expectations. No chance of complaining about its building material, extremely well built.

Milwaukee PACKOUT 22 in. Tool Box By Milwaukee

Best for Smaller Multi Compartmental. This Packout edition mostly comes with smaller compartments and is suitable for smaller things to keep.

Milwaukee 48-22-4800 22" Packout Modular Tool Box Storage System

Best for Reasonable Price. The Packout 4800 comes at a reasonable price but never makes any quality mistakes.

Milwaukee 42-22-8450 PACKOUT Tool Case with Foam Customizable Insert

Best for Locking Mechanism. This Packout Model comes with a metal reinforced locking system. So while pulling over any rough terrain, the lid won’t open up suddenly due to shaking. 

Milwaukee 48-22-8435 Pack out Small Parts Organizer

Best for Bins. You may get confused reading the reviews because bins did not ship with the package. But totally rumors, it included bins with the package.

Milwaukee 48-22-8431 PACKOUT Low-Profile Organizer

Best for Customizing. You can organize the inside layout of the box for easy storage and keeping things organized.

Most Popular 10 Best Milwaukee Tool Box Review in 2022

1. Milwaukee PACKOUT 22″ Large Tool Box Red/Black Accessories

Its model number is 48-22-8425. It is the large toolbox of the Pack Out series. I will tell you more about the pack out series in the buying guide.

Its building material is heavy-duty impact-resistant, and the corners are metal reinforced. Thus, it can survive the torture of the harsh job sites.

They designed this toolbox for storage, but also for transportation. It is IP65 rated weather sealed. So, you can carry it in any location, in any weather, tension-free.

You will also find an organizer tray inside. It’s a surprise too many, as you rarely get an organizer tray with a toolbox.

This organizer tray helps to keep the tools suitably organized inside the box. Milwaukee 48-22-8425 is originally an electric tool keeping box.

It has a weight capacity of 100 lbs that is 45 kgs. Yes, that’s a lot. It has a metal bolstered locking point.Its length is 22.1 inches, width 16.1 inches, and height 11.3 inches.

It has a sturdy metal handle on the top for easy transport. The lid of the toolbox is black, and the body is red.

  • Modular Connectivity with all pack out boxes.
  • IP65 Rated Weather Sealed.
  • 100 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Metal Reinforced Top Handle.
  • Impact-resistant.
  • No divider.

2. 48-22-8426 Packout 22″, Rolling Tool Box

It is the major part for the transportation of the pack out modular storage system. You can also call it the base of the pack out series.

The quality of it is startling. You get an industrial-grade extension handle with this rolling toolbox. The handle might seem overbuilt at first but keep in mind that it will take a load of all other boxes on top of it.

This rolling toolbox has metal reinforced corners. A full impact-resistant polymer body with such corners makes it so strong. It comes with an interior organizer tray for better storage. It has an enormous weight capacity of 250 lbs.

It can store a bulk of tools and equipment. It connects with all other pack-out system parts with creed locking cleats.

The wheels of this rolling toolbox are also impressive. They are 9″ All-Terrain Tires. You can roll them anywhere on your job sites. You do not have to worry about the wheels or the tools inside.

You do not need to worry about the weather as well. It protected the toolbox with an IP65 rated weather seal. The length of this rolling toolbox is 22.1 inches, breadth 25.6 inches, and height 18.9 inches.

  • Industrial Grade Extension Handle.
  • Interior Organizing Tray.
  • 9 inches All-Terrain Tires.
  • Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
  • Compatible with all other pack-out components with joined locking cleats.
  • Expensive.

3. Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-22-8424 Pack out Tool Box, 22″, Red

Its model number is 48-22-8424. It is the small toolbox of the pack-out series. However, not that small. Its length is 22.1 inches, width is 16.1 inches, and height 6.6 inches.

You can find three zones inside the toolbox. There are four removable organizers on two sides of the box. Among these organizers, there are two bottom bins with removable dividers, a lightweight lidded organizer box, and a shallow open compartment tray.

These organizers are not interchangeable. Keep the bottom bins at the base. The center zone is pretty spacious. You can store a drill, driver, charge, and batteries there. The four organizers can store plenty of small equipment like screwdriver bits, fasteners, and more.

You cannot replace them with the upper ones. Like the large toolbox, it also comes with a strong, long handle. There is also a small side handle that lets it hold as a briefcase.

It has a weight capacity of 75 lbs. It is impact-resistant to an IP65 rated weather seal  Therefore; it is suitable for carrying in the harsh job sites. It is compatible with all other toolboxes of the pack out series.

  • 75 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Compatible with all pack-out modular storage products.
  • Four smaller organizing boxes.
  • IP65 Rated Weather Sealed and metal bolstered top handle.
  • Expensive.

4. Milwaukee 48-22-8422 PACKOUT Compact Tool Box

This model has a unique dimension. Its length is 10 inches, width 16.2 inches, and height 13 inches. It is the most positively rated toolbox on this list. Its compact design and adjustable dividers make it so unique.

You can customize the compartments as per your requirement. You can store plenty of tools there. It has the same impact-resistant body as the other toolboxes of the pack-out series. Like the previous two toolboxes of the list, its weight capacity is 75 lbs. It has an IP65 Rated Weather Seal.

 As it is so compact, it is more convenient to carry. The weather seal makes it safe to bring outside in the harsh job sites. It has a strong black integrated handle at the top.It has an interior storage tray at the top. You can keep small tools and equipment there.

You can only remove the tray and only keep the dividers. Or remove all the adjustable dividers inside and use it as a single toolbox. You can use it in any way you like.It also has a metal-reinforced locking point.

  • Quick-Adjust Dividers.
  • Weight capacity 75 lbs.
  • Impact Resistant Body.
  • Impact-resistant body.
  • Interior storage tray.
  • Expensive.

5. Milwaukee Electric Tool 48-22-8425 Pack out, Large Tool Box, Red

Milwaukee Electric Tool compatible with IP65 rated water resistant and completely suitable for all types of weather. It comprises metal handle, locking point, interior organizer tray, heavy duty latches and hinge.

The case is bigger and built to consider extreme conditions. You can easily include an impact driver, drill, angle grinder and battery charger.

This tool box is slightly taller than another model of Milwaukee Electric Tool box. So, it is absolutely perfect for keeping electric tools. But this box requires some organizing skills for better spacing like, the low-profile organizer should be on the top.

So overall, the toolbox is perfect and maintains the quality. Only issue you may find is that the handle will not rotate up and down when the organizer is on the top.

The dimensions of the toolbox are 22.1 x 11.3 x 16.1 inches and it comes in red color. The manufacturer is from the USA but Milwaukee has manufacturing facilities in China and Europe. For the price point, this Electric tool box is reasonable.

  • Built with a heavy-duty construction.
  • Suitable for all weather as it comes with IP65 rated material.
  • Provides interior organizer tray.
  • Constructed with Impact Resistant Polymer and capacity up to 100 lbs.
  • Do not come with an internal tray.

6. PACKOUT 22 in.Tool Box By Milwaukee

This item comes with all the good quality things. It is absolutely perfect like other Packout system boxes. The boxes come with laser cut kaizen foam. You can have anything inside the box if protection is your first priority.

This box allows all kinds of smaller items in it. By the way, you can keep larger items in it, if only you have an excellent selection of tools. It would be better to use the roll around, the two-three boxes and finally the smaller boxes on the top. The proper arrangement allows the stack to move around and unstack the boxes whenever you need to get to the bottom.

4 4/3 inch is the inside depth and 19-inch length. The box is not a square shape inside as there are bump outs for the lock release. The drill case will fit inside this box. Loose drill and the charger fit perfectly.

  • Slightly Larger than large boxes.
  • Laser cut Kaizen foam secures the tools.
  • Pretty light in weight.
  • Handy in dimensions.
  • The material leaked for a few customers.

7. Milwaukee 48-22-4800 22″ Packout Modular Tool Box Storage System

Most of the consumers who have used this tool box are very satisfied and impressed. It is very sturdy and durable. It comes with a tendency to play a leading role as a Packout Modular Tool Box.

This Packout Modular Tool box puts other Milwaukees to shame. No matter what tools you have, you can organize them inside the box if you are a tidy person. You can also use it as a replacement for a much smaller toolbox.

The set comes with 3 tool boxes, the handles and wheels at the bottom of the toolbox, and the interior boxes can be removed together.

This is one of the toughest Milwaukee tool boxes on the market right now. But you may face some problems as it makes the handle of aluminum and it needs some personal touch to make the handle stronger.

  • Made of impact resistant polymers.
  • Suitable for harsh, job-site conditions.
  • All weather tolerable as it features IP65 rated material.
  • Compatible for storing Milwaukee Packout storage products.
  • Wheels are not up to the mark.

8. Milwaukee 42-22-8450 PACKOUT Tool Case with Foam Customizable Insert

Its model number is 42-22-8450. Its dimension is smaller than the small toolbox of the Milwaukee pack-out series. Its building material is the same as that of the previous two toolboxes. The material is impact resistant with Weather Seal.

It guards the tools against rain and adverse job sites. This toolbox has a metal reinforced locking point.

Its weight capacity is the same as the small toolbox, 75 lbs. What makes it different from the other toolboxes is the customizable foam inside it. This case is supposed to hold one drill and a 1/4-inch impact driver.

However, it can contain a lot more than that. You can cut the foam as per your requirement and fit your tool (Layout all the tools first and then trace). Just make sure it does not exceed the weight limit.

It has an impact-resistant molded base. Thus, it can connect with all other pack-out system components.

  • 75 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Impact Resistant building material and Weather Seal (IP65 Rated).
  • Can be connected with all pack out components.
  • Customizable Foam Insert.
  • Metal Reinforced Locking Point.
  • No foam on the lid.

9. Milwaukee 48-22-8435 Pack out Small Parts Organizer

It is a half-width organizer. The lid is transparent and firm. It has five compartments inside the box with four small square boxes and one big rectangular box. The lid prevents the components from spilling into other compartment boxes while transporting or moving.

The boxes are removable. You can interchange them if you want.The building material is the same as the other boxes. It can be modeled on the top of any of the other Packout tool boxes. And the two smaller tool bags can attach on top of it.

It has sturdy latches and a front handle. The latches here are on the corners. And the handle has a high-quality pivoting hinge like the other box handles.It provides the ultimate closure security.

The organizers of the pack-out series have weather seals too. However, there is one minor problem with the five removable bins. You cannot adjust six boxes here. You will need one big rectangular box to organize. So, it kind of lacks that flexibility.

  • Five movable bins.
  • No-travel bins seal prevents components inside the compartment bins from mixing.
  • IP65 Rated Weather Seal.
  • Compact design.
  • Can fit on any of the other pack-out tool boxes and organizers.
  • A bit inflexible.

10. Milwaukee 48-22-8431 PACKOUT Low-Profile Organizer

It is another organizer of the pack-out series. It is larger than the previous one. It has ten movable storage bins with adjustable dividers. 

It has an extra central thin rectangular space for holding more accessories. It is a bit lower in height than the movable bins.

As expected from the pack-out series, this organizer is also constructed with impact-resistant materials. The sturdy transparent lid of the organizer prevents the components inside the bins from mixing. It also keeps them safe while transporting.

This low-profile organizer also has IP65 rated weather seal protection. So, you can carry it to your job sites in any weather. They feature heavy-duty latches and reinforced hinges for ultimate security. 

The bins also have small notches to mount them outside the box. However, you have to be extra careful while closing the lid. Make sure to keep the bins in the right place due to the configuration of the lead. 

  • Ten movable storage bins with removable dividers.
  • IP65 rated weather seal.
  • Heavy-duty latches and reinforced hinges.
  • Compatible with all other pack-out components.
  • You have to follow the lid’s pattern to organize the bins.

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Milwaukee Tool Box?

Let us start with the most popular portable tool storage system of Milwaukee, pack-out. Then I will outline some fundamental things to check before buying any Milwaukee toolbox.

Milwaukee Packout Overview

If you are a professional, you know how important it is to store and transport tools without damaging them. All the reputed tool manufacturing companies are working to develop a better solution to this problem/ demand.

Milwaukee has also come up with an innovative and user-friendly solution with its pack-out series. It has added an extra dimension to the tools of transportation technology.

Now, you do not have to look in twenty different places for your tools. You also do not need extra transport to carry your toolboxes. Milwaukee packout tool box series has a solution for all.

Milwaukee Packout Features

Modular storage system: This makes it so handy and efficient. You can connect both hard toolboxes and soft bags into the system.

Easy function: The modular system of the toolboxes is smooth and innovative. The top of the box has indents with slide systems. And the bottom has one too that fits into the box below it. It locks itself by sliding. Attaching and detaching the toolboxes is super smooth and fast.

To remove a toolbox from the system, pull up the black release and slide forward. That’s it!

Weather Seal: You can see from the Milwaukee tool box review that all the toolboxes of the pack out series have an IP65 rated weather seal. It guards the tools and materials inside the toolbox from rain water and harsh weather.

Latches: The latches used in all the toolboxes of the pack out series are metal-made. They are strong and reliable. You do not have to worry about the toolbox or tools inside, even if you drop it. The three storage boxes of the series have metal corners for added protection.

Material: it makes the storage and organizing toolboxes with impact-resistant materials to bear with unrelenting job sites.

The pack-out series has three tote bags as well. However, I am not going into detailed descriptions of those, as I’m reviewing tool boxes only.

There are three things that you should check before buying portable tool boxes. They are:


In the Milwaukee portable toolbox system, you will find three storage boxes, large, medium, and small.

However, some other toolbox systems offer four boxes. If you need to carry a bulk of tools, then you might need four storage boxes.

Compartment Design

Some portable toolbox systems have an integrated system. All boxes are combined. And the others have detachable boxes like the Milwaukee portable tool boxes. It is more convenient as you can use the boxes separately as well.


Dimensions tell the tools you can store in the toolbox. So, it is crucial to check the dimensions along with the number of boxes.

You might also be interested:

Flaws of Milwaukee Tool Box

Here we would like to let you know about the minor flaws of the Milwaukee tool box, but we count none of the flaws as a deal breaker. It means you can easily manage these limitations.

  • Milwaukee can’t allow longer items over 15 inches. So be careful before purchasing, the larger items like the drill-bit case won’t fit these tool boxes. But the hand tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers will easily fit here.
  • If you are an organized person, surely you will look for the additional pieces of any kind of accessories, which usually we don’t need. Rarely, we need them. But storing them inside the boxes will take much of the room. Here, you may have to manage another bag or box.
  • Milwaukee is specialized for tools. But accessories like pins, screws, and fasteners have no specific space to keep, so if you keep them in a Milwaukee box, you may face problems finding them during work time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Milwaukee Packout boxes waterproof?

-Milwaukee pack-out tool boxes have an IP65 rated weather seal. So, it prevents rain or water from getting inside the box and damaging them. However, it is not recommended to keep them in rainwater or wet conditions for too long.

Milwaukee’s pack-out products consist of a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and production, excluding normal wear and tear.

2. Can you lock the Milwaukee Packout?

-The toolboxes of the pack-out series lock to each other with the unique slide modular system.

3. How do I organize Milwaukee Warranty?

-The quickest and most convenient method to arrange a warranty repair for your Milwaukee product is to use the Milwaukee E-Service.

Final Words

This Milwaukee tool box review covers some of the toolboxes of the innovative pack-out system. Milwaukee has gained worldwide popularity for it. Its tools and other toolboxes, tool chests, workbenches are also impressive. But, the new portable toolboxes are a game-changer.

You do not have to worry about carrying your heavy tool boxes anymore. You can leave this tough job on Milwaukee’s rolling toolbox.

You do not have to lose any more time looking for your tools all over the workshop. You can keep them organized and transport them to your harsh job sites with no trouble. The high-quality building material and weather seal make it enduring for all job sites.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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