Wera vs Wiha | Which One Is Best for You in 2021?

Indeed, it is more satisfying and budget-friendly if you can do any servicing task at your home and by yourself. But this thing requires having the appropriate tools. Do you have the right tools for any repairs at your home? Or, are you thinking of buying some right and premium quality tools but confused which one should you go for? Don’t worry since this article will provide you with proper guidelines.

Wera and Wiha are two of the leading companies for tools. They provide a wide range of tools that have their unique characteristics. This feature makes them better than the others. Therefore, people get confused about which brand they should buy. But there are some differences between them which reveal their distinctive features. Based on these features, one can easily choose the most suitable one for themselves.

So, in this article, I am going to discuss Wera vs Wiha. Through their characteristics, you will get to know their differences elaborately. Besides this, you will have answers to some questions in the FAQ section. So. Let’s start.

What is Wera?

Wera is one of the most prominent global manufacturer companies of screwdrivers. They aim to design a wide range of tools for commercial and professional purposes. The company tries to enchant its customers with its innovative tools that have a higher level of professional applications. Besides this, they provide solutions regarding issues related with screw links.

Based in Germany, the company started its journey in 1936. Now the company has a wide array of wholesale networks throughout the world. Not only this, they have launched a number of brands which are dominating all over the world. It is now working on more than 3,000 different tools with its 700 employees. Moreover, they have obtained many prizes for their tools.

What is Wiha?

Wiha is perhaps the closest competitor of Wera. They develop premium tools with maximum efficiency to fulfill the demand of various customers. In 1939, the company had started its journey with screws only and later, they started working on screwdrivers.

The company has its base in Germany. But over the years, they have opened their outlets in different European countries.

Wera Vs Wiha

In this section, I will explain the features of the tools of Wera and Wiha under a certain criterion. So that, you can gain knowledge regarding the differences of these tools with others.

1. Types of Tools:

Wera mainly works on developing tools for Mechanical Works. Wera tools are mainly famous for their screwdriver and any type of screw connection.  Different types of Screwdrivers, insulated Torque Tools are their main items. They also specially produce tools for the Electricians such as stainless-steel VDE Screwdrivers, VDE Ratchets and Accessories etc.

On the other hand, Wiha aims to develop tools for home Improvement Works. They have both hand operated and automotive tools.  They mainly produce various kinds of Screwdrivers, Multi-Drivers, and Insulated Tools. These tools are more rigid in construction, durable to last longer and costlier.It should be mention that it is really tough to beat their insulated tools such as Electrical Tool Kit, Sockets, Pliers and Cutters

2.  Uses and application of tools:


·         Mining activities

·         purification plant

·         Chemical Production

·         Industrial activities

·         High-power Electrical functioning

·         machinery management


·         Mining Operations

·         Industrial Machine management

·         Mechanical activities

·         Garment procedures

·         Chemical productions

·          Manual applications

3. Tools Quality:

Both of the companies provide top-notch quality of tools. Both of them are Iso-certified. But, when it comes to the quality, Wera is more ideal than Wiha. It is really tough to beat Wera regarding the quality since the process has always been under strict observations.

On the other hand, Wiha is also another manufacturer company with top-notch quality. They ensure a zero- inconvenience tool for their customers. Not only this, the reinforced concrete of Wiha’s steel is 50/60. Their insulated handles are capable of going through 10000v AC without any harm to ensure safety for professionals. Their cutters and pliers are set up in Vietnam to the maximum German standards.

4. Tools Design:

Wera Develops tools mainly for professionals. So, they are not ideal for the beginners. Wera prefers to use their logo in the handle. Their tools have a combination of soft as well as hard zones for convenient usage.  Therefore, the grips of the tools are comfortable. Wera also offers a blackish exterior and color-coded covering.

The tools usually come in containers with various color sliding bars. The varying colors have different meanings. For instance, the pale blue color indicates the folding facility of the set.

On the other hand, Wiha offers a simple, useful and attractive design in their tools which are convenient for both professionals and any DIY lover. The tools have a Matte-Chrome finish. Wiha provides Philips tips which Wera don’t.

5. Tools Price

Both Wera and Wiha are a bit costly.  But Wera is more costly than Wiha. Here the main fact is that when your tools are offering the top-notch quality with maximum efficiency, money should not tie your options.

Review of Wera and Wiha tools:

In this section, I will compare some of the tools of Wera and Wiha.

1. Wera vs. Wiha Precision Screwdrivers:

Wera is worldwide famous for its precision screwdriver. The higher standard, ergonomic shape is convenient to use with greater durability. The grips are also comfortable but a bit smaller which can cause difficulties while using for some.

Oppositely, Wiha Precision Picofinish Screwdrivers have long grips. So, a person can push harder in mechanical work. Therefore, Wiha’s screwdriver is best for hard and sticker functions.

2. Wera vs Wiha’s insulated Screwdrivers:

Wiha: Wiha offers a number of insulated Screwdrivers sets. Manufacturers test Each of them separately to 10,000 volts and certified to 1000 volt ac. The Soft-Finish handle, solid molded core with soft outer cushion grip is 40 percent more torque than traditional handles.

On the other hand, wera’s insulated Screwdrivers are also tested to withstand 10,000 volts and are safe for working with 1,000 volts. Here the natural hand grip design of the handles is convenient for the fingers to keep grip. Therefore, these Screwdrivers are more comfortable resulting in a greater speed transfer of torque.

3. Wera vs Wiha vs Felo

Felo, Wiha, and Wera all are German brands. They have developed a range of manual tools. However, Wiha has obtained the first position in this regard with its production of 3500 different tools. On the other hand, Wera has developed around 3000 tools and Felo has developed around 2000 tools.

Brand NameWihaWeraFelo
Establishing Year193919361950
Mother CountryGermanyGermanyGermany
Products Line350030002000
Warranty1 year to Lifetime1 year to Lifetime1 year to Lifetime

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. What’s better Wera or wiha?

Wera and Wiha are both prominent international tool manufacturer companies. Both of them offer a wide range of tools with unique features and designs. Moreover, these tools are durable, reliable. Therefore, it is really tough to decide which one is best.  So, you have to choose tools depending on your preferences and budget limitation.

2. Who makes the best screwdrivers in the world?

There are several brands that can claim to have developed the most efficient screwdrivers in the world. Bondhus, Klein, PB Swiss, Whia, Wera etc. But when it comes to the best screwdrivers, no one can beat Wera’s screwdrivers. The ergonomic and stylish design, comfortable handle will easily attract you. At the same time, their zero-tolerance policy regarding the quality will easily convince your mind to buy them.

3. Are Wera Tools insulated?

All tools of wera are not insulated but these tools also maintain a safety measure. But Wera insulated tools are more secure than required by the normal standard. Manufacturers test every tool individually for dielectric strength under a load of 10,000 volts to ensure safe working with loads up to 1,000 volts. 

Final Verdict

There is no doubt, both Wera and Wiha are two of the most dominant companies in the mechanical field. They offer various mechanical tools with various specialized designs and functions. Though the tools are alike and both brands are German-based, there are several distinctive features that can switch your preferences from one to another.  

Therefore, in this article, I have tried my best to provide a detailed- feature of the Wera and Wiha’s tools. So, one can easily choose their best one.

I hope you have found the article comprehensive and helpful.

David A. Thomas is a passionate researcher in the mechanical tools technology sector from Texas in America. He loves to play hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.

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